All was silent in the forest except for the occasional hoot of an owl. The animals were nestled in their homes, resting for the night. The sky was dark, the moon only a sliver against the night sky, the stars shining brightly.

Deep in the forest a trickle of water fell from a slight cliff into the lake below, rocks built up stopping the stream and thus stopping a heavier flow of water. The water from the lake continued on for a few miles within the forest, finally giving out to a river. The quiet, smooth river stretched on for miles, winding through the forest gracefully until it disappeared into a hill. There was only an inch in between the hill and water, giving little room for anyone or anything to get through. The flowing river moved down through the ground until it reached a large cavern. It fell into a small pool, the water from the pool leading out into the spring that lead to the lake.

Growing all around the cavern were small plants giving off a soft glow and lighting up would be a dark place. The plants grew out of the stone with a single stem. Branching off of the stems were fan shaped leaves, between each leaf was a single small stem holding five small bulbs. These bulbs were what produced the soft glow, making the leaves look almost silver.

A small group of the plants surrounded an area in between the cavern wall and pool of water. The was area ten feet wide and a six feet between the wall and pool.

A slight breeze picked up in the cavern, the bulbs on the plants blooming into small white roses. The soft breeze moved around the room, the plants swaying softly. The breeze continued it way to the center of the cleared area. It moved about in the one spot for a few moments as a brighter light than the plants were giving off appeared in the air. The light began to expand in length, the intensity of the light staying the same.

The light began to take form as a person before it started to fade. A woman of five feet and four inches stood in the center of the cleared area, her eyes closed and the slight breeze moving around her. Her waist length fiery bright red hair waved slightly in the breeze as it began to settle down, her nose length bangs tickling her face softly. As the wind died down, she slowly began to open her eyes to reveal deep pools of cerulean. Her porcelain skin became bright, almost coming close to a silver sparkle, with the glow from the plants around her. She walked towards the pool of water, her light blue boots making soft tapping noises.

The outfit she wore was elegant in its own way but still allowed plenty of movement. Her boots reached up to her mid thigh, a thin silver rim around the top with a flowing vine pattern just beneath it. Upon her hips was a silver waist band with light blue stitches plunging into a 'v' that was attached to a short white skirt that left five inches between the bottom hem and the top of her boots. A light blue strapless bustier with a silver trimming on the top covered her plump breasts, a blue gem attached to the center, half of it on the cloth while the other half was touching her skin. A silver chord was attached to the gem, circling around her body with four small crystal tear drops attached to the chord on either side of the blue gem. Covering the top of her chest just below her collar bones and just above her breasts was a part of her dark blue, teal, and black sleeveless cloak. The cloak had a high collar that stood straight up around her neck, the sides of the cloak formed to her sides and moved down towards her ankles in two separate pieces, all of which had three large pointed bottoms. On top of each separate piece of the bottom half of the cloak was a sheer teal material that matched each piece of the cloth but was shorter by five inches. The outside of the cloak was black with thin dark blue lines along her back and bottom edges that created the same flowing vine pattern as on her boots. Light blue gloves covered most of both her arms, the gloves stopping in the middle of her upper arms with a thin silver rim and a flowing vine pattern beneath the rim. On her left wrist there was a silver band around two inches wide, a small bright blue gem in the center.

The woman knelt down next to the pool and looked into it's depths. Something sparkled beneath the dark water and the smallest of smiles formed on her full pink lips. She reached into the water with her right hand and gripped the item. She withdrew her hand from the water, her hand wrapped around the hilt of shining Rapier. She set the blade into the palm of her left hand and looked upon the beautiful blade. She moved her left hand over the top of the blade and stroked the small silver and blue gem above the hilt.

"It is time--time of the battle to soon begin," she said softly into the cavern, her voice bouncing off of the walls.