It was my first time on the ice. I shuddered as the cold hit me. I took two steps forward and fell flat on my butt. A boy skated in front of me and asked if I needed help. I consented to let him help me even though a part of me wanted to yell I could do it by myself. He lent me a hand and helped me get off the ground. Then he showed me how to maintain my balance without falling all over the place. My grandparents came to collect me after an hour. I really enjoyed myself though.

The next day when I arrived at the ice rink the same boy was running the register. He told me his parents ran the whole center and that he only worked there for the summer. He offered to give me figure skating lessons for free. I accepted his offer because I had nothing to lose, or so I thought.

He was a very good teacher. Always patient and never raising his voice whenever I made a mistake. I told him he should have charged me but he just shook his head and muttered that he would never be good enough to become an instructor. I laughed and told him he that he would only as good as he thought he could be. He gave me a small smile.

One day I arrived at the rink early. He was on the ice skating like I had never seen before. I stood and watched him for what seemed like forever. When he finally noticed I was there he fell down, embarrassed that I had witnessed him move so gracefully.

We didn't just skate. We talked about life, school, and anything that happened to be on our minds at the time. He was a sensitive boy and I liked that. He told me he could open up around me. That he was free from earthly attachments when he talked to me, like when he skated. When he told me that he sounded so sweet and sincere. He was a true friend.
I tried to convince him to compete. He said he'd never be talented enough to do that. He told me that maybe next year I could enter the junior skating competition at the rate I was going. He said I'd be on Espn. I thought he was joking but he held a steadfast serious look on his face.

A month passed and my skating had greatly improved. I felt at home on the ice with him. Nothing else mattered as long as we skated together.

After skating practice one day I asked him to go out to dinner with me. He flushed and asked if it was a date. I told him it was just dinner between friends. He looked away but agreed to go.

He looked so cute sitting there insisting that he pay for dinner even though I told him it was nothing. We played rock, paper, scissors to see who would have to pay. I think he cheated just so he could pay for me. I didn't care though because I had cheated as well.

I wasn't nearly as good as him but he told me my skating was great anyway. I could race as good as the next guy but the way he effortlessly leapt into the air with such grace astounded me. He was the most amazing boy I had ever met.

It was three weeks before I had to go back home. I rushed to the ice rink early in the morning eager to spend as much time with him as possible. When I arrived the first thing I saw was him skating with another girl in a way he had never skated with me before. They were gliding smoothly over the ice, dancing together. When they were finished he kissed her hand and she hugged him tightly around the neck. He returned the embrace. I felt jealousy rush through my veins as I stormed away angry that he was with another girl.

For the next two weeks he called me non-stop but I refused to go back to the rink. I shoved my skates into the attic and tried to forget the boy I had come to love over the summer.

The day before I had to leave I decided to see him one last time. To at least pay him for his efforts. I went to the rink and patiently waited for him to greet me. He never came. Instead that girl walked over to me. She said she was his cousin who was staying to help out the family. I felt really stupid right then because my jealousy had ruined our relationship.

She told me that he had caught a bad cold from staying on the ice all night. He was confined to bed and wasn't allowed to see anyone because he was highly contagious. I cried because it had been my fault I'd never see him again.

I some how managed to go to sleep after moping around all night. In the morning I heard a strange knocking noise on my window. I got out of bed and looked through my window. It was him. I snuck out of the house and tried to greet him with a hug. He shook his head saying I'd catch his cold. He still looked sort of sick but he tried not to show it. He made me get on his bike and we rode to the rink.

We skated together like we were one person for the whole day. My grandparents had to drag me away from him so I could catch my plane on time. I realized that I had payed a price for my lessons, I had given him my heart.

He stayed with me until the very moment I had to board the plane. He hugged me, then backed away because he said he didn't want me to get sick. He looked so sweet when he said that. I told him I didn't care and pulled him into a light kiss. I had to break away when the flight attendant asked me if I wanted to board the flight today or next week. Otherwise we would have stayed that way forever.

When I arrived home the first thing I did was call him. We talked so much my parents said it would be cheaper for me to fly back and forth between our houses so I could see him every day. I knew they were joking but I wished it were summer again.

Today he called me and told me to turn on Espn. The junior ice skating competition was on. He was there holding up the silver trophy.