It was inching closer, closer and closer. It's breath tickles your sweat-dripping skin. It reaches out to you, the razorblade sharp black bloodstained fingers lightly cut your skin. Single drops of blood colour the pale moon-white skin of yours just shortly before a rough and desiring tongue wipes over the fresh cut. The pain is not killing you, it is barely there from those perfectly straight and caressing touches. However you resigned before, the struggle against it ended, restrained by your emotionless weakness the dark of the night has claimed you as prisoner. No stars and no moon illuminate the sky, there is just the pitch black horizon and it whose presence you cannot feel. Frantically your eyes spy into the dark for the slightest shimmer of light, the slightest bit of hope but as your head turns once again it is grabbed tightly and crimson warm blood flows over your deathly white cheeks. In pain you close your eyes but the lids did not even close fully as delicate fingers pull them apart gently. Your eye flips around panicking. You cannot see what is holding you so tightly and suddenly the frantic motion of your right eye. It is frozen in place and though there are no nerves behind your penetrated pupil you feel the steely sharp object in your eyeball draw closer. Millimetre for millimetre the needle inches deeper. You want to close your eye, turn around your head but the sudden intrusion took away all motion in your body. Minutes pass with that cold sensation in your eye, the salty liquid contained behind the pupil runs down your right cheek. Just drops reach your lips and your tongue moves on its own tasting the strange fluid. It seems that hours passed and the movement in your eye seems to have subsided into numbness of body mind, enduring the iron-hard grasp your body is caged in.

Out of the sudden, you bend and arch. In pain you yell loudly and cry while struggling against the pain. You see just red, red and pain in your right. The needle finally reached the fine tissue of light-sensitive nerves. Your screams continue to fade in the dark. Sweating and crying you resist but fail and fail again. Just with a little more pressure the needle is pushed onwards, through the tissue of nerves, passing by vessels of blood, butting it's head against the bones of your skull. More and more pressure is applied attempting to pass the bone in order to enter the soft material currently raged by inconsistent waves of pain as the steel in your eye bends and wavers. The violent motions breaking and ripping apart more and more of the eye being ravaged. Slowly your screaming had stopped and become are gurgling sound by the various fluids entering through your mouth.

There never was escape.