Run, quiet as the drifting snow

Run, from those who wish you harm

Run, past the river, to throw off your scent

Run, before those two legged beasts

Release the trigger that leads to a painful bite


Hide, your cubs from the bloodthirsty hounds

Hide, your family from the all seeing flying beast

Hide, yourself from the probing eyes of a hunter

Hide, in the den before you see your last sight

Harm will come when you hear the engine from above


Eat not, the dead elk tainted with poison

Eat not, the cattle that is all the pray you have left

Eat not, the dogs that protect the cattle

Eat not, your only food source that man has yet taken away

For stealing your hunt has not the same death sentence as you stealing theirs


Run free, from the killers of land

Run free, to please the wild in you

Run free, as your ancestors meant for your fate

Run free, to a haven that yet has been taken

Run free, wild children, before freedom gets taken

By the pull of a trigger or the snap of a trap

So this is a little thing i wrote about wolves... yea hope you liked

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