I suppose someone as lovely as you would never understand how ugly I am. Under the glamour and the magic, my core is rotten. I am infested with the maggots of society and if you were to give me time, they would grow and become putrid flies. But no, you would never allow that, would you? Faster than I could possibly ever run and better than I could possibly ever hide, you would find me and you would catch me.

You pin me down with your piercing green eyes and disapproving voice alone. Then what would you do? Would you hold this human filth in your warm arms, and rescue me from the world? For me, I see no other light to live by but you, the imperfect god present before me. For you, I keep breathing, but only barely enough to survive. You might have noticed, but then again, you might have not known at all.

Still you speak to me as if I was clean, human, even. With my dull eyes avoiding your gaze, I knew not what to say. All I feel is your presence and the intense accusation in your eyes. Now they are gentle, but now they are no longer concerned.

Save me, please. Should I fall to my knees this very moment, would you please spare me? Please catch me before I hit the ground. The parasites are weighing me down, I think you know. I think you can see the worm crawling out from inside my throat as I choke on the world's debris. This filth is undertaking me!

I can no longer stand on my own, and there are you smiling. You embrace the maggots and you dance with the flies. You make this grotesque being feel fully alive. Some how your enigma reaches into the darkest lairs of my being and you extinguish any vermin that lingers there. You make this waste of a human life want to live again. You make this worthless piece of flesh feel like it is of some value.

I cannot begin to describe how your magic works, but even when you are celebrating with vermin, you manage to terminate the traces of evil they have left behind. Your magic is stronger than glamour and stronger than spells. In the core of it, there is something real, something lasting, and now I know that I was never broken. Now I know the darkness was artificial and all I had to do was remove my blindfold. Now I know that in the core of your magic is what saved me before the maggots developed into flies. Your magic is love.