Part 1

My name is Andrea, and I have schizophrenia. As far as I know, I've had this disorder all my life. My physiatrist told my foster parents, when my aunt abused me, this triggered the schizophrenia. You 're probably wondering what is this disorder. It's when a person sees or hears things that aren't really there. Another common name for this disorder is fantasy proneness personality.

I am orphan. I don't remember my parents. They were killed in a car accident, while I was being babysat. I was three months old. The court didn't know what to with since neither of my parents left a will behind, so they gave me to my unwilling Aunt Cathy. Cathy was an alcoholic. As usual, I was the object she took her anger out on. School wasn't any better. Kids always picked on me simply because I didn't like their type of music, I didn't think Usher was hot, and the major problem, I believed in faeries. I didn't know at the time, other kids didn't see them. I guess the teachers didn't say anything at the time and just assumed it was my imagination. However, it wasn't to me. They were real to me.

Living in Vermont means there is plenty of trees. My aunt lived far away from the small town, and our home was surrounded by them. It was not unusual to hear wolves howl to the full moon, or the earth vibrating from an angry stag. My aunt's beatings never bothered me when I was little. I thought they were normal for every child to receive. With no friends, I played in the woods in my spare time. There I saw the faeries, the fawns, the monsters, my own world. These people where my friends. We would play in the creek, climb the tallest pine trees, run through the mountains' meadows, sing and dance our hearts out. People never bothered me. I was too young to know I was mistreated. It wasn't until I was in third grade, my math teacher saw my bruises and called children services. My aunt didn't even bother a fight to keep me. I moved from foster parents to foster parents at least six times since then. My friends never left me. However weird things began to happen when I was fifteen. I didn't no longer see my friendly friends as much anymore. Instead I would see the creature with swords, long branchy arms, fallowing me in the woods. It would become so bad, I wouldn't go out at night anymore. The next step was they began to show at my school. To me, that was the last straw. I didn't know I had schizophrenia until I was sixteen. My foster parents over heard me telling my friend, the only human one, and they called my doctor.

At the age seventeen, many things in my life began to change. I know I'll never be the same again, and I write this story in a warning call to others. Don't loose yourself. Believe in yourself. So, please, sit down on that log and make yourself comfortable. I'll warm up the fire and get some blankets. Don't worry. The mosquitoes won't be out tonight. It's too cold. Are you comfortable? Good, because now I'm going to tell you my story. My story of how I became who I am. What I went through, and the secrets this mysterious world beholds.

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