Exactly two a.m. you closed your eyes,

Closed the door to the world of pain,

The world you had come to know.

Each moment you gasped for air was replaced by peace.




The absolute pain of the darkness had tried to consume you,

But you resisted, never gave in.

The valley of despair was no longer a void of no return.

Happiness was on the horizon,

All these replaced by the warm caress of Him.




Each tear I shed for the past eight years have been of anger and regret.

The blanket of revenge covered my eyes,

The pain pierced my heart, my eyes bled endlessly,

For chanceā€¦ a chance of seeing you again.

An obsession had developed,

The red ribbons entered the world from the open doors of my wrists, thighs and stomach.


I gladly welcomed anger, this beast had created a new path for me.

A path of vengeance and mornings filled with gloom that showed no end.


Until laughter crept up to my soul,

I was introduced to cherry cheeks and unlimited aches.

Letting go wasn't ever an option,

But a flower such as yourself needed to be free.


But do I dare let go?


Mum I miss you,

I miss your laughter ringing in my ears.

I miss you shouting at me.

Each day I witness death's grip strengthen,

My heart ached for hope but she never came.

Letting go?


Saying goodnight that's much better.


I glance up to the sky,

He was too selfish, He wanted you by His side.

But I thank him, He made you free, Thank you Heavenly Father.


So mum today its your day,

A day I dedicate to you,

No longer a day of sadness. No longer a day of piercing memories.


But a day to say Goodnight,

Until Heavenly Father grants us my wish.

I miss your smile,

I miss your soft voice.

But laughter helps as much as she can


I love you always and forever.

Always my mother,

Forever your daughter.

J. Tinashe Mlambo


Goodnight Annie

Sweet dreams beautiful dreamer.

Author's note: hey this poem is dedicated to my mum (deceased).

Today its her anniversary, so as a tradition and my way of morning her i write a poem each year.

Gosh cant believe its been nine years, wow time goes by so fast.

but am coping, just worry about my dad dats all.

Laughter is the best medication. thats whats i have learned so far.

well iyou know the drill read and review please. i would appreaciate it.

i have been up since 12 am writing the poem. lol

the other poems are a bit dark and gloomy, they will just make you cry for days on end ?(trust i showed one to my fav teacher, she cried each time she saw me, totally weird. ent lol)

well am rambling so later