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Chapter One

Something New


Ughh… school!

It's not that I don't like school. I do; I get to see my friends and go to all the extra curricular activities I'm involved in. I don't even mind the work, I'm a straight A student. School has just become so damn tedious. My weekdays consist of this: wake up, eat breakfast, walk to school, go to classes and lunch, stay after school for something or go home right away, do homework, eat dinner, practice piano then finally go to bed. How much more boring could it get?

There is never even anything new going on at school. It's my junior year this year and Fairview High School has not changed one bit. Teachers are the same, activities are the same, fundraisers are the same, classes are the same and even the students are all the same. I've only seen about one new student after entering grade 10 (Grade 9 doesn't count because we have two feeder schools into Fairview so half the people are new to everyone). Anyone who didn't come from the other feeder school I've either known since grade 3 (when I moved to this neighborhood), or grade 7 (when we started middle school). Since half of the other kids have known me since I was 8, that's a pretty good indication of why I'm not very popular. Not that I really care; I have a huge group of friends but I'm not in with the "it" crowd because half of them made fun of me up till the end of grade 8.

Ughh thinking back to those days is rough. My parents always sheltered me like crazy. I never had much freedom, never had the "coolest" things, was a tomboy and was pretty dorky. It wasn't till Grade 9 that I finally came out of my shell and my parents finally let me be more independent and didn't try to hide everything from me. Now I finally have an awesome group of friends and life is pretty good… just incredibly boring and predictable!

"GET UP NOW!" my mom shouted. Geez the one day I don't actually get up she starts yelling at me.

"YEAH YEAH I'M UP!" I shouted back. I got dressed really quickly, ate and then rushed out the door to meet my friends to walk to school.

"Mel, what took you so long?" asked Seth

"Yeah you're usually always on time!" added Erin.

"I know I'm sorry! If you can believe it I actually slept in today. Maybe the whole day will turn out different now that I've changed one thing." I said laughing. Yeah I highly doubt that.

"We'll see," said Seth laughing and then pulling me into a huge hug like he always did. Seth and Erin are two of those people I've known since third grade and they have always been there for me. Seth is the typical best friend kind of guy. I don't know how I would have survived without him. He would always be there when I got made fun of or hurt, and he would always make it better. I can pretty much call him my best friend. Of course I was always there for him as well. Seth used to be kind of geeky; I guess that's why we found each other. People made fun of him as well and we found that missing piece of us in each other. Now there is nothing about him to call geeky or anything to call me dorky, except that we're both really smart.

Seth is taller then me at 5"10 (me being 5"7), has short curly brown hair and scorching blue eyes. He has the face of a model and the clothes to match. Of course he doesn't get much attention for it because everyone still sees him as the geeky kid he used to be. It really sucks to be at the same school with the same people for so many years!

"Enough hugging already you two! We're going to be late!" said Erin. Good reliable Erin always making sure we're on time and doing our work. She was probably the most responsible of the three of us and is always scared to be the "rebel". Seth and I will always go out of our way to try new/adventurous things because I never could when I was younger and Seth did whatever I did, Erin was always less enthusiastic about it but she usually went with whatever we were doing.

Like Seth and I, Erin also grew out of the dorky stage and is insanely pretty now. She has perfect blonde hair that never seems to get messy, dark brown eyes, perfect body and perfect height (even though I'm the same height). It always makes me jealous; I never consider myself pretty even though Seth is always telling me otherwise. It seems him, my friends and family are the only ones to see it because I've never had a boyfriend and I'm 16. My hair is a dark brown – almost black. I have an average body and an oval shaped face with no stand out features, but like usual Seth doesn't think so. He is right in a sense because my face has one stand out feature—my eyes. They are bright violet that nobody else has, except my dad. People always stare at me because of them … it gets very annoying!

I didn't even notice we were already half way to school till Seth started shaking me and said, "Mel! Earth to Mel! What is up with you this morning? You haven't said one word since we left."

"Sorry," I replied, "I was just thinking about the shit load of work I had last night. You know how I get when I have a lot of homework and having to practice piano." It wasn't a complete lie, I really did have a lot of work to do last night but I'm mostly distracted by the weird dreams I keep having.

"You really need to relax Mel," said Seth putting his arm around me, "and I know just the way to make that happen. Since tomorrow is Friday we have all night so I'm taking you out!" Yeah telling Seth about the dreams would defiantly make him even more paranoid about making me relax.

"Seth, you really don't have to," I half groaned, "I'll be fine don't worry."

"But I do worry, so end of discussion."

I sighed, "Fine. Where are we going?"

"Now that is a surprise," he said with a wink and that was that.


We made it to school with about five minutes to spare. Erin ran off to her homeroom while Seth and I made our way to ours, physics. I found it weird how Seth and I ended up having three of our four classes together this semester and the same next. Don't know how it worked out that way but I liked it.

We walked into the room and said hi to all our other friends in the class, Lauren, Kyle and Ashley.

"Whoa, Mel what happened?" asked Ashley.

"Huh? Nothing why?"

"You just look sick or something."

"Oh, rough night, lots of work. Nothing to worry about," I said with a smile.

Did I look that tired? Seth and Erin didn't say anything; then again they never do. If I look tired they just understand that I stress a little more then needed. Ahhh stupid dreams keeping me up all night! They aren't even that scary. I just keep seeing darkness and these weird creatures trying to find me…trying to kill me, but they never can. Then there is the mysterious boy protecting me with the same violet eyes as mine. I don't know what the dreams mean but I've been having them all week and they hit their peek last night causing me to have about two hours of sleep.

We got to our seats right when the Canadian anthem started, and then the announcements. Nothing new was on them. All my commitments were done for the week so I finally got to go home on time today. Once the announcements finished I started taking my books out when someone new walked in. My first reaction was surprise because no one new ever comes to our school but then I saw his face and I was immediately shocked. He was tall, had dark hair like mine, was skinny but athletic and his face was just wow; he was beautiful! I noticed I wasn't the only one to think this because all the girls in the room were staring like idiots. I immediately stopped and went back to getting my books out. It wasn't like me to stare at a guy and I wasn't about to start now.

The new student walked up to Mr. Cottam and showed him his schedule.

Mr. Cottam then said, "Ok everyone this is Camer-"

"It's Cam," he stated blankly.

"Oh, I'm sorry. This is Cam. Cam you can take the seat right behind Melissa there."

Cam looked over at me to see who Mr. Cottam was talking about. When he saw me his eyes widened and his face was full of shock. I couldn't help but to look down right away but looked up again because I noticed something that caught my attention and made my eyes widen in shock as they met his. His eyes were the exact same color of violet as mine. I've never met anyone other then my dad with the same color. There was also the mysterious boy in my dreams that looked… no that's not possible… or was it? This was definitely something new!

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