jumping from bridges, my feet
become monsters,
toes crowding in the dark
hands on rough bark
waiting for the right moment
when my back will mark the
spot where your hands will push
and i will tune out, fumble,
lose balance with a smile and
sink into the sharp cold water
and wait underwater for you
with an expanse of warm air
lapping my lungs
and when you are finally in,
we will stare each other in the
eye, stillness caught around us,
no sound, no traffic, no words
just understanding and
written slapdash on our learning
faces, marking time like the
second hand of a clock
and when it is time to go, we drag
each other down, bubbles escaping
from blue lips,
we'll fight to reach the surface first-
the winner gets to push the other
the next time we do this
and this time when it is me who crowds
air first in my hurting lungs
i wonder if you let me
and i know i'm right when i find your
frozen lips melt into a smile as you
bury your face in my neck