Soul Retrieval

Chapter 1: A World of Dreams:

"Hayaku, Hurry up, you'll be late!" The pounding on her bedroom door startled Emily awake.

"What the!?" Emily sat up quickly in her bed and looked around the room. Where was she? This wasn't her room.

"Are you still in bed, Akiko?" A Japanese boy, between the ages of 12 and 14, asked while walking into the room.

Emily screamed and through a pillow at the kid. "Who are you? What do you think you are doing?" She yelled.

The boy caught the pillow and stare at her with a raised eyebrow. "Are you feeling ok? You're not coming down sick again, are you?" He asked her, coming further into the room and to her bed. He placed a hand over her forehead to feel for a fever.

"Hey, what are you doing? Don't touch me!" Emily commanded, swatting his hand away.

The boy's look of concern quickly turned into one of annoyance. "Stop playing around, Akiko, we're going to be late for school if you don't hurry," he reprimanded and turned to leave the room.

Emily watched as the boy closed the door behind him. "Akiko?" Who is Akiko? What's the big idea? My first class isn't until 11:00, and how did that kid get into the dorm anyway?" Emily stood from the bed and looked around the room. This wasn't her dorm room, though. "Am I dreaming?"

She walked across the room to a dresser on which there sat a vanity mirror. Her reflection revealed the impossible. Staring back at her was a pair of oval-shaped steel gray colored eyes. Her eyes were supposed to be green. Emily reached a hand to the short chestnut colored hair that framed her face in the reflection. What happened to her beautiful long red hair? Her hair had always been her pride.

The girl in the mirror looked like she was 10 to 12 years old. Emily Sullivan was 19-years-old and a freshman at Ball State University. "This has to be a dream," she spoke to herself. "I've been watching too much anime," she concluded after turning away from the reflection in the mirror to find a seifuki, a sailor style school uniform, hanging on the back of her bedroom door.

"Oh well, this should be interesting," Emily decided, taking the uniform down from the door. She was adept with lucid dreaming. It was a skill that she had developed when she was little. After dressing she went to the bathroom, brushed out her short shoulder length chestnut colored hair and hurried down the stairs.

Down in the kitchen Emily came upon the scene of a Japanese man, most likely in his late thirties, sitting at the table with his face hidden behind the morning newspaper. A woman in her mid thirties with the same color hair as what Emily had seen in her reflection was sitting beside a highchair feeding a baby. The toddler, looking to be close to a year old, was more interested in shaking her sippy cup, causing milk to squirt everywhere.

"Akiko-chan, you better hurry or else Akira-kun is going to leave without you," the woman looked away from the little girl long enough to acknowledge Emily's presence. "There is a bento, lunch, on the counter for you. Hayaku Hayaku, hurry, you'll be late," the woman stated and returned her attention to the toddler as she dumped her bowl of cereal onto the floor.

Emily grabbed the bento and backpack sitting beside it. This dream is getting more and more interesting, she thought. I am even able to understand Japanese!

"What's with that silly looking grin on your face? Hurry up, you're going to make me late!" Akira scolded from the spot where he impatiently waited beside the door for her.

A/N: Just a short little introductory chapter to spark curiousity. Find out more in Chapter 2: Atypical School Day