Roses For The Dead-Prologue

Alice ran through the dark dense forest as fast as her size 8 feet would take her. The tree branches cut across her prefect ivory skin, leaving droplets of glittering ruby as as reminder of the pain that would be endured this night. The forest seemed to be extending longer, as if to tease her, telling her that there would be no remorse of the beings. Glistening tears of silver rolled down her contorted face, as she fought back the urge to surrender.

They had chosen her. She knew she would be next. All the "missing persons" report, all that blood...she knew this was what she was dealing with. First it was Laura, then came Brad, and then a series of unknown people reported missing from everywhere in the area. The police came to the conclusion that a serial killer was on the loose. Alice knew better. The fact that it had been captured scared a lot of people. It could only have been one perpetrator causing this much destruction and havoc in Wintervale. Something so hideous, so thirsty...if only Alice had of realised it earlier! Fate seemed to welcome her with its outstretched, skeletal arms, but Alice knew she could fight it, she would not surrender.

The forest would not end, and the darkness seemed to enclose her in that little bubble that was the forest floor. It was an endless depths of blackened abyss. No! She would not accept her fate! This was not the way it was meant to end! But as they gained on her, her time being alive would soon draw to a close. Still, although their speeds reached high points, she continued to run faster and faster. She didn't even realise that the branches were cutting every inch of her body, or her lungs screaming out for mercy. Their cold, lifeless breath was felt upon her bare neck, their hollow stares of crimson and violet – she finally retired, and welcomed the undead with acceptance – the bite of death inviting her...

As they slowly crept in, fangs beared, the moon glinting of every dimension, Alice let out a scream of fear. She didn't want this. She felt like giving up was the only option. And yet she still refused to accept it and just surrender. The scream only seemed to encourage them. The first one, seemingly th eleader of the clan, removed his hood to revel his true identity. The silence was deathly. Alice did not even dare to breathe upon looking at her murderer's face. Her mouth fell open. These weren't what she thought they would be. She expected the face of a hideous being, a being so gruesome and disgusting, that any man who dared to look at his would turn to dust right there. But this being wasn't hideously ugly, he was...beautiful. Skin of marbled grey, eyes of the deepest violet, hair as black as a raven's wing. And a smile that could sink ships.

That was the key. That was why everyone was being murdered. Because he was beautiful. He would have enchanted them into following him - tiwsting their minds, so he could receive his intake of...blood. A chill ran through my bones. The murderer spoke.

"I know that you know what we are. You seek to destroy our clan. Young girl, you know nothing. Nothing about who we are, what we do...and why we kill. You obviously know now of what we are, do you not? Speak!"

Alice let out a little whimper. He just smirked,

"'re...a vampire? You've killed many innocents, that I know. And you are correct, I seek to destroy you. And I wont stop until your race is dead. No more murders, I cannot bear it! You killed my best friend, Laura. Remember her?"

She broke into tears. Sinking to her knees, she thought the worst. She knew they would kill her too. There were too many of them, and only one of her...she was totally outnumbered.

"Stop! No more wasting time!"

With a click of his perfect fingers, two cloaked men beside him appeared at my side. Gasping at the high pace of my predicament, the two figures held me back against the tree, as their leader bent down to give me the kiss of death.