From the eternity.

Have you ever wondered if
the sky has always been so blue?

I think even a sigh from a lover,
lasts longer than us, even so

we mean something,
at least, you mean something to me.

Have you ever wondered if
the birds have always had wings?

That's why I'll paint this room with blue
and I'll stick the stuffed butterflies in the wall,
so maybe we'll be able to fly.

How was heaven before its doors were closed?
I don't miss a thing since you're with me.

How was the angel that left me while I slept?
I don't care anymore since when I wake up,
you're with me.

I like the rainy days,
you always hold me tightly
but what if it's a sunny day?
Hold me anyway… I love you.

Have you ever wondered if
the sun will stop shining?

When the last light goes out
and I can't see anything but
my own fears...
I know you're with me.

Have you wondered if
this love will be forever?

I'll release the colorful balloons,
I'll see them burst into our sky,
but I know, you'll stay with me.

(That's forever.)

Why do love stories make people cry?
Even if most of them have a sad ending,
it's all about true love.

Why do people search for true love?
The last kiss is more heartfelt than the first.

Even though I threw away the key
after I closed my heart,
you opened it.
Then I locked you in.
Never go away.

I love you.


simpleplan13 many thanks.