Heart beats bloody tune,
Pumping in yours veins,
Icy as middle June,
Restraining you like chains.

Bloody beat is skipped,
As innocent walks by,
Gently in you fangs have dipped,
Causing curdling cry.

Her body goes limp and stiff,
Limbs no longer twitching,
As you stoa upon her cursed gift,
Until thirst no longer itching.

You leave her there upon the ground,
Seeping from her birth,
She no longer makes a sound,
Ceasing like her girth.

In you mind you know,
That she will rise again,
And follow your example so,
Causing human pain.

From the cold she will grow,
Confused and in need,
Your name holds her woe,
Listen to this heed.

Creatures of the night they are,
Streaking over sky,
Food held in old jar,
Making shrieking cry.

Doomsday is upon us,
Baring down to kill,
Please don't make a fuss,
Be painless, it will.