These Laws of Physics

I bit my lip when
you told me that
some of us grow up,
some of us grow down,
and some of us just grow,
and that you thought that
I simply hadn't chosen
a direction,
that I am a star
burning so brightly
in the sky.
I bit my tongue to
refrain from responding;

I just stood
and wondered how
you got to be so wonderful.
But, I'm sorry,
I am not a success,
I'm not even artistic and,
if I am a star,
I must be a black hole.
I traded wealth
for poverty,
health for succinctity
in every action that I take,
my fallacy so evident.
I cannot help my
vacancy but, you are
so illuminating and I fear
sucking the sun right out of you.
You told me that
I'm just wrapped in
foil, that I'm not
ready yet,
not set to go but
these aluminum creases
are like mazes
and this place is so hot;
if I am a star,
I must be blue so,
I just sit
and wonder how
I went so asunder,
my mind as empty
as the hole
my teeth dug into my tongue.

Have I said nothing?

I thought to myself,
"All I want is
for someone to tell me
that I can make it,
that I am good enough.
Please say that this
is not my fault because
I really honestly tried,"
and that's when I realized
that some of just never grow at all.
The back of my throat
leapt forward because
it needed to be bitten, too.
If I am anything at all,
I don't know what it is,
I cannot understand
these laws of physics.

So, I lay down on
the floor
to say through my teeth,
"I wonder how
I got to be so plundered,
how every star
could be so burnt out."