Chapter 28

Thomas walked down the long narrow hallway, his eyes fixated on the shoes of the short, blonde nurse walking in front of them. He idly wondered if they were comfortable enough for her probably 12 hour long shifts, but his thoughts quickly turned back to Leila. She was going to be fine, the nurse had told him, she had a broken wrist and a badly sprained ankle, but that was about it. He hadn't had the guts to ask about their unborn child. He wanted to find out with Leila when she came to, which the nurse said should be any time. She had been conscious in and out of the examinations and x-rays, but passed out again after they got her arm in a splint.

The nurse stopped in front of a large door, pushing on the oddly shaped handle Thomas had only ever seen in hospitals and stepped inside. He paused at the doorframe, staring ahead at the end of the hospital bed Leila was laying in. He could only see her from about knees-down from how her bed was angled, and it could honestly be anyone in that bed at this point, with blankets covering her feet. He took a deep breath and walked inside, laying his eyes on her face.

She had a large bruise forming on her right cheek and her arm was draped across her stomach with what Thomas guessed was the splint on her from her forearm to her palm. Her eyes were closed and her chest was rising and falling with slow breaths. She was still sleeping.

The nurse cleared her throat and Thomas suddenly realized he had been standing there for about a minute without moving or saying anything, just staring straight at Leila.

"Uh, sorry." He muttered, moving to the left of her bed and taking a seat in a plastic chair that could be converted into a very small and uncomfortable bed.

"We've got her on some pain killers, so she'll probably be pretty woozy when she wakes up. Just let us know when she does and we'll come check on her." The nurse reached up to check a bag of saline solution that was being fed into Leila's arm through an IV. Thomas nodded to her after realizing she was waiting for some sort of response from him and watched her as she walked out the door.

He immediately stood and moved closer to Leila, reaching out to brush her long bangs out of her face. He leaned forward and pressed his forehead against hers gently, resting his hand on her belly. Tears fell from his eyes and his breath hitched in his throat, "You scared me, Leila."

He remembered crouching down near her as the sirens came closer, taking 30 seconds to run out to the parking lot and flag down the ambulance before rushing right back to her side and watching as the paramedics gently maneuvered her onto a plastic board, strapping her on gently. His fingers gripped her limp hand as the ambulance sped to the nearest hospital, people moving frantically around him as time seemed only to stand still. They made him wait in the waiting room while they examined her and let him know that they might have to do surgery. Apparently they hadn't needed to, or at least not yet anyway.

Leila's eyes had opened a few times in the ambulance, hazy and unfocused, but she didn't seem to see him or react to anything around her. It terrified him, his body shaking there beside her.

So many memories ran through his head from the past 7 years. Them walking home from school, sharing mix CDs that were pretty terrible, her watching him beat the same 3 video games over and over again while she kicked his ass up and down Tetris versus mode.

Her sapphire eyes, bright and wonderful as he made love to her for the first time.

"I take it all back, Leila. I trust you, and I can't even imagine my life without you," He closed his eyes and kissed her cool lips softly, "I love you so goddamn much it scares me."

Out in the waiting room, Andrew sat in an uncomfortable brightly colored chair as the girl he had been head over heels for in the past year or so leaned against his shoulder, her fingers intertwined with his. All he could think was how he would gladly trade this moment if it meant that Leila had never taken that fall. They hadn't said anything since Thomas had walked away with the nurse, Lacey had simply taken Thomas's chair and immediately laid her head on Andrew's shoulder, her hand seeking out his.

He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do, so he did nothing, simply enjoying having her near him. When he glanced down and realized that she had paired some regular black flats with a pair of brown cargo pants, he knew that she had been seriously rushing to get out the door. Lacey Stevens did not pair brown and black, he had heard her gripe at him about it more than a few times. He squeezed her hand tighter.

Andrew got that strange feeling you get when you feel like someone's watching you and he glanced up at the front desk to see a nurse pointing at him and Lacey, a cop standing across from her. What was that about? He sat up a little straighter as the cop sauntered over, looking to be about 5 years older than Andrew and Lacey, with sandy blonde hair that was short enough to be able to wash and forget about. The silver tag on his chest read "Sanders".

"You two here with Leila? Brought in with her boyfriend after a fall down some stairs?" The cop leaned forward and Andrew's chest tightened, knowing immediately where this was going.

"We met them here, yes." Andrew said as Lacey lifted her head, her eyes focusing on the uniformed man in front of them, kneeling slightly to look more directly at them.

"Do you mind if I ask you some questions?"

Author's Notes: Sorry it took me a while guys, I just kind of fell into a career and adjusting to a 40 hour work week when you're only used to working 20 is kind of difficult. Oh and Mass Effect 3 came out. That didn't help much.