A traveling family stopped at a nearby McDonald's for a bathroom stop. Everyone stayed in the car except for two girls, sisters. The older girl, Elizabeth, led the way as the younger, Amanda followed. No one noticed the young girls racing to the bathroom in the back of the building.

After a few minutes passed, they came out. Elizabeth strolled behind Amanda, noticeably stifling her giggles. Amanda heard a lot of laughter behind her from the customers, but shrugged it off as normal, jolly chatter. As soon as the pair passed the threshold, Elizabeth burst out laughing.

"What?" demanded a confused Amanda.

Through her laughter, Elizabeth choked out, "Your dress has been tucked into your underwear ever since we left the bathroom!"

Stricken, Amanda slowly looked down at her pink, flowery dress. Indeed, poor Amanda's dress was tucked into her underwear, showcasing her cat-laden hand-me-downs. She quickly freed her dress and turned to look at the crowd of people she had just passed through. Embarrassed to the point of tears, she ran back to the awaiting car. Stone-faced, she listened to her sister, all too eagerly, recounting the tale.

That day, Amanda learned an important lesson. Never again will she leave the bathroom without checking her appearance. It was a lesson she hoped she would not soon forget.