"Nowhere?" He looked at me, and I just stared ahead.

"I'm headed wherever you're headed."

He put the truck into gear and drove off with me shotgun. "So what's your name?" He looked at me. This time I looked back.

"You can call me Zo." I wanted to lay back and go to sleep, but I was restless. I reached for the radio to turn it on, not thinking that perhaps it was rude to touch someone's, let alone a stranger's, radio.

I changed from station to station looking for something worth listening to when he spoke, "You know you should never touch a man's radio in a man's car." I looked at him stopping at a station playing soft rock, but he was looking ahead at the road.

"What are you planning on doing about it?" I kept looking at him, finally taking in his looks. He was probably tall. He had a nice mop of brunette hair; I couldn't tell what color his eyes were. I actually couldn't tell much, but I guess I could imagine. Before I knew it he had parked at what looked like an abandoned gas station. He wasn't in front of it, but it was in sight.

"Why were you traveling on the interstate?" He turned the car off, which means that the AC went off with it.

"Why does it matter?"

"How do I know that you aren't some serial killer?" He put his hand and rubbed his chin.

I looked up at him, "You don't." It was getting hot in the car. I wanted for him to either tell me to get out or turn it back on.

"You look sad."

"What are you planning on doing about it?" I said again.

"I think that you are kind of desperate for this ride, seeing as how I took a back way and cars don't normally come this way." I looked out the window, looking to call him on his bluff, but as he said there were no cars.

"Well, now I am." I huffed.

"I think that there's something you can do for me." He was looking at me, but it surely wasn't my face. I was wearing a loose fitting dress. Hard to believe he can see anything that would make him want me, but I guess your imagination can do crazy things.

I looked at him. I was sad. He had that right, but right along with that I was pissed. I wanted nothing more than revenge. He said he didn't love me, that he never loved me to begin with.

I sat up so that with the scarce street light I could see him a little bit better, but still I really had no clue what he looked like.

"What do you have in mind?" I could see the very dim lights reflect off his eyes, which I still couldn't tell you the color of and I saw him lean towards me.

"Well you're hurting, and I know the perfect form of amnesia." He was very close; with my eyes closed I could feel his warm breath on me.

If he is proposing sex, I know I should say no. But he was right. He was so very right. I was hurting. And sex, the right kind, could always make me forget. The man I loved couldn't do it, but I guess that is because I was attached or maybe he wasn't as good as I thought. I should do the right thing. But well, I am not known to do the right thing. Not at all.

"I think that this form of amnesia thing is just what I need." He backed away, opened the door and climbed out. I looked at him thinking he was denying me after offering, but he walked over to my door an opened it.

"Well come on." I looked at him. "You didn't think we were doing it in the car did you? I would never do that to my baby. It's got that new car smell. Even though I love the smell of sex I don't want it in my car." He grinned and I watched him turn around and look at the gas station. He was standing in front of me, his back to me. Not exactly thinking before taking action I jumped on his back. I braced myself to fall off, but his arms caught me and I held on. His hands were securely holding on to my ass, and oh man was I liking it.

He carried me into the station, "Why are we here?" He set me down and I ran a finger across a table looking at the filth on my finger.

"Because here is a great time to lose it all." He came back to me and stood over me, backing me into the table. I instantly felt overpowered, and it made me feel alive. The fear that he could easily do whatever he wanted with my body scared and excited me.

"I can't seem to remember what we were planning to do here." I put my hands on the dirty table.

He backed away and reached out for my hands. "Well I guess I'll just have to show you then. Close your eyes." I felt him pull me and I started to follow as blind as a bat.

"You know I don't usually do this."

"That makes two of us."

We walked for only a couple of seconds before I almost tripped and fell face forward on what I think is a bed. I opened my eyes and, it was a bed. It was actually pretty clean, not dusty at all and very silky.

"Now what is a place like this doing with a very well kept bed, like this?" I rolled over so that I was looking at him resting on my elbows.

"I live here." He started unbuttoning his shirt, but I being me didn't let it go.

"You—live here? I mean really, an old-abandoned gas station. Hey, what is your name? I don't remember it."

"That could be because I don't remember giving it to you. Quinn. You can call me Quinn. With two 'N's."

I finally looked back up at him after looking around and saw him just standing there, with his shirt almost all the way unbuttoned. All the sudden I was getting very hot and my mind was getting cloudy.

"Mister Quinn—with two 'N's, I think I have some forgetting' to do and you have me to do." I winked and started to slip up my own dress.

He started to walk towards me and I found myself scooting towards him. I put my hands on his chest and pulled them slowly down toying with his nipples and moving down towards his belt buckle.

"This is a really nice buckle. Big, just the way I like it." I took his belt off and unzipped his pants and found a nice little tent in his boxers. I slid his jeans farther down and with then went his boxers. I just sat there looking at what he had to offer, and, oh boy, he did have a lot.

I was close to falling off of the bed, so he grabbed under my dress onto my ass again and moved me farther back onto the bed. That was when he discovered that I wasn't wearing any underwear. His fingers suddenly slipped into my folds and I gasped falling backwards on to the bed. He scooted me farther back and kissed my neck, sucking tenderly getting a moan out of me. This was what I needed. I couldn't think. I didn't want to think. He ripped my dress, showing my breasts hanging in my firm bra. He wanted to rip that off also, but I wouldn't let him. I moved seductively and removed my bra as slowly as I could before he finally took it off and threw it on the floor. The only stopping our skin contact was his boxers which I made a move for the minute he got my bra off.

"Hold it right there. I'm not quite finished with you." He kissed me down my neck again stopping between my breasts and taking a tart nipple in his mouth. I moaned, but a sweet small moan of someone who didn't want to moan, but couldn't help it. He bit down on my nipple and it hurt for a moment, but then he licked it and kissed it so softly that I forgot it ever hurt. He moved on to the other nipple and repeated, but this time my moan was louder. I tried to bring him up to kiss him, but he just moved farther down. He stopped momentarily kissing my stomach and then he moved all the way down to my ankles. He licked all the way up my legs and then tongued my thigh. He went around my sweet folds and I almost gasped. It wasn't until I thrust into his face did he took me into his mouth. I was so close, when he licked my clit and thrust his tongue into me.

"Oh, God, if only I knew this would happen I would have hitchhiked earlier." I tried to say, but I admit that it may have come out in a slew of moans.

Just when I was going to explode he stopped and came back up to kiss me. I could taste myself and that only turned me on more. He stopped kissing momentarily to take his boxers off. Before I could do anything he had thrust his hard cock into me. It hurt a little because of the force he put into it but before I could even comprehend the pain he had did it again and again and again. Pulling out slowly and then plunging back in hard and fast.

"Faster. Please." I begged him. I wasn't a beggar. I never begged, but I need him to go faster. I moaned when he thrust back in.

"No." He grunted. Before I knew what I was doing I had rolled him over and I was riding him at the fast pace I was looking for. He placed his hands on my waste and used his strength to get deep into me. He was killing me. He went so deep. I was so close, and then I came. I stopped briefly shaking and jerking on top of him, but he didn't stop. He kept the pace and I came again back to back.

He had rolled me over again and was going even faster on top of me. "Cum for me, please, cum for me Quinn." Perhaps it was when I moaned his name, but suddenly he was going so fast I was cumming again. This time he came along with me and I rode him out until his seed was all inside me.

He kissed me slowly then laid on top of me. It felt good to have his body on mine. He was heavy, but I liked how it felt, his warmth and musk smell of sex.