Just Dream

by davewriter

When you're mourning a love in your life

And you wake up in the middle of the night

Missing them, calling out to them,

Just lay back down on your pillow,

Close your eyes and sleep and dream.

Just dream that you and your loved one

Are swimming deep in a turquoise ocean

Breathing independently without gear and tanks,

And you find some buried treasure to share.

And then you happen to encounter some sharks,

So you're helping your loved one battle them,

And when your beloved punches the biggest one out,

You'll be happier knowing the two of you have won.

Just dream that you're in a flowery field

Dancing among the roses, tulips and daisies,

And your loved stops to pick a bunch for you

And sprinkles some magic all over the bunch.

You're told this will keep the flowers from dying

Like the bond you and your loved one have,

And to this day, you still have these flowers

And this memory that blossoms with them.

Just dream you're on top of a building at night

Looking out at the lights of the city,

And you're commenting on how beautiful it is

To see the twinkling in the farthest distance.

Your loved one tells you this view doesn't matter

For you are the more beautiful one, and always will be,

And if you'd feel like you have a diamond heart

When you're with your loved one, why not without?

So whenever you're having a terrible nightmare

Out of grief for the loss of your loved one,

Just close your eyes, fall asleep again,

And when you reunite with your lost love

Just dream these wondrous dreams.