Stupidly Angry


1. Describe your personality in three short sentences.

Uhm …

'I am a young and ambitious girl-' Nah, scratch that … '-woman. I am artistically talented and sometimes adopt the typical mood-' No, no, no! That sounds horrible. Ah, scratch that all! Let's move to the next question. I can still answer the rest later on.

2. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses in form of self-reflection.

3. How would you integrate yourself in our company and of which advantage are you going to be?

Drowning in frustration I sighed loudly but this noise seemed to echo in the whole, closed up and actually quite room. Every head turned into my direction some people looking angry, some gleefully curios and some plainly startled. I managed to plaster a small smile on my face as a silent apology and sunk further down into my seat. I leaned forward so my hair would curtain my face and hide my blush as well as my slightly watery eyes.

I was not going to cry because I embarrassed myself in front of strangers or because I couldn't answer these questions right off the bat. However I was on the verge of crying because I had approximately 20 minutes left to answer this personality-compatibility form and was sitting with about twenty five other people in a room without windows. The task was to answer these questions in the most attractive way while making you sound more interesting than anybody else in the room. The goal was to eliminate the others and win the vacancy at the end.

When I looked around every single person here was writing. The woman beside me even scarred me a little bit because she seemed to behave like a lunatic, writing furiously on every little corner on her sheet. This time I swallowed my sigh. I had no chance to win when I hadn't even answered one question and I sure as hell had no chance of winning when I couldn't come up with one good sentence about myself. Why had I even applied for this job? Why did I stay even after I had found out that there were over twenty other people that had applied and were capable enough to work here considering their references?

Furrowing my eyebrows I tried concentrating on the task at hand but it was a futile attempt. I felt like an animal trapped in a cage because I could not just stand up and go although I wanted nothing else to do. So after answering the questions half-heartedly or more of a tenth-heartedly, I waited a few minutes before we all had to stop writing and hand the sheet to the fat, too nice and way too slow talking lady (human resources manager). I loved marketing, knew marketing and understood it but this time I was unable to sell myself.

Walking out the door I was greeted by one of my very good friends, Ann. Ann, who had made me apply for this job. Ann, whose brother made her persuade me into applying. Ann's brother, who worked in some high position in this company and made her/me believe, that I had a chance. So Ann was not to blame for my dilemma but her big asshole of a brother certainly was.

"Hey, how was it?" She asked with a smile but after seeing my face, contorted her own into a frown. "What happened?" And I told her about my inability to self-reflect and the gagging-reflex that followed every time I heard, read or said that word.

I had known Ann the longest from all of my friends so I guess you could call her my best friend.

"Oh Ann! It was a catastrophe, a disaster! Have you ever had to pack your faults into a nice package to make them sound appealing yet wrong in a matter of a few minutes? I don't know what possessed me to believe your brother this time but I sure as hell am never going to do it again. We don't like each other and we don't help each other, point!" I exclaimed rather furiously while I walked briskly to the exit. Once outside I took out a little package and lit a cigarette. I knew that it was a nasty habit but I didn't believe all of those studies claiming that it was highly hazardous. It certainly wasn't healthy but driving too fast could kill you, drinking could kill you and certain jobs could kill you. Why should I stop with something I liked only because some people said so? Next there will be restrictions on how much chocolate I can eat a month and how fast I can walk on the streets … Whatever. I wasn't a heavy smoker though, I smoked 5-10 cigarettes a day and when clubbing (ergo drinking) more.

Ann had a sympathetic expression on her face and smiled sadly at me. "Relax Mona! I'm sure he didn't put you in this position on purpose. He thought-"

"He thought my ass! He wanted to show me that I could never reach his status!" As soon as the nicotine had entered my system I had cooled down a little bit, but only a tiny bit. It was enough to make me lower my voice yet still hiss venomously.

"You don't know, he might-" I cut her off again, not really listening to her. I just wanted to rant my bad mood away.

"I know that he is an asshole-…" This time I stopped myself as the lunatic that had been sitting previously next to me, walked haughtily by. She looked at me with a knowing smirk and strutted to a red car a little further down the road. I made a face and finished my cigarette angrily when something else caught my attention.

A group of young men in business suits were walking into our direction. They were talking and laughing and I seethed.

The moment Ann realized what had captured my gaze she started protesting and going after me, but I had already set my goal and marched up to these guys. "Mona, please don't!" Whatever she said I didn't hear or pretended I didn't hear.

I was set on one particular guy with jet black hair that was the exact same color as Ann's. He wore only a dress shirt and carried his jacket with his bag in his right hand. He didn't wear a tie as opposed to some of the other guys and his hair was gelled in a bed-hair look. A carefree smile graced his handsome face and when he looked up and spotted me I could see surprise vary to genuine curiosity in his eyes.

"Hey, how did it go?" He asked after I stopped directly in front of him. Narrowing my eyes I felt anger boiling inside of me, ready to burst any moment now. Recognition slowly settled over his face and he motioned for his colleagues to go ahead without waiting for him. Then he looked up into the sky and let his eyes travel behind me, without doubt questioning Ann silently about what was going on. Even when his cool blue gaze settled back on me did I not startle. He sighed. "What did I do now?"

I narrowed my eyes more than I already had. "" With every word I jabbed his chest with such a force that he had to walk backwards. At least I believed it was my strength and not his surprise. "It was such a fuckintastic idea of you to make apply to this not at all wonderful job!" I shouted at him.

"Hey! I thought you needed a job and I just wanted-"

"No I don't need one. I already have one." I worked as a waitress and I actually liked it, but the payment was horrible and I couldn't work as a waitress for the rest of my life. I didn't have such a good education just to throw it away by working my lifetime as a waitress.

"Fine! You want a new one!" Now he used his height to hover over me and by the flashing of his eyes I could tell I had made him quite angry too.

"Yes. In the fucking marketing department and not production!"

"Well I didn't know that, but you still applied, didn't you?!"

"Because you made me believe I had a chance to get this job so I would earn more money than I do now!" Well, money was a big problem for me … I wasn't sure how exactly I would be able to pay the next rent but that was something I told nobody, at least not yet. Somehow it was embarrassing for me to admit something like that.

"Then it doesn't matter which department it was and you had a chance." He shouted frustratingly.

"No, not with over twenty other more experienced people that for some reason knew their self-reflection by heart!" I was now panting and had my hands balled to fists. I had to admit that I hadn't really thought about what I was saying. I was just angry for ruining this possible job offer and I was mad at nobody else but myself. Yelling at me just wouldn't do the job so I needed a scapegoat and Rafe seemed to be the perfect person for this position. Later on I would hit myself for saying such stupid things but at the moment I was unstoppable.

Rafe smiled cruelly. "Tough shit Monique … that's life and if you cannot survive in the big bad world, go back to your momma!" He pushed my shoulder gently so I would move out of his way and then he stomped up into the building.

After a short pause I felt Ann touch my shoulder gently. "Come now Mona, I know you are angry but you know as well as I do that my brother is neither source nor reason for your fury. Let's just forget that happened and relax in my apartment."

I shrugged off her hand and walked away. "Shut up!"



I will admit. I was not a very rational person when angry nor did I hold any intellectual level during this condition. A few hours and glasses of wine later Ann and me were sitting on her couch, actually Rafes couch. Ann had moved in with him not too long ago because she had broken up with her boyfriend with whom she had shared an apartment with before. And Rafes flat, as opposed to her old one, was mighty fine. Come to think of it, in comparison to a lot of flats (including mine) this one was luxury; big, very modern, comfortable.

Admitting that I had behaved myself quite inappropriately and that Rafe was right still didn't mean that I liked him, though- despite the result- it was nice of him to bring this vacancy to my attention. Rafe and I just didn't get along. Never did and never would. I couldn't even remember the last time we had a civil conversation, though, over the years it had become sort of a twisted friendship. Maybe because we had known each other for so long we just felt comfortable around each other …

Okay, I will admit it …

I actually did like Rafe.

I liked him a way that sometimes I either wanted to kill or kiss him.

I liked him in a way that every time he flirted with another woman I wanted to rip all his hair out.

I liked …. I think you get the idea. I don't know when I started liking him like this, but it must have happened a few years ago when I was still in High school. At first I really could not stand his very being but after a while his confident, funny and slightly cold self just got me. Ever since then he had been my secret crush, Ann though, knew about it. Just so you know, only because I had a crush on him I didn't live celibately. I had had my fun and still did and never intended to bring my feelings out in the open. In the beginning Ann pressured me to do something about it but I guess she understood now that I would never act on my feelings, however strong they were.

Ann and me were drunk, talking about our different sexcapades and laughing our asses off when the door opened.

"Hello Rafey!" Ann greeted him and stood shakily up before she stumbled to him, gave him a hug and planted a wet kiss on his cheek. "See, my brother would never make you stand on your head. … I believe … I hope so!" She and I simultaneously started laughing and Rafe switched his dumfounded gaze between us. Then he spotted the bottles on the table. Slowly and with a scowl he moved to the couch and plopped down beside me. I could see that he was tense and tired and felt some bad vibes coming from him.

A phone started ringing and Ann picked it up. By the expression on her face it was her newest lover and would-be-boyfriend. She excused herself and more or less walked anti-graciously into her room. Rafe held his head between his hands and hadn't said or done anything to acknowledge my presence. In a bold move, encouraged by the alcohol in my veins, I sat on the backrest right behind the dark-haired Adonis and squeezed his shoulders in order to give him a massage. His shoulders though seemed to tense more for a minute and then relax a little again.

"What are you doing Monique?" He drawled with his head still bent forward.

"Giving you a massage, silly." I said lightly stating the obvious.

"You are drunk."

"I know." In fact I was only tipsy but he needn't know that. Giggling I moved closer to him so I could have better access and my knees grazed his broad shoulders. Fortunately he had taken off his jacket, making my task easier.

"You are a bad influence for my sister." Rafe murmured lowly.

"No I'm not" I answered happily. "You know it was your sister that came out with the bottle, not the other way around."

"I'm angry at you." He grumbled in the same lazy pitch of voice and moved backwards so he could rest his head on my lower stomach which made his statement all the more unbelievable.

"No, you are not." He had closed his eyes and in this position I could hardly massage his shoulders so I opted instead to stroke his rich hair.

"You ruined my day at work."

"No, I made your day!" I teased him and bent slightly over him so my hands could slide down his front. Enjoying the feeling of his hard body, I realized that while we had been more affectionate before, I had never been so careless. When I reached his abdomen I felt his muscles tautening.

Suddenly he gripped my arm and heaved me off the backrest. I didn't have enough time to register that I actually lay sprawled over the whole couch before he lifted me on his lap. My hair must have been a mess, my face red from the force and my mouth in the shape of an 'O'. One of his hands gripped my waist rather tightly and pushed me quite forcefully into him where I could feel his hard member and I had to brace my arms on his solid chest. The other hand was pushing some of my brown, chin-length hair behind my ear and then gripping my chin lightly and bringing it closer to his face.

"Be careful of what you play with, you might not be able to handle the consequences." He breathed onto my lips. His eyes glinted with something I could not decipher and I felt a shudder roll down my back when they slowly traveled to my lips. Feeling him between my legs and being so engulfed in his whole body I was aroused. Before I could comprehend and answer to what he had said I was carefully pushed off of him.

Rafe stood up and without looking at me he mused up his hair with one of his hands and started walking to his room. "I need a shower." He said with a strained voice. I just followed him with my eyes, being to perplex move.

I guessed Ann was still talking on the phone because conversations like this could last for hours and with newfound energy I followed Rafe, albeit a few minutes later as to compose myself. On my journey to him I was hold up by Ann as she stormed out of her room.


"Hey" I said slowly, swallowing.

"Hey, I'm sorry but I'm going to go out. Mike should be here any minute now." She grinned. "You know how spontaneous we are. I wouldn't be able to drive you home either way, but I'm really sorry that we had to cut our girl night short." I realized just now that she wore something else and I wasn't sure if the glittering of her eyes had something to do with the alcohol or a knowledge she kept hidden from me.

"Oh the sexy jeans." I said grinning, referring to the dark blue, low riding and very tight jeans she called her favorites. "I understand that you would ditch your friend for sex." I leaned against the wall and crossed my arms in front of my chest. However I was not mad and gave her a playful wink.

A flush took over her face and she stuck out her tongue. Then we both started laughing, leaning on opposite sites of the corridor. Not surprisingly we were again interrupted by Rafe. He walked out of his room wearing only a towel around his waist. Our laughter faded and I couldn't help but let my eyes glide over his toned body. He had no bulky muscles but an aesthetic and athletic physique with wide shoulders and strong arms and legs. He resembled a chiseled figure of the old times yet I would never say that he was beautiful because he had nothing soft. He was all sharp edges and hard surfaces. No he was not beautiful in the traditional way- he was just godly handsome, in a rough way.

He looked nervously between his sister and me before he walked by, all the time holding his towel with a death grip. I licked my lips when I caught sight of his tattoo. It was a dragoon that started from the left side of his abdomen up to the side of his stomach and ended on his left shoulder blade. The dragoon had a special meaning for him; he had made that tattoo about nine years ago, when he had been eighteen. His father had been a dragoon in the Chinese calendar as well as his mother and Ann. His dad had had a talisman in form of a dragoon that he had wanted to pass on his son on his sixteenth birthday. One day before that event, his father had died in a car crash and the pendant had been destroyed. So Rafe had made the tattoo to make up for the loss and to avow to his family. In the tattoo the three names of his sister, mum and dad were written.

This tattoo was incredibly sexy and made me hot all over. Each line was perfectly adjusted to his chiseled body.

Once he had closed the door of the bathroom behind himself, I looked up to find Ann watching me with a knowing smirk. Now it was my turn to show her my tongue and blush. I jolted when the doorbell rung and shook my head when Ann stumbled to the door and I giggled.

Thirty minutes later she was long gone and I was seated on the couch surfing through the channels. Rafe still hadn't come out of the bathroom and I was drinking water instead of wine. God! I tell you, I was bored out of my mind! Of course there was nothing worth watching on TV and this resulted into me going into Rafes office. Yes, he had an office at home.

Normally I wasn't allowed to go in, but with nothing else to do I just wanted to surf on the internet, check my emails and all the rest. I swore to myself that I would not snoop around. I even let the door open so Rafe wouldn't think that I had left because he still had to drive me home. Fifteen minutes in the task I had managed to keep my itching fingers by myself, without opening any unnecessary drawers. But that was exactly the amount of time I could contain myself. I had the feeling that Rafe was hiding from me because he had yet to come out of the bathroom and I opened the first drawer. Curiosity had gotten the best of me, I mean, who wouldn't open something if 'Private, don't open was written in big, bold letters on it.

Hm. Some uninteresting files from his company about finances or something… Accounting Sheets, … Oh! And what was that? A picture frame … with a picture of … Ann, Rafe and me! Rafe was in the middle and his sister and I were standing to his sides, each giving his cheek a little kiss. He tried to look annoyed but the small, genuine smile betrayed him. Wow, I thought while inspecting the photograph. I remembered the day this was shoot quite well. It was, oh wow, it was five years ago, when I was eighteen. Ann and I had been on this summer festival and had worn bikinis and shorts. Rafe had also been there with his friends. Memories of him having a major fight with his sister entered my mind. I forgot why they had fought, but I know that it was bad. The picture though was taken before that fight.

Hmm … Why would Rafe keep a picture like this? I wasn't a part of his family and barely an acquaintance of some sorts and yet he kept it as something personal …

"I don't remember allowing you in."

Startled I hastily closed the drawer and looked up only to find Rafe leaning against the doorway, towel around his middle and drops of water running from his hair down his body. He didn't look angry, just amused and somewhat annoyed. I gulped.

"Yeah, well … I ... was" Stuttering I tried to come up with an excuse but failed miserably. I sighed in defeat and looked down, not trusting myself not to drool or otherwise make an idiot of myself. "I was bored so I checked my emails."

"Oh? And you checked your emails in my drawer?" His light, teasing tone made me nervous and I realized that he had gotten closer.

"Ha-" Well? What was I supposed to say? "No" I replied meekly, trying to look innocent.

Once again I was startled when the chair I sat in suddenly spun around and I was facing a half naked young man who had both his hands on the armrests and was leaning over me. His facial expression seemed emotionless and I gulped out of fear and strangely out of excitement.

"Found something interesting?" He asked rudely but I could careless because his towel was the same level as my eyes were and I was having a hard time concentrating. No pun intended.

"Yeah. The … The photograph. I had completely forgotten it." I had gained some of my control back and looked up into his eyes, so blue, so stormy. Rafe let go of the chair and straightened his posture but not before he had opened the drawer and had taken out the picture. He looked at it with a mixture of endearment and a frown.

"It was a nice day and with your skimpy outfits you and my sister made all the guys there crazy." He had a far away look on his face and was still looking at the picture.

I didn't know why, maybe from the earlier shock or solely from his proximity, but my heart was hammering in my chest my stomach was knotting itself into a tight ball.

"Yes." I had to smile at that one. "It's not like anybody complained. But I remember you and Ann having a fight. What was it about?" I queried and in the exact same moment his face changed into a darker look. Though, he had yet to look away from the photo.

"It was nothing, really." He said in a low voice. "Just something about the both of you and hitting on my friends."

I frowned. "As I said, nobody complained."

His head turned sharply and his steely gaze met mine. "I complained. Excuse me for not wanting to see my kid sister and my friends fooling around." Now he was angry.

"Oh come on, it's not like she was a kid anymore." I had to stand up because I felt inferior to him when I was sitting. I leaned my hip against his desk and crossed my arms in front of my chest. "I think you were just jealous that you didn't get hit on."

He scoffed and put the picture on the desk. "Yeah right, because I wanted my sister to hit on me. That's disgusting."

I shook my head and smiled teasingly. "Not your sister you idiot. Me!"

It was meant as a joke yet the fact that he didn't look at me nor answer made my heart race even faster. What did that mean?

"Why do you keep that picture here in your office?" I asked slowly, quietly. Finding my hopes ridiculous yet being too stubborn and wanting to satiate my curiosity.

"Where is Ann?" He asked without looking up. Apparently he was trying to change the topic.

"Didn't you hear? She's out with her … guy friend. Why, Rafe?"

"What are you going to do?"

"Either sleep here or you drive me home. Rafe, … why?"

I smiled a small smile at my victory when he sighed and looked me in the eye. "Because it's a picture of Ann and me."

"No." I said. "It's a picture of Ann, you and me."

"So?" He furrowed his eyebrows.

"I'm sure there are enough photos of you and Ann alone. Why take one where I'm on?"

"Because I like that one." He said slowly which frustrated me. How come he couldn't just answer the fucking question with the fucking truth. Come on now, who would believe him?

"God! You are such an idiot sometimes!" I exclaimed quite pissed. Rafe didn't seem to take too kindly on my little outburst and narrowed his eyes.

"Watch it! What do you want from me?! And if you want to insult me you may have to go home all by yourself." He snapped at me.

One look out the window and I knew it was raining outside. "You wouldn't do that." I said even though I wasn't so sure of that.

Rafe took a step closer to me and met my gaze with a poisonous one of his. "You think so?" He smiled cruelly. "I don't want to spend another fucking minute with you while you are apparently PMSing, so why should I drive you home or let you stay here?"

I didn't know what had crawled up his ass but he had made me angry now too. Slowly losing my temper I stared up at him with newfound hate. "You think I want to spend anymore of my free time with an idiot such as yourself?!"

"Stop calling me idiot. And you know what? If you don't want to stay, go home! Get out of here!"

"Fine!" I said and stomped out of the room. I wanted to collect all of my things quickly and get out of here as fast as possible. Tears were gathering behind my eyes. I couldn't quite comprehend that he would be so ruthless and make me go out in this storm. I thought he at least cared a little bit about me. Apart from that I didn't know why he had become so angry so suddenly.

I was about to put on my shoes when Rafe roughly grabbed my arm. He looked at me with stormy eyes and a tight-lipped expression. Then his other hand took hold of my chin and before I could say anything, he pressed his lips to mine.

Now, I know that some of you won't believe me, but I had never kissed Rafe before. Not once did we have a drunken escapade in our teenage years- well my teenage years, in his I was nothing but a kid. So shock didn't come close to what I was feeling.

His lips were soft, but not too soft. They were sealed roughly against mine and while his hands were fisting my hair, his tongue invaded my mouth without permission. He was dominating the kiss and when I started responding just as eagerly (after the shock had worn off), he used his strength to press my body into his. I felt like every part of skin he touched started tingling like it was flooded with electricity and then molded with him. My soft breasts were pressed to his hard chest and the fact that he was nearly naked and my hands would roam over bare skin made lose my mind.

Rafe didn't falter or lose control. He kept the power he had over me, guided me and took mercilessly everything I had to offer. Then his strong hands squeezed my behind and stopped shortly under it to grip my thighs and lift me up. Without breaking the kiss he carried me and dropped on a surface that was high enough so he could stand in between my legs and our middles were nearly the same level.

I could feel him through the thin layer of the towel and my hands tangled in his hair. He trailed kisses down my neck and stopped shortly so we could get my shirt off. Once this task was accomplished we fell over each other like hungry lions. I had hooked my legs around his and he was rotating his hips. My blood was boiling, my belly was about to explode and my head was completely empty. He was sucking on my neck making me crazy. I lightly bit his shoulder and demanded his lips back to mine. His hands traveled to my back to open my bra and grant me my wish of full body contract, when they suddenly stopped.

Rafe actually stopped moving altogether and slowly lifted his head to look me in the eye. His expression held something dark and feral yet from the way his jaw tensed I knew that he was containing himself a lot. He was panting and he let his hands fall on the surface I was sitting on. Just now did I realize that I was seated on the kitchen island. I was having a hard time breathing myself too and I thought that I must have looked pretty used with my mused up hair and swollen lips.

I didn't know why he had stopped exactly, but I had a hard time feeling him and watching him and still not jumping him.

He was the first to break our eye-contact when he cocked his head up, closed his eyes and let out a deep breath. Then he opened his eyes sharply and shot me a piercing glance.

"You have two options now." He said in a hoarse voice. "Either I'm going to hail you cab and you are going to go home now and we forget that ever happened or" and this is where his voice broke a little and his gaze darkened "… or you stay here, with me, and we finish." A shiver ran down my spine as he spoke those things. Somehow I had the feeling that there was a deeper meaning to his words.

He was looking at me expectantly, waiting for a reply and I could not believe that he actually thought my answer would be anything but to stay.

"I have been crazy about you the last few years and I'm going to become insane if we don't finish." I answered breathlessly. Rafe seemed relieved and still a little reserved. I could see his eyes lighten up with something akin to amusement and then somber up the next moment.

"But I mean." He bent forward a little and touched my cheek. "If you stay, you are going to stay with me." I gulped. I wasn't sure what he meant by that. Still, nothing could change my mind.

"I'm staying." I said huskily, watching him with hooded eyes. The next moment he was kissing me again.

This time the kiss was slow, sensual. With every moment it gained more of an erotic pressure and it felt like we let loose all of our emotions. All of the sudden all of his movements weren't as hectic and needy as before. Rafe seemed to take his time as he opened my bra, much to my chagrin. I was still in the as-fast-and-as-much-as-possible-mood; nevertheless, his suddenly more languid ministrations seemed to put my skin on fire. Then again the kiss started heating up and once my bra was off, Rafe paused to look at me.

I could feel his appreciation and we were back to frantic movements and soft caresses.

In between Rafe announced needy. "Bed!" And was about to lift me up when I stopped him.

"No, here!"

Then he groaned. His towel fell off and my trousers were thrown away along with my thong. We didn't do more foreplay, because we had big problems with containing ourselves. We knew that we had to satiate our hunger as fast as possible and I was only to happy to oblige when he took control, sat me on the edge of the counter and slowly guided himself inside of me, al the time looking directly into my eyes.

After that there was nothing slow or languid about our movements anymore. I hold onto him as we rode wave after wave and the act had something animalistic to it. It was hard, giving and taking without mercy, wild and something I called pure sex. Not love-making or all the rest, just sex, hot and heavy.

Needless to say it was amazing, marvelous. After we rode out the last waves of our climaxes, Rafe collapsed with his upper body on me. I still had my hands around him as though I was holding on for dear life. Our breathing was heavy, our bodies sweaty.

"Wow." I mumbled lazily after a few minutes of silence. Rafe lifted his head and gave me slight kiss.

"You do know that you just committed yourself to me." His face was clear and I knew that he was serious about it.

"I've wanted you for such a long time … " Feeling completely dizzy and happy I smiled. "I don't think that I'm going to let you go now."

"You should have told me earlier." He also smiled despite his accusation.

"You could have told me earlier too!" I said accusingly, teasing him.

He snorted but didn't comment on that. He caressed my cheek and looked at me seriously again. "I keep that picture because it shows my two favorite girls." He said sincerely.

"Oh, that's cheesy." I said amusedly but my heart was constricting. "You know, I can't quite believe that this is happening right now." I murmured slowly.

"You better." Rafe breathed on my lips before claiming them with his own.



"Hey!" I shouted at him. "This cardboard reads: 'Caution: breakable'!! Stop throwing it around." I was stressed and overwhelmed in this hectic atmosphere. I tried not to do everything in the last minute, but somehow I didn't manage. Now I had to move all of my stuff out as fast as possible.

Rafe scowled at me but didn't say a word.

A few exhausting hours later I plopped down on the couch in the now empty living room. I had left most of my furniture here because I didn't need it anymore.

"You know, I think I'm going to miss this here." I said slowly and closed my eyes. When I felt somebody sitting down next to me, I still didn't open them.

"Maybe, but nor for too long." I felt Rafes hand patting my thigh and smiled. "You will have me to turn to if you feel sad." He said teasingly.

This time I opened my eyes, leaned forward and kissed him. "I still can't believe we are going to finally move together."

He put his arms around me and kissed me again. Then he answered playfully: "You better."



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