Today my sister Jasmine tried to teach me something. She tried to explain to me the 'Rule of Three'. I pretended to understand her perfectly while saying 'uh huh' and nodding my head. Later I went to look it up on the Internet. The 'Rule of Three' is a simple concept to me. It really is just a way to crack a pack of lies. The way it goes is simple, I even tried it on my friends. When you ask a boy how many girls he's kissed divide the number he gave you by three and that's the real number. He only makes it that large to impress you. With girls you take the number they give you and divide it by three resulting in the real number. They give you such a low number because they don't want to seem like prostitutes. I asked Zach, my friend, how many girls he's kissed before and he told me three. That meant he had kissed none. I asked Rachel, my other friend, how may boys she had kissed, I hoped she had kissed no girls, and she said one. That meant she had kissed three before. It also meant they were big liars.