I stuck my thumb out trying to hitch a ride

I stuck my thumb out trying to hitch a ride. I had already hitched twice, but they all ended short as they were both pretty local. It was raining just a little and it felt good in the sweltering New Mexico heat, which did not falter even though the sun went down a good hour ago.

I wouldn't be here if He hadn't deceived me. Our whole affair was a lie. Every little word he ever told me, every song he sang to me, every thing he whispered into my ear after we made love. If I can even call it that. We had sex. That was all I was to him. A sex buddy. A fuck buddy. Hm. Well, I won't be going back to him and I won't be there for him to come back to me. He went and got married while I still occupied his bed, on and off of course, but this was the last time I would cry and run from him. Even though I was broke and had no where to go I was leaving.

"Baby, this marriage was forced on me. My parents arranged this marriage. I had to do it." He said putting both of his hands on my shoulders.

"You don't ever have to do anything you don't want to." I screamed in his face, shrugging his hands off. It sickened me to even think about where I let him put his hands. "You could have said no!"

He put his hands up to his head and hid his face, "And what—risk getting cut off!? Is that what you want? You probably want us to run off to the Bahamas and get hitched. Would you rather me marry you and we be broke." Every word that came out of his mouth hurt me, and I'm sure he could see the pain on my face

"Well, I thought that you loved me." I looked him straight in the eyes with my eyebrows raised.

"Hun, you thought wrong." He turned away from me and walked away without even a small glance back.

Suddenly a large red truck had stopped in front of me and I had almost forgotten that I had my thumb stuck out. The window rolled down and inside a saw a young man, "Hey, where you headed?" I opened the door and got into his car.