Slowly the small drops of water run down your skin, cold lifeless stone rubs on your skin as you struggle weakly against the chain of steel. Drop for drop the rain comes down in this dark night, so slowly rising as the tide. The chilly water rises over your ankles and this innate instinct kicks in, as the water rises the time flows by. The power inside of you was gone for long, limply your weight is supported by the chain restraining you to the close walls around you. The colour in your face fades rapidly once the water kisses your neck. The fear is there but no strength to fight. The last breath of fresh air fills your lungs before the rain spews the tide over your pale head. Seconds get hours as the burning sensation travels through all parts of your lungs. Desperation keeps the mouth shut, eyes wide open frantically searching for an way out of this stone basin, each touch of the stone around you inducing a weak jerk, until you finally give in. The soothing terror of water filling your lungs sweeps over your thoughts before the world's light never reaches you again.

A.N.: It is hard to imagine what happens while being in such a situation but this is my try in writing down such a cruel thing.