Don't watch me. Don't glance look at me. Don't even glance at me.

Don't think of me, remember me or even believe in me.

I'm no longer real.

A simple glare and everything will be undone. Silently, I pray. Alone, I wait.

Not to be seen, not to be heard, not to be remembered.

But rather to find a sign.

You wont remember me, why would you? Its not like you had any reason to. Its not like you have any reason to.

Forget me. I no longer exist.

Transparent, see through like cellophane, like glass. Always see through. Not even my mirror see's me.

Glass, water, rain. From skies, from eyes. You wont see me, not even glance at me. You can't, you wont, you no longer can.

My tears that fall never touch anything.

I am no longer here.

Words. You don't hear them, no-one ever hears them yet I still speak them. Where's the mute button? I don't see it yet it must be pressed.

Why else would my words fall on deaf ears?

Never understanding, never understanding, never.

How can you understand anything if you don't use your brain?

How can you understand anything if your not seen.

I'm no longer real, I no longer exist, I'm no longer here.