It was going to be a long night. He turned in his bed and flipped on his lamp. He ruffled through his night stand for the package that had come in the mail the day before. Then he re-read the letter inside of it twice but he still couldn't believe that this was happening to him.

Mr. Akai We are pleased to inform you of your selection into the Space Fleet for Humanity Junior Devision (SFHJD). Your test results show outstanding intelligence and at 161 I.Q level we hope to add you to our small group of specimen ready for testing. Due to the high level of terrorism in section Terra of the Sol system we cannot disclose to you the importance of the missions we have in mind for you. Take heed in replying as soon as possible. Galactic terrorism is everywhere. Send your reply with caution.

If you decide to turn down our offer strict restrictions could be applied to your freedom and you may be imprisoned for treason to your government. We will be by to pick you up at your quarters at 800 hundred hours on Monday. Prepare for hyperspace voyage and remember WE KEEP YOUR WAY OF LIFE SAFE.

The Andromeda Council The High Chancellor Phillip Asimov

What could he say to the letter? If he turned it down they might kill him.
Specimen what did that mean? What test did he take? Why did they think his I.Q. was that high?

Questions he knew he would never get a reply to.
During his 14 years of life he never understood the Andromeda Council.
Always fighting terrorist that didn't exist. Alway wondering about the affairs of the Sol System. '...' He would join. But he knew he wouldn't like it.

He hurried to packed away his belongings quickly so he wouldn't forget in the morning.

"Kris can I tell you something? " A voice asked from beyond the door.

"Come in"

An older male shifted through all the junk on the floor and sat on the bed next to his younger brother. He pulled a object out of its sheath which revealed its self to be a blade-less sword. He handed it to the boy.

"This was dads" he said softly "I want you to have it"

"You can't give this to me dad wouldn't have wanted me to have it. He hated Me." he spat the last two words out with passion."I don't need it or want it"he lied

"I'm giving it to you and you will take it. Dad didn't hate you" He said softly. "He loved you and hated what you did to him to ..."he trailed off.

"To you right thats what you want to say isn't it!" Kris yelled

"Yes thats what I wanted to say, but I didn't say it." he paused "They'll be sending a ship for you in the morning have your stuff packed."

"I know"

"Well goodnight then."

The older boy then stood up and headed for the door.

"Wait... I'm sorry for yelling ... thank you for the umm..."

"Sword" he stated blankly "You channel your energy through the handle to produce a blade and depending on your energy you get your element."

"Thanks" he went up to his brother and hugged him. "You've been a father to me you know. Thank you." and with that he commenced to pack up the rest of his belongings.