I would like to be your hero,

To come in and save the day.

To see the pain inside your heart

And take it all away.

To battle every villain

Who would take your joy from you.

I'll be the greatest hero;

There is nothing I can't do.

I try to be your hero,

But my power isn't much.

There are real trials hurting you--

I can't rescue you from such.

I wish that I could be the one

To boldly right each wrong.

But I can't change this circumstance;

I'm really not that strong.

I cannot be the hero

Who will bravely save your life.

I'm longing to deliver you

From all this hurt and strife.

I wish that I could be the one

To conquer every foe.

But that is not a job for me;

It's time to let things go.

I would love to be your hero,

But that is not the way.

Jesus is the only One

Who can truly save the day.

Though I cannot be your hero,

I'll be your closest friend.

I'll stay with you and pray for you

Until the very end.