By:Andrew Troy Keller

At first,I had no way of knowing exactly how long I had been laying on the ground and being unconscious but that was before I had finally opened my eyes and shockingly discovered that I was no longer on the planet Earth instead of some lush tropical planet that had a rainbow shooting right out from under the ground and a trio of moons happen to be orbiting above that very planet.

And as soon as I had suddenly spotted some other strange lights slowly moving themselves toward me and figured that they might be the inhabitants of the planet who might be unable to open their hearts--that is if they do have hearts--to any otherworldly visitor who has decided to willingly set one little pinky toe on their planet or not,I had decided to step into the lush jungle and keep right on going until they would be unable to find me,only to have something grab me by the arm and drag me into a cave.

And after I had gotten a good enough look at the one being who had came to my rescue and discovered that it was this young and beautiful dark-haired babe who was wearing some stone age fur bikini type thing and as soon as I had noticed that she also had a confused look on her face,I had allowed myself to take a deep breath,place my gentle hands on her shoulders and say,"Look,I have no idea who you are and I have a feeling that you have no idea who I am.So,in recognizion of you having saved me from those intergalactic bad guys out there,I might as well go ahead and tell you what my name is.My name is Scott Harken and I'm suppossed to be taking some classes at the Cleveland State University back on the planet Earth.As for who you are,I have a feeling that you had gotten yourself plucked from Earth while it was still in its Jurassic Period which means that I have to try to come up with a new name for you."

And then,after I had rolled my eyes and given that idea some thought,I had looked at my newfound lady friend with a small smile on my face and said,"I know that this is going to sound a little dopey but I have a feeling that I might had found the perfect name for you.I shall name you 'Dina',okay?Me--Scott.You--Dina.",but that was before she had placed her hand on mine and caused the both of us to stare at each other's eyes for a minute or two and kissed each other ever so deep and passionately on the lips.

But after we had taken all of our clothes off,laid ourselves down on the floor of the cave and began touching and kissing each and every part of our nude bodies,both Dina and I were both unaware that those very same inhabitants of the jungle planet were using some form of scanner beam on us in order to see how much they had learned about the human anatomy happens to be right on target.

Just then,after we had just compleated having one of the hottest sexual experiences that any adult would ever dream about back on the planet Earth,I had allowed Dina to place her gentle hand on my bare shoulder and her head on my bare chest,gently placed my hand on the top of her head,given her a small kiss on the check and said,"You know,Dina.I really do wish that you should be allowed to come back to Earth with me.I mean,I really do know that you'll never see your family and friends again.But as soon as you get to know all of my co-ed dormmates and see what a wonderful city Cleveland,Ohio actually is,I bet you ten to one odds that life for you would really be okay."

But that was before Dina had closed her eyes,let out a sigh and said,"To tell you the honest truth,Scott.I was not taken from Earth during the Jurassic Era.And even though I really do like the name 'Dina',I just want to let you know that my name is actually Susree Ban and I had volunteered myself in order to get you in here and allow our scientitsts to observe how you humans were really able to reproduce.And believe it or not,I really do have the honor of letting you know that you had done wonderfully well."

And after I had heard that and the both of us had sat ourselves up,I had looked at Susree and noticed that she was allowing a single tear to run down her cheek just before she had closed her eyes,lowered her head down in shame and said,"That is correct,Scott.Not only were you just a lab rat to our scientitsts,you are also going to be a father for I am also carrying your child.But I can not leave this planet because it happens to be my homeworld.I really am sorry."

But just as I was about to say a single word to her,something has caused me to become woozy,close my eyes and fall right back to sleep just before one of my co-ed dormmates named Leon Jackson had given me a little shake and caused me to wake up just in time for him to look at me with concern in his eyes and ask,"Yo,Scott?You okay,Man?You look like you had one beer too many.",which had also caused me to place my hand on my forehead and answer,"I guess I had,Leon.I guess I had."

But as soon as he had helped me get myself back up to my feet,one of my other co-ed dormmates--who happens to be a beautiful blonde maiden--named Megan Harker had rushed herself over to the scene with some female stranger,placed her gentle hand on my forehead and said,"Trust me,Scott.I really am sorry for letting Norbie sneaking past me and spiking the punch at the party.Are you okay?"

But before I was able to give out an answer,I had turned my very own eyes toward the mysterious female and shockingly discovered that she was a beautiful dark-haired babe who was bearing a strong resemblance to a certain alien lady named Susree Ban and after Megan had noticed the look on my own face,she had let out a small giggle,placed her gentle hand on the shoulder of the Susree clone and said,"I'm sorry,Scott.I had also forgot to introduce you guys to our new dormmate.Her name is Stephanie Banner and she has just moved herself into our dorm.Is that okay with you guys?"

"Yeah,Meg.It's a-okay with me.How about you,Scott?Is it okay with you?",that was the question that a curious Leon had asked me before I had taken one more look at the small smile on Stephanie's face,let out a small smile of my own and answered,"You better believe it is,Leon.And if you want,Stephanie.I would be honored to show you around the entire CSU campass...along other natural wonders."