Wow. Well, I said I had an idea. This is it. I truly loved writing this. I may even be able to do a few chapters a day because they will be kind of short. It's not the kind of story you think it is. There's really no dialogue. And I got this inspiration from a few people, and after I thought the light in my life would never be able to shine again. This is that story.


Well, we think it's true.

It's not.

Then, when you think it grew.

It rots.

And you are never the same again.

I wondered for a long time if I would ever have the same life again. The answer was obvious when it came to mind: duh. Crying was definitely no way to help. When you fall down, you just have to pick yourself back up again, even if parts of you are lost on the way up.

My air seemed like it would never have the same crisp feeling it always had when I was with you, but that was never true. You were my light, but then you went away and I thought I'd been shrouded in darkness. The sun was gone, and so was the moon, so a perpetual night shadowed over me. The tears dried quickly within the hour, but I never thought that you'd make such an impact. I never thought you'd create a big enough hole in my chest to take away happiness.

As my head boggled around, everything surrounding my being was reminding me of you. It carried me to the times we had before. Then, it replayed the memory of your leave. You punched the hole in the middle of my chest, and it's still here now as I'm thinking of you.

Trying to get over it would be even more painful, but I'd always heard it has to get ugly before it gets pretty. But I didn't think anything in my life could be pretty without you. I was suddenly spinning and my world was changing. As you left, the light was weakening, dimming. It gradually got darker and I was blinded by the time you were a mile away. Everything changed then.

And I never thought it would be the same. No, nothing would ever be the same again.