A whisper here, a murmur there

Spreading, spreading everywhere.

Like wild fire it can roam,

Burning everything in its place, everyone's home

It starts at first, harmless and docile.

But turn your back, and it destroys all the while.

Unless about you, you need worry not.

Though even if it isn't, you could still get caught.

So how do you protect yourself, from this addiction, this curse?

Well, just repeat after me, right now—this verse:

A rumor is tempting, filled with secrets and desire.

It can be fueled by hate or lust, but most times 'tis anger.

Touched to one's lips, 'tis a dangerous tool,

Everyone falls into its trap, a genius turned fool.

Once given to another, it can't be taken back.

So watch what you say now, your resolve mustn't crack.

Like poison once poured, it invades and permeates,

Giving the winner triumph, and the loser his fate.

But with weapons and poison and tools like these,

The line drawn between the two is confused at the least.

In a war of words, who is to decide,

Who loses his all, and who wins the prize?

Even I cannot make out who will emerge the victor,

For, when gossip strikes, you just can't find the killer.