Megan McCaffrey

As she began packing the boxes

She pictured her children, her family

Leaving to go somewhere new.

It was a dream of hers,

And his, to start over with a move

And to leave this old town.

But leaving her children's home town,

Their lives packed into labeled boxes,

Made it hard for her to move.

They struggled with the family,

Not listening to their father or her,

Not wanting to go somewhere new.

For them, the concept of a new

Life within a whole new town

Was overwhelming, and it hurt her

To watch them resist as she held the boxes

That held the history of her family.

She knew they did not want to move.

Watching their resistance, it made the move

All that more questionable. Was something new

Really what her children, her family,

Sought? Was the new town

Going to accept what was in their boxes?

It became an uncertainty that overtook her.

But she knew it was what her

Family needed- they had to move

Away from here with only their boxes

To a fresh start, to something new.

They needed to leave this old town

And put down new roots as a family.

She needed a clean slate for her family,

A less stressful way of life for her,

Him, and their children in a new town

That welcomed them. A move

Would do wonders for them—create a new

Outlook on the lives they had stuff into boxes.

Her family was the reason for the move

That took her to the new life in the

Town where they could finally get rid of the boxes.