A bell has tolled
So long ago
For you
When you were so abruptly
Taken away

A sound so short
But hurt so long
A noise so quiet
Yet shattered my heart
In pieces so tiny
I couldn't ever make them
Whole again…

The first time I
Called out for you
After that day
The silence hit like a train.
Isolation enveloped me,
I couldn't help but
Remind myself
Just how much I couldn't be
Without you…

In the air
The echoing bell
Rings into
Just like my love…
Just like my heartache…

Time heals all wounds
Or so it's claimed,
But these bruises
Have yet to fade.
These cuts
Won't cease to bleed.
The tears
Continue to flood my soul.
No matter how much
Time goes by…
I hear the bells.

In the corners of my eye
You smile at me
But if I dare to blink,
You've disappeared.
In the backs of my mind
I hear your voice
But when I try to reply
I'm answered with silence.
On the nerves beneath my skin
I feel your touch
But when I reach out to embrace
I only grasp the air.

No matter how much
Memorabilia of you
I put up in your honor
It never will replace
The completion I had
When you were at my side…

And so the bells toll again.
I put my head in my hands
And drown myself a while.