Okay, that is it. Sorry the chapters were so short, or if the character's emotions annoyed you so much. Because...that character was me, in a nutshell. Yeah. But this is the playlist that I chose. One song for each chapter I wrote. In a way, each song personalized the chapter even more, and added more emotion to it (in my eyes). I would like to thank Kina Grannis (my favorite artist ever!!) and Taylor Swift (another one of my favs, but not as much as Kina!) for being da bomb!--and for totally writing songs that fit perfectly with a lot of the chapters. Kay, I'll stop talking now. Hopefully you guys will listen to these, or at least some of them. Oh, and try out some of my other stories. Thanks!


Love- Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift

Sorrow- Too Soon by Kina Grannis

Lust- Strong Enough by Kina Grannis

Truth- Just a Dream by Carrie Underwood

Anger- Picture To Burn by Taylor Swift

Regret- Don't Cry by Kina Grannis

Jealousy- Take a Bow by Leona Lewis

Depression- Homeless by Leona Lewis

Confusion- Don't Know Why by Norah Jones

Choice- Ours To Keep by Kina Grannis

Barren- Love Is Dead by Kerli

Lies- Twisted by Carrie Underwood

Undone- Never Never by Kina Grannis

Fire- Should've Said No by Taylor Swift

Ice- Cold As You by Taylor Swift

Astonishment- Midnight Bottle by Colbie Caillat

Realization- Why Can't I? by Kina Grannis

Lost- The Outside by Taylor Swift

Found- Next Time by Kina Grannis

Again- The Little Things by Colbie Caillat

Gone- Running Away by Kina Grannis

Laughter- Better In Time by Leona Lewis

Change- Change by Taylor Swift

After- Fearless by Taylor Swift