Jacob and Tyler

In The Arms of an Angel

Chapter Eighteen:

The next few weeks were a continued slow and painful progression for Tyler to regain his life, starting with normal motion of both body and mind, but he was making remarkable progress and was nearing the date where he would be released to a rehabilitation facility to continue his progress back into a normal and product life again. As always, Jacob was ever faithfully besides him at every step on the way lending a helpful hand when needed and pulling back whenever required to further aid in his boyfriend's recovery process. Stepping back and allowing Tyler to do things was Jacob's downfall as he needed daily reminders from the nurses that he had to let him do things on his own and this would speed up his return to a functional person in the world outside.

It was a slow painful process for both of them, but they were learning and when the time for cleaning himself came up, Jacob would stand back and provide only the minimal assistance when required.

"So how are you coming long," Jacob asked turning back from the sink where he had just dumped out the wash basin Tyler had used to wash his face and hands and returned with a cup of water and a small kidney shape spit bowl to the table where Tyler sat in his big recliner hospital chair brushing his teeth with his left hand and attempting to use the newly moving, but still very limited right hand to better complete the mission.

"Okay," Tyler said with his speech much improved but still slightly slurred and slower than normal. Plus the toothbrush and mouth of toothpaste did not help his pronunciation, but Jacob was becoming well versed at speaking 'Tyler' and placed the water on the table before him.

"Well I think you got it all by now," he laughed reaching out his hand for Tyler to give him the brush. "Don't want to wear those things down to the nub."

"Very funny," Tyler mocked with a grin picking up the water after releasing the brush with his good hand and giving it to Jacob. "You try doing this with a bum arm and limited feeling in half your face."

"Hey, I'm not complaining," Jacob watched as he swished the water around in his mouth. "I like those pearly whites of yours." He held the tiny basin up to Tyler chin. "Now comes the sexy part," he joked, "spit."

Tyler's spit was more like a drool down his chin into the container, but Jacob made no real mention of it and was pleased that he was even trying to do as he was asked. As hard as it was to get Jacob to let Tyler do things on his own, it was equally difficult to convince Tyler to try things he had not been able to do, again. But as always, Jacob was his greatest cheerleader and coaxed him into each and every task eventually with Tyler trying harder to please his biggest fan.

After he had spit drooled the mouth full of water and paste into the bucket, Jacob used the small towel on the table to wipe his chin and leaned in across the divider to inspect his work.

"What?" Tyler asked watching him stare at his teeth. "Did I do okay?"

Jacob leaned in, "let's see," he puckered his lips and pressed them to Tyler's warmly. Although the injured boy was regaining some movement, even in his lips, it would often take a few moments for his body to react to the impulses from his brain. So the blond boy with the stubble of hair now growing back on both of their heads, waited until the darker hair boy's lips curled together to complete the kiss with a prolong sucking sound on Jacob's part.

Pulling back with a grin and a raised brow, Jacob wink at his lover and said with a hint of mischief in his voice, "oh yeah, we're good." This made them both giggle.

After Jacob had taken the brush and basin to the sink to rinse out while Tyler placed the tube in the compartment inside the table, a serous look came across his face.

"What's up?" Jacob noticed the frown as he wiped his hands on the towel. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, of course not," Tyler told him in his slow speech. "I'm just a little nervous."

Jacob took a minute to look up at the clock on the wall. "We have a few minutes before they get here and I have to leave. You want me to ask the nurse for something to take the edge off the pain?"

"No," Tyler replied almost instantly. "I already decided I didn't want to take any more drugs than was I had to. My Mom's addictive personality is enough for one family. I'll deal with the throbbing pain until my next doze later this afternoon. I'm just nervous to get this meeting over with."

"Same here," Jacob said wrapping the last loop around for his necktie over his cleanly pressed light blue dress shirt completing his navy blue suite, sox and black dressed shoes. "I never had to give deposition before, but I'm sure I already hate it."

"You never had to give one against your mother either," Tyler sighed eyeing his boyfriend. "By the way, you look great today."

"Thank you," he made him blush. "And that Superman sweatshirt looks hot on you as always," he winked, but grew serious again. "I just want to give a good impression to the court officers when they get here." He paused for a second. "And try not to linger too much on the whole mother thing. Just tell the truth, and everything will be fine."

"As much as I remember," Tyler's head met his chest.

"Hey," Jacob leaned over picking up his chin. "This is not just about that night," he told him with all seriousness. "This is all about the times before that, where she beat on you and let or watched all those other boyfriends and step dads do the same. I know it'll be hard Angel, but you have to tell them everything."

"I know," he looked so sad again.

"I'm gonna tell them everything you told me and what I saw when I found you on the beach those two times," Jacob assured him, "but everything I have to say is what my dad calls 'hearsay' and can't be really used against them unless your story goes along with what I know."

"Then what?" Tyler asked meeting his eyes. "What happens to me after that?"

"You're going to rehab in a few days," Jacob reminded him. "No one has to decide anything until after that, and I've already told you I would be there everyday after school. Mr. Watkins said he would be my driving teacher in Driver's Education this fall, and he has it worked out so he can drop me off at the rehab everyday and Maria said she would pick me up after. And I can take my bike on weekends."

"And after rehab?" Tyler's eyes were pleading for answers he didn't have. "And you know what I mean. If we can stop my Mom from getting me back, I don't want to go to some type of boys home to live until I turn eighteen."

"That won't happen," Jacob tried to shrug it off. "I'm sure they'll find you a nice foster home somewhere." He had hoped for it to be in his home with him, but after trying once only to fail, me knew his father was not going to budge.


Jacob wanted to give him answers, but he was as new to this whole process as Tyler was, but he knew he had to say something to ease both of their fears of being separated.

"It doesn't matter where," he cupped Tyler's face in both hands. "Because I will visit you every day no matter where they send you," he cleared his throat and spoke in his best Heath Ledger voice, "no matter where you go, I will find you." He repeated the famous line from the Four Feathers movie they watched a few nights earlier on the DVD player Jacob brought from home.

This made for a small smile to come across Tyler's face as they kissed warmly again

"What," Tyler's spirit sank again. "What if they send me far away?"

"They won't," Jacob shrugged it off.

"They might, to make sure that my mom and Leo don't get to me again," Tyler reminded him with his prolonged sounds still trying to recover his full speech. "My Mom says she wants to take me to Florida if she gets me back."

"I won't let them," Jacob said moving the table away and squatting before him. "Do you have any idea what would happen to me if you were not in my life anymore?" His eyes were incredibly sad and serious. "What ever happens today," he took a deep breath, "I am not going to let them take you out of my life. I...," he nearly choked up as he spoke. "I love you too much to let you go."

"They…," Tyler was fighting off his tears. "They will all say that we are too young to know what love really is."

Jacob waited patiently for Tyler to complete his slow thought before he spoke, "they don't know us Angel. For God's sake, until I met you, I didn't know myself. So for me to let go of you would be the same as me letting go of myself," he paused as a tear rolled down his face, "I can't go back to being Jake when Jacob is still so much in love with you."

Tyler reached up with his good hand placing it on the side of Jacob's face and wiped away the tear with his thumb. "I love you so much too," he nearly gasped on the last word. "That's what scares me so much about being taken away fro you," he swallowed the lump in his throat as best as he could. "I can't imagine my life without you in it, Jacob. When Leo almost killed me, he killed that part of me that was okay without you."

His hand caressed Jacob's face. "You are more than my boyfriend or even my lover," he squinted as his eyes began to tear up. "You are so much more than my angel too," the tears rolled down his face. "You," the words were choking in his throat. "You are my everything." And with that said, he broke down and fell forward into Jacob's waiting arms. "I can't loose you either."

"You aren't going to," Jacob assured softly into his ear. "You're not gonna loose me."

The boys were wiping their eyes a few minutes later when they heard a soft knocking at the door to the room and a woman in a smart business pants suite stood next to another man who the boys had met a few days earlier as Tyler's representation in the court matter as well as another woman with a large briefcase.

"Tyler," the man they knew entered with a large smile and shook both of their hands. "This is Miss Jenkins who will be asking you questions while Mrs. Porter records them for the court records."

"Miss Jenkins?" Tyler asked.

"Yes Tyler," she smiled and took his hand. "I am representing your mother in this matter and will be asking you questions along with Mr. Drake, and we will be taking your deposition before the judge who will decide your custodial welfare."

"Miss Jenkins is a lawyer your mother hired and not a court appointment officer like my self," Drake told them. "She will be asking questions and acting in your mother's behalf through out this meeting."

"Wait," Jacob spoke up from where he sat on the large arm of the chair to Tyler's left. "Anne hired a lawyer?"

"Yes?" Drake and Jenkins both nodded as Mrs. Porter set up her equipment on the rolling table.

"Then Tyler should have a lawyer," Jacob spoke up with a hint of alarm.

"It doesn't work that way," Drake told him. "Since Tyler has no vested interest to loose here, he is not required to have a lawyer, but a court appointed officer from the juvenile division like me."

"Vested interest to loose?" Jacob repeated. "He has his life to loose if you let Anne get a hold of him again."

"Mrs. Hopkins has agreed to turn states evidence against her husband on regards to her son's near death beating, and is therefore not going to trial or admitting any wrong doing in the matter," Jenkins spoke up, nearly taking offence. "Therefore she has every right to ask for her son to be returned to her care."

"So she can turn him over to another drunken boyfriend to use as a punching bag or do the beating herself," Jacob nearly stood up, but was stopped when Tyler placed his hand over his.

"Jacob," Tyler spoke up, already tired from the proceedings. "Please let them do their jobs, and then I can tell my side of what happen."

"Okay," Jacob squared his shoulders. "But in that case, I'm not leaving." He grasped Tyler's hand firmly in his own.

"I'm afraid you can't stay," Drake stood before them. "You are going to be giving your own deposition to the courts, and we can not allow you to hear Tyler's so the two of you can not collaborate your stories."

"I'm not trying to collaborate anything," Jacob looked him in the eyes. "I'm trying to save Tyler from being turned over to that evil woman ever again."

"That is for the courts to decide," Miss Jenkins crossed her arms over her chest. "Now you need to leave, or I will have you removed."

Jacob looked down at Tyler who was trying his best to look brave and assured and hide the fear inside of him self.

"Jacob," another voice came from the door.

They all looked up to see Jacob's mother standing there with an equally smart looking business suite, only hers with a knee length skirt and capped off with a pearl necklace.

"Mom?" Jacob said seeing her for the first time in days.

"I came to get you for your court appointment," she said with her best motherly voice. "Are you ready to go?"

Again Jacob looked down at Tyler as they all waited.

"You have to go," Tyler told him softly with sad eyes. "I'll be okay."

Jacob took a second to scan the small room full of people and then returned his attention to Tyler.

"Okay," he said reluctantly. "If you are sure you are alright."

"Yeah," Tyler forced a smile. "Just come back when you are done."

"Of course," Jacob leaned over cupping his chin with his hand and kissed his lips warmly. "Don't you think that I'm gonna let the courts keeps me away from you." He kissed him again, waiting for Tyler to return the gesture with his slower lips and then added, "I love you," as he pulled away.

"I love you too," Tyler returned, this time with a genuine smile.

Natasha stepped before Mr. Drake as the two boys said their goodbyes. "Thomas Drake, I believe?"

"Yes," he returned. "How did you know?"

"I am Mrs. Natasha Summers MD, and I got your name from the court records when I spoke to judge Stone this morning," she explained. "I believe he will be handling this case, and he told me that you were the one I should give this too," she handed him a business card.

"A lawyer?" He read the card.

"Yes," she told him. "Mister Richards is the Summers family lawyer and would be here himself, but he is at the courthouse hearing other depositions in this case and waiting to sit in on my sons." She paused for affect. "He will need you to fax him a copy of Tyler's notes as well, as he will also be representing Tyler in this matter."

The words from his mother's mouth nearly shocked Jacob from his waiting place at the door, but he tried his best not to show his shock but only looked over at Tyler who was equally surprised by her help.

There were very few times in his life where Jacob could witness his parent's brilliance at handling themselves and others in such pressing matters, but he was equally shocked and surprised when he did. The fact that she was pulling out her best Doctor Summers mode for him, simply blew the boy away with pride.

"I assure you Mrs. Summers," Drake said. "A lawyer is nether necessary or required in such matters. This is a simple cut and dry custody hearing for the court to decide."

"I do understand that," she interrupted him. "And its Doctor Summers," she reminded him. "But this is not just any custody case we are talking about, and my family would feel better if Tyler had equal legal representation." She took a moment to look over at the small boy in the large chair. "After all," she said as their eyes met. "Tyler is family now."

That statement nearly floored both the boys as they stared at each other and Natasha with amazement.

"Of course," Drake spoke again after collecting his thoughts. "I will see to it myself."

"Thank you," Natasha turned briskly giving Miss Jenkins the watchful eye before she met up with Jacob at the door. She smiled sweetly at him for a second before kissing his cheek, much to his surprise and then took his hand and led them both out of the room and down the hall.

The court house was an old slate stone building in the center of town across the street from city hall and public library. Being built some time during the nineteen century, and a stylish model of other government properties, it still stood with great history of the surrounding areas and ocean front communities. But to Jacob, who had never stepped foot into the stone structure before, it was a scary and dangerous place that was to be avoided at all cause whenever possible. The halls inside were wide and drafty with hard wood floors and near shoulder height crown molding and oak slats lining each wall toped off with a sickly color green painted plaster walls above them that reminded him of the old chock boards they had in his preschool for play. The ceilings were high with a dome smoke white covered lights hanging every few feet giving the feeling as if walking through some old TV show set back in the time when these amenities were added.

When at the large door where they were told his deposition would be heard, Natasha sat on the wooden bench across the hall from it and waited; just as she had been waiting for the last half hour for him to say something beyond the polite response to her asked questions posed to him.

After a few minutes of silence being only broken every so often by people walking bye, Natasha looked over at her son who was leaning forward studying his hands.

"Are you okay?" She asked with real concern in her voice.

"Yeah," his assurance and head nod were less than convincing.

"It shouldn't take too long," she said searching for something in her purse. "Just tell the judge what you know and then he will make his decision."

"What if what I tell them isn't enough," he spoke his first real full sentence to her for the first time in weeks.

She stopped what she was doing and studied him. "You can only tell them what you know. That should be enough."

"It should," he shrugged still staring at his hands. "But what if Tyler falls through the system again like he always does."

"This time will be different," she tried to assure him. "For one thing, he knows that he has you behind him now."

"A whole lot of good that is," he shrugged. "I can't help him anymore than I can help myself half the time."

Natasha was always at a lost on how to speak to her only child these days, but she knew that there was so much more she had to say. Things that had to be said and he needed to hear.

"You have no idea what you have already done, do you?" She looked over at him placing her purse down between them. "You really don't know how you have saved that boy's life in more ways than most people can even think of."

For the first time he looked over at her meeting eyes. "I don't understand."

"Okay," she had to think collecting her thoughts. "What Tyler has gone through is not my usual type of case load, God knows the most trauma my patience have is when they wake up and complain that they didn't know bigger boobs came with pain, but I have had enough pre-med and internship years to know that your friend should not be alive right now."

The idea made Jacob's heart sink a little again, but he listened attentively to his mom as she continued.

"There is not one person at that hospital who thought that Tyler was going to live through those first few days when he was brought in that night," she spoke with great concern. "The facts that I was able to gather from the on call doctors and looking in his files myself, was that the boys had all but bleed out in that closet waiting to be found. It is a miracle that he survived at all to make it to the hospital in the first place, never mind live through the surgery, but he did make it some how."

She then reached over and placed her hand over his, something that was almost unheard of from her. "Even that first night they were sure he would be dead by morning, but he lived much to everyone's surprise, including the people who fought so hard to save him in the first place." She paused and stared at his eyes as if to make sure he was listening. "But something outside of everything physical that could be done saved him back there."

He watched her with great interest as their eyes seemed to weld together at that moment. "You think…" He started.

"I know," she interrupted him with a correction; "you saved him Jacob. That boy was as good as dead until you came into his life that night. I know in my heart that Tyler is not alive today because of some great doctors, although I am sure they helped, but he is here because you reached inside of him and pulled him back."

She reached over wiping a tear from his cheek. "Tyler is alive because he came back to you, not his life."

"So," he could barely speak as he buried his head in his hands. "I have to make sure he isn't taken away from me."

She slowly took her purse from between them and placed it on her opposite side as she scooted closer to her son wrapping her arms around him as he fell into her embrace.

"I can't loose him, Mom," he wrapped his arms around her.

"I know baby," she caressed his short hair with her hand as the other made small circles on his back. "I know." He impulse was to pull back in an almost repulsed manner, but Natasha knew for once in her life, she needed to put the precious soul of her son first, and she even managed to loosen her stiff muscles enough to enjoy the feel of her son in her arms.

It was a few minutes before he collected himself again. Natasha suggested that he walk over to the water fountain at the other end of the hall to splash some water on his face and get a drink before he was called while she fished out her breath mints for him to take in with him that would help keep his throat from getting too dry while he spoke.

He had done what his mother told him when he lifted his head for the last time from the stream of water and turned to see Anne Hopkins standing behind him with arms crossed over her chest.

"Sorry," he gestured thinking he had taken too much time with the water, because she had an angry scowl on her face. "Its all yours."

"Why are you doing this," she seemed to ignore his politeness and went on for the kill before he could react. "Why are you and your family's lawyers trying to keep me from my son?"

He was at a lost for words. He knew he was going to do his best to keep her away from Tyler, but he didn't know until a few minutes ago that his parent's lawyers were involved and he sure didn't know how much so until now.

"You have no right to do this," she insisted. "Tyler is the only thing I have left in this world. How dare you try and keep him from me."

"Tyler is a person," he tried to collect himself quickly. "He's not a piece of property for you to treat badly."

"You know nothing about me and my son," Anne told him curtly. "You need to stay out of our lives."

"That's not going to happen, Mrs. Hopkins," he could feel his anger building up, but was trying his best to control it. "I can't let you get Tyler back so you and your boyfriends can beat on him again. Tyler needs and wants to be free from you, and I'm gonna do everything I can to help him."

"You snot nose little punk," she cursed. "What do you know about me or my son? You and your kind sit up in those big picture book houses on the beach and you think you know everything that is right and wrong in the world. Well I know my son," she was waving a finger in his face, "and he belongs with me to keep him in line if need be. I won't let you or your lawyers keep us apart."

"Don't you think that is up to the judge to decide," another voice joined the conversation as Jacob turned his head to she his mom had joined them. She handed Jacob the small container of breath mints and told him, "They just called for you honey," without taking her eyes away from Anne. "You go back and I'll be right with you."

"Sure," he responded sheepishly and looked back at Anne as well, but didn't say anything. "Thanks," he told his mother as he stepped away.

"When Tyler is with me again," Anne called out to him as he walked away, "I'm going to take him far away so you and people like you can't brainwash him against me anymore. You mark my words you little pervert."

"Enough," Natasha stopped her and they finally locked eyes. "Don't you ever speak to that boy like that again, or you will have bigger things than a custody hearing to worry about."

"Don't threaten me you high brow snit," Anne tossed back. "Who are you anyway? Another high priced lawyer?"

"I am Jacob's mother," she stood firm with her hands on her hips. "And I am very proud to call him my son. So don't you dare ever threaten him again."

"Oh yes," Anne almost smirked. "I've heard about the long lost parents. Maybe if you were around more, your perverted son wouldn't be taking advantage of my boy." She sneered. "Tyler never so much as looked at another boy before your son came along."

"I'm sure it would have been hard passing off all those black eyes he has had over the years" she swayed her hips.

"Tyler is accident prone," Anne refuted. "But at least he is not neglected."

"I may not be the perfect mother," Natasha looked away for a second and then back. "But my husband and I have never used our son as a source to take out our own failures on. So don't try and take the high ground here."

"Whatever," Anne tossed her hand. "Just keep that little queer away from my son."

"After today," she followed her turning as Anne stepped past. "You won't have a son to hurt anymore."

"You can't stop me," she looked back with an evil smile. "Tyler is a possibly disabled teenager who no one wants but your son. But there is no way they will ever place him in a home with his gay lover and his absent parents." She tossed her bleached hair back with the newly died roots. "So don't even bother Mrs. Summers. Tyler will be going home with me."

She watched as Anne walked away for the last time and made her own way over to the door where Jacob was waiting.

"What's wrong?" She asked her son when she was at his side.

"I really appreciate you being here for me and all, mom," he spoke sheepishly not being able to meet her gaze, "but I need to do this for Tyler on my own. There are things I have to tell them that you may not want to know."

"But I'm your mother," she stood confused.

He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. "And I love you for it, I really do, for being here for me and everything," he finally met her eyes. "But do you really want them to ask you where you were while all of this was going on."

Natasha was shocked at her son's insight on the matter.

"Mom, its okay," his eyes were sad as he spoke softly so no one could hear. "I understand how important your work is to you. But I'm not sure Judge Stone would."

"But," she started.

"Please," he took her hands in his, "let me do this for everyone. I have to save Tyler and I can't be worried what it might do to you and dad."

"Okay honey," she nodded her agreement.

He turn and was about to walk through the door when he looked back one last time. "Can I ask you something," he was hesitant to question her.

"Of course," she half shrugged not sure how to answer.

"This sudden change with you wanting to help Tyler and all," he said cautiously, "and for being here with me today? What happen to make you change your mind?"

"I'm not so sure I can answer that Jacob," Natasha said softly brushing the side of his head. "Maybe the small part of me that is the mother you always wanted and deserve decided to show up for a change."

She ran a warm hand down the side of his face. "And besides," she smiled warmly at him. "If there is one thing that got the Summers to this station in life, it is to know when to back up a winner." She cupped his chin. "And that is what you are Jacob. You are the winner your father and I always wanted you to be. We just needed a little time to see that."

"I love you Mom," he kissed her hand as she pulled it away.

"I know," she nodded her head as he gave her another soft kiss on the cheek and then disappeared behind the door as it closed.

Once she was alone in the hall, she pulled out her cell phone from her bag and pressed a few buttons. "Hi," she waited a few second for the response. "I didn't tell him and he's in with the judge right now, but I need to know how things are going on your end."

She listened for a few seconds as the other voice spoke and then she said, "So do you think this will work?" She took a deep breath. "Because I just met the boy's mother and there is no way that woman should be responsible for him. We have to stop this any way we can."

Again there was a long pause as she listened and then nodded her head. "Okay," she finally said. "I'll leave word for the lawyers when they come out to give Jacob a ride back to the hospital and then I'll meet you guys where you are and we can finalize everything." And with that said, she clicked her phone shut and walked away to find another court officer.

When the deposition was over, Jacob didn't feel like going right back to the hospital. It wasn't that he did not want to rush to Tyler's side, because he did. But he had the sinking feeling that things had gone really bad during his telling of the events, and he wanted to shake off the feeling that he had failed before he saw his angel again. The matter was made worst when he stepped out of the room to find that his mother gone. A court officer offered to get him a cab for a ride. But he assured him that he was very well capable of finding his own way and needed the walk to clear his head. He left a message at the nurse's station to let Tyler know he would be a while with out any real explanation and began to walk.

The hospital was not all that far away from the courthouse, but Jacob walked pass it twice trying to prolong his 'alone' time which was more like a sulking period. He longed to go up to Tyler room and hold him and be held by his boyfriend more than anything else, but it was the injured teen that needed him whole and solid before he could see him again, and he wanted to be Tyler's rock and not the other way around.

But as he approached the hospital a third time, the sky was turning bright red in the distance signaling a hot tomorrow and also the nearing of dusk with just the smallest amount of purple rising over the horizon to the east. As bad as he felt, he could not go home without first seeing his love to let him know that he had made it through and that everything would be okay, even if he had to lie about it. He had never lied to Tyler before, but he knew that he could not tell him how bad he felt about everything at that moment. He needed to be strong and show nothing but his best face before his boyfriend, and Jacob swore to himself that that was what he was going to do, squaring his shoulders and stepping over the threshold to the hospital and went up to the teen's room.

When he reached Tyler's room, he could hear the television playing one of his Smallville DVDs. He must have asked someone to put it on when Jacob didn't show up as early as he had hoped. When he saw the smaller boy in the large bed holding the remote trying hard to stay awake, Jacob's heart sank into the souls of his shoes again knowing how arduous this could be on the boy. And then when Tyler noticed him standing there, so tired and dejected himself, he could not control himself and broke down weeping.

Muting the TV, Tyler raised his good arm as if reaching out for him and Jacob could not stop himself anymore and rushed to the other side of the bed and fell into his boyfriend's comforting arms, crying into his shoulder as Tyler brushed his hair, or what there was of any.

"We'll be okay," Tyler assured him which only made Jacob cry all the more knowing that he had failed at being the strong one like he had planned. "Where ever they send me or with who, I will always find my way back to you."

"Promise me," Jacob found himself saying softly into his shoulder. "Promise me, please."

"I promise," Tyler began crying himself, into Jacob's hair. "If I loose you, I would die." He sniffed. "And I fought too hard to get back to you to let go now."

It took a little while before Jacob was able to compose himself enough to stop crying but still laid with his head on Tyler's chest listening to the boys heart beat through the Superman sweatshirt as he stroked his very short hair with his figures.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Tyler finally asked after a few silent minutes.

"I'm not sure you want to hear," Jacob said softly picking at the invisible lint on Tyler's chest. "I didn't want to break down like this in front of you."

"It's okay," Tyler assured him. "I was feeling kinda useless just laying here. I love that I was able to do something for you, for once."

"But I was crying because…"

"I know," Tyler stroked his head. "Just tell me what happen. I'm sure it's not as bad as what I've already imagine in the time you were gone."

Jacob thought for a minute. "Okay," he nodded against his chest. "I told them everything just like it happened. They said they had heard a lot already from our friends who showed up to tell what they knew to try and help."

"When the meeting was done," Jacob closed his eyes wishing he could forget. "I had to ask. I wanted to know that Anne had no way of taking you back."

"And they couldn't promise you that?" Tyler asked waiting to hear his own fate.

"In normal circumstances," Jacob answered. "They would never let you back in a home with a woman who may or may not have known what Leo was doing to you, even though I assured them that she was hurting you too." He paused for a second to collect his thoughts. "But they said you were a badly injured teenager. Being fifteen would be hard enough to place you outside of a boy's home, but they didn't have homes that could provide the type of care you now needed, and Anne was promising to be able to provide that constant care with a little help from government funding."

"So they don't think anyone else would want me?" A tear rolled down his face again.

"That's not true," Jacob lifted his head to look into his face. "I want you Angel and I always will."

"But you're a kid like me," Tyler reminded him meeting his eyes. "So my Mom will get me when I done with rehab."

"If," Jacob nearly choked on his words. "If they can't find a suitable home before then and we can't prove beyond a doubt that Anne knew that Leo had left you to die in the closet, then she will get sole custody of you." He watched the hurt in Tyler's eyes. "I'm sorry, Angel."

"Stop calling me that," Tyler cried softly rubbing the side of his face. "Haven't you figured out who the true angel is here?"

Jacob touched his face in kind.

"You have been there for me in every way this whole time, Jacob," he said softly. "You saved me not only from Leo, but from myself. You're my angel, and I love you so much for it." He sobbed. "You were the one sent from Heaven to save me."

Jacob leaned forward and kissed his lips softly. "I love you so much."

Tyler smiled with tears streaking his face. "I love you more."

They both giggled and returned to their positions against each other with Jacob's head on his chest. "Whatever happens," Jacob said after a while. "We will find a way to be together."

"I know we will," Tyler added before he began to drift off, being so emotionally drawn from the whole day, and Jacob joined him shortly after as they remained in each other's embrace dreaming of better days."

"Jacob," he found himself being shaken awake in the blackness of the night. "Jacob wakeup."

"Wha…" he struggled to get the sleep out of his eyes and focus them in the dim light of the nightlight over the bed. "What is it?" He asked rubbing his eyes. "Is Tyler okay?" He could feel the boy's rhythmic breathing against his body.

"Everything is fine," he could hear the voice he somehow knew speaking in the dark next to him. "We need to talk to you."

"Mom?" He was able to focus his eyes enough to see her. "What's going on here?"

"We need to tell you both something," he heard his father's voice speaking from across the bed just as the light over their heads became brighter.

All the commotion began to awaken Tyler too as Jacob sat up next to him not knowing if he should believe his eyes seeing his parents both there standing before him. And not just them, but two other people as well, one of which on he recognized as Mr. Watkins.

"Tyler?" Natasha reached around him and shook Tyler's hand lightly. "You should here this too, honey."

"What going on?" Tyler's slow and slurred voiced spoke up as he opened is eyes.

"It's my folks," Jacob said touching softly on the chest as the elder Jacob raised the head of the bed until they were both nearly sitting up where Jacob sat back against the bed next to Tyler. "They want to talk to us."

"Did we do something wrong?" Tyler asked opening his eyes looking at the others with concern. "We aren't doing anything I promise. I can't…"

"No," Natasha stopped him before he could go on as her husband tried to hide his disgust. "We have something you should know."

"Oh God," Jacob tilted his head back. "Don't tell me Judge Stone has already made his decision."

The elder Summers glanced at each other.

"He has, hasn't he?" Jacob sat up with alarm. "And you all wanted to break the bad news to us yourself."

"Well it may not be all bad," Natasha said hesitantly.

"It's okay Mrs. Summers," Tyler reached up and took Jacob's hand in his. "Whatever it is, we've decided we are gong to find a way to get through it together."

She gave her husband and the others another knowing glance.

"Whatever it is," Jacob spoke up watching their worried eyes. "Just please tell us. We can handle whatever it is."

"Well that's the whole thing," She finally spoke knowing her husband was still a little reluctant to do so. "You see, what happens next is now up to the two of you."

"What?" Jacob was shocked as well as confused by this. "What do you mean?"

"Your mother and I," doctor Jacob Summers finally spoke up. "We have been working on an idea we had ever since our little talk in the office the other day."

"A plan?" Jacob repeated.

"Well it was some thing we had both been thinking about since that night, Jacob," he said looking directly as his son. "I must admit I was not aware of how much of an impassioned speaker you have become son."

Jacob was not sure what to say but smiled never the less as Tyler grasped his hand a little tighter.

"What your father is trying to say," Natasha spoke up next, "is that we are both very proud of you and how you have handled yourself through all of this. And you helped us to see that maybe we haven't been the best parents we could have been to you."

"But we tried," Jacob senior added.

"I know," his son agreed.

"So we thought that maybe it was time for us to take a lesson from your book, Jacob," Natasha continued. "And with the Watkins help, we went to talk to Judge Stone a short while ago."

The boys looked at each other with a hint of shock and then back at the grown ups.

"Most of the responsibility will fall on the Watkins of course," He said voicing his thoughts.

"What do you mean?" Jacob asked.

"What your Dad is trying to say, is that your folks approached us with a plan that my wife and I have been considering on doing for some years now," Watkins said to try and help.

"We have never been able to have children of our own," Rachel Watkins spoke up for the first time. She was a small timid but kindly looking woman with a big smile.

"Wait a minute," Jacob had to get an answer to what he suspected before he blew up. "What are you all trying to say?"

"We have signed up to be foster parents," Gene Watkins finally said. "Well, I mean it is with some limits, and that is only if that one kid they let us foster is you, Tyler."

The two boys' faces nearly dropped off their heads with shock.

"The decision is up to the two of you and still needs to be approved by the courts, which Stone seems to think should have no problems going through," the father continued to explain.

"We knew that it was open knowledge about how much we traveled in the past," Natasha told them, "So we knew they wouldn't allow Tyler to live with us under such conditions."

"But Rachel and I were talking about it already," Gene added. "And when your parents said they could help us move the process along and to make sure we were the one who got Tyler, we knew we had to step forward."

"It will be a small room that we will fix up while you're in rehab," Rachel told him. "But I think you will really like our house."

"Your dad and I have also agreed to put our travels on hold indifferently or at least until the two of you are eighteen to help with anything that might come up," she told them, "And if we travel it will be as a family when you're not in school."

Jacob's face was beaming with joy as he listens while Tyler could not believe what he was hearing.

"But you have to know," his father started again. "There will be rules in our homes and you must agree to it before anyone signs on the line. There will be no lax on the rules either."

"The rules will be the same in both houses when you are visiting or for sleep overs," Watkins put in.

"Just tell them the rules honey," she sighed rolling her eyes which made them all chuckled a little.

"Okay," he stopped himself and got serious again. "The first rule is that you will have separate rooms at all times. Your mother has talked me into allowing some cuddling during movies on the sofa and maybe even kissing with moderation," he sighed at his own inability to argue his points. "But we both agree that under no circumstances ever, is there to be any heavy petting or sex under our roof or in the Watkins home as well, and that includes even those not recognized by the previous democratic administrations."

"It's not because you are…" she paused before saying the word, "gay. We just all think that you are both far too young to be doing such things even in a committed relationship as we believe you have. We just want you to have a chance to be young before you try being adults first"

"I know you are both responsible," Gene added. "Yet I agree with your folks on this. But we'll see how things go in the future."

"And remember," Jacob senior added. "It is our roof and we pay the bills. So you respect our wishes and we will respect who you are."

The boys looked at each other without talking for several long seconds before Jacob turned back. "We love each other Dad," he said with pride. "And if this is what we have to do to be together, then we say yes."

They all started smiling and Natasha kissed both of the boys, much against her true nature, but she was trying. Meanwhile Rachel hugged the two boys vigorously. They didn't know her outside of a few chance meetings in the halls of the school, but they already knew they liked her.

"Oh wait until you see the TV room," Jacob told Tyler with a wide smile. "It's a fifty inch plasma screen with surround sound and there's a small recliner sofa perfect for the two of us to sit on while we watch and eat popcorn."

Jacob senior looked a little alarmed at first, but when he looked over at his wife, she was smiling at him. He knew that if there was anyone they could trust on his word to behave, it was their son.

After a few more minutes of talking, the elders got ready to leave just after Tyler thanked them again and promised to live by what ever rules they set now or in the future. After the Watkins left, Jacob walked his folks to the door.

"I'm gonna spend the night here," he told them at the door. "If that's okay, I mean."

They looked at each other again.

"Okay, honey," Natasha agreed for them. "We'll bring you a change of cloths in the morning."

"But is his is the last time," his father tried to sound firm. "You start back at school in a few days and we want you resting up enough in your own bed."

"Sure," he happily agreed. "Besides, Tyler goes to rehab in a few days, so I'm sure the rules will be a little stricter without my parents working things out with the staff for me."

The Summers smiled knowing that they were never really pulling one over on him even if they were trying. "Okay," they agreed. "But get some rest."

"I'm sure I will," Jacob said taking a deep breath. "Somehow I think I'll sleep easy tonight for the first time in a very long time."

With that, he shook his father's hand, thanking him again and kissed his mother goodbye, something that was becoming more comfortable for her and they left.

Jacob stood at the door with a big silly grin watching Tyler smiling back as best as he could with his partial paralysis on his left side.

"You are amazing," Tyler finally said as Jacob took his place at his side again removing the loose tie from his neck, finally. They wrapped their arms around each other, kissed a few times and settled into a comfortable cuddle for the night and fell asleep knowing in their hearts that they would forever be together no matter what was to come. Jacob and Tyler were both sure that they were each resting 'In the Arms of an Angel'.

The End


He could hear the sounds of the carnival behind him about an eighth mile up the coast with all its merriment, music and engines sounds as he stood watching the rock formation before him. He had missed the fair last year for reasons he wished not to remember, but the rocks before him were far too strong of a draw leading him away from his enjoyment to the long narrow trail far from the prying eyes of those who would want to take his mind off of where he was last year at this time.

It was the forth of July, and the sun had just gone down over the New England beach as people gathered just out from the fairgrounds waiting for the fireworks to begin, but still far from this lonely stretch of beach where Jacob Summers the third was standing with a small smile across his thin lips allowing the breeze to tussle his short blond hair over his golden brown tan.

He was not alone for long as soon there was a scampering blond Labrador dog at his feet begging for his attention which he gave greedily petting and rubbing his dog vigorously in play as they struggled for the discarded stick he carried in his strong K-9 teeth.

"Kal," he yanked the stick away from the strong grip only to have his face licked with a long wet tongue in return. "Who let you out here all by yourself?"

The dog gave no response, save a half dance, half jump back and fort before him waiting for his master to throw the stick.

"Okay," Jacob laughed at his silly dog. "Here you go," he tossed the wooden branch several yards setting the dog off in the direction along the dark beach.

It was not long before he sensed the presence of something or someone else near by. But by now he was very well versed with this special feeling that only the kindred soul could bring and pretended not to notice. It wasn't long before he felt the familiar touch on his back as two warm and inviting arms wrapped their way around him. One around his waist and the other across his chest just as he felt the slim form press gently against his back and a head with a gentle breath rest on his right shoulder.

"You come here often, big boy," the soothing voice spoke warmly into his ear giving off a sent of peppermint toothpaste and recently eating cotton candy to his nose.

"I'm sorry sir," Jacob allowed himself to melt into the strong arms leaning back, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms over the ones holding him. "But I have a boyfriend who would be very jealous if I ran off with a complete stranger."

"And don't you forget it," Tyler giggled kissing the nape of his neck. They were both wearing their favorite nearly matching Superman sweatshirt hoodie and the dark curls were finally back framing the lighter boy's perfectly handsome face. He had made an almost complete recovery in the last year and was filling out a little, almost reaching Jacob in mass, but still thinner and lighter in tone, but with a much healthier hue than before and a slightly sow left eye.

Jacob reached his arm back and pulled their lips together and they kissed warmly for a few seconds until Tyler pulled his head away slightly. "Careful babe," he grinned. "We promised our parents to restrain ourselves tonight."

"Yeah," Jacob kissed his cheek playfully. "But we aren't in the house right now, are we?"

"Yeah," Tyler pulled him closer with a sigh. "But I don't want to start something that I'm not going to be able to keep myself from finishing later."

"Spoil sport," Jacob laughed with another peck on his cheek.

"Are you okay," Tyler looked him in the eyes with serious brow. "You kinda scared me going off by yourself like this."

"I'm fine," Jacob rest his head on Tyler's as the swayed a little. "I just wanted to get away for a minute and just come to the spot where it all began to remind myself how fortunate I have been for meeting you."

"No," Tyler shook his head. "I'm the one who's lucky in this relationship. When I think of where I would be if I had not ever met you."

"Well thankfully," Jacob spoke quick to stop his line of thought, "we will never have to know what that would be. Because you and I are together, and I am never gonna let go of my angel."

"You are so kooky sometimes," Tyler laughed swaying them side to side as they watched Kal amuse himself with his stick a few feet ahead of them.

"Do you remember those rocks?" Jacob gestured to the cliff before them.

"How could I forget it," Tyler responded. "It was the day I think I first fell in love with you, even though I didn't know it at the time."

Jacob looked over at him for a second. "I was thinking the same thing," he laughed. "I couldn't get over how cute you were with those eyes and the deepest dimples I ever saw. I kept trying to shake it off, but I could not stop myself from staring at them and you."

"The same here," Tyler's eyes met his spinning his around until they were face to face and fractions of an inch apart. "I remember seeing your eyes dancing for the first time, and I don't know how to explain it, but, but I knew I would die if I never saw them again."

"My eyes were dancing?" Jacob raised an eyebrow.

"Yes," Tyler gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Just like they are now."

"Only because I'm looking at those dimples," he returned the kiss.

They heard Kal bark at something near by which made them both laugh.

"Even Kal-El thinks we're getting too mushy here," Tyler said with a swagger against his boyfriend.

Jacob leaned in and kissed Tyler once more. "I knew there was something wrong with that dog."

"Are you ready to get back?" Tyler ran his hand through Jacob's hair.

"What? Don't you want to walk the rocks again?"

"Not in the dark." Tyler protested mildly. "But if you want to try them after our morning run tomorrow."

"No way," Jacob cupped his head in both of his hands. "The doctors say that you are not one hundred percent yet, and I could not live with myself if you got hurt again." He kissed his lips warmly. "But how about a rain check for this day next year?"

"You," Tyler stole another kiss, "are on mister Summers. On our second anniversary."

"Okay then," Jacob smile widely. "You're on."

"Now," Tyler pulled himself away. "The others sent me and Kal out here on a mission to bring you back to the fun. Cam, Val and the folks are waiting for us."

"Yes, sir," Jacob allowed Tyler to take his hand and lead him back to the fairground. "But I want a bonus for behaving so well."

Tyler shot him a knowing look as they walked with Kal running along side. "Oh you know you'll be getting what you deserve."

The two of them ran back to the small group of family and friends where they continued to have a good time and enjoy the warm breezy and clear night under the stars. Ten minutes later, the parents had set out a few blankets near the water where they all sat looking up at the sky watching the fireworks.

Jacob senior and Natasha were taking the time to enjoy the simple things in life again, including the company of their son and his friends as they ooh and awed with the best of them nuzzled together on their blanket behind the boys and to the left of where Val was leaning back in the arms of her boyfriend for nearly a year now, Cameron and watching the festivities. The Watkins sitting in their beach chairs were handing out cold drink next to them when needed.

Up front, Tyler was cuddling up close to Jacob between his legs and leaning back against his chest with his lovers strong arms around him. A small glimmer of remorse came across his mind as he remembered sitting with his mom on the beach (her) usually in a drunken stupor and with another new boyfriend, but he knew that he was far better with her several hundred miles away trying to build a new life for her self like he had with the Summers and Watkins. He quickly shook the thought off, asked God silently to watch over her, and nuzzled deeper into Jacob's welcoming arms as he placed his warm head on his shoulder and soft face against his.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Jacob asked in between their amazement at the light show before them.

"Of course," he returned only loud enough for him to hear. "I've never been this happy in my whole life. I love you Jacob."

Jacob pulled him closer to himself with a coo. "I love you too, Tyler," he brushed his cheek against his boyfriends. "Happy Independence's Day my Angel."

And with that, they continued to watch the spectacular light show only a few yards away with Kal resting his head across their laps and held firmly to each other. They were both smart enough to know that there would be hard times ahead and their love would have to stand a few more test, but they were together now and forever, and that was all that mattered between these two boys, so far more matured beyond their young years. The old souls would indeed stand the test of time with love beginning the foundation for a life long commitment and dedication to each other that no one would ever be able to break up in this life or the next.

Truly, the beginning.

And that it is my friends. This was to be the 'happily ever after' for the boys and I promise it will. But thanks to some of the reviews and reviewers, (and you know who you are) I have decided that it is far too soon to end the boys stories here. There is much more drama, fun and romance to share with the boys from that last night at the hospital and the epilogue here a year later, so it has been newly ordained that Jacob and Tyler will be sharing their first Christmas together and with us in the next few months. So please keep an eye open soon for the further adventures of the boys, most likely to be called 'In The Arms Of A Christmas Angel' (yeah I know, original huh?) which I hope will delve deeper into the boys new life as a couple, Tyler's recovery and new family, their acceptance from the people around them outside of the hospital room and Tyler's recovery after rehab. Not to mention what I hope will be another sweet and romantic story set in my favorite time of year and with two of my favorite characters. Thank you for reading and commenting on my work. I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have and look forward to more as I do also. So until next time, take care and God bless each and everyone who reads these words.