By Megan McMahon


Summer Love Blinds All

I sat quietly in my chair, gazing into the clear blue water from my side of the pool. It was adult swim; all the kids where off doing something fun while I was stuck watching a group of old blue-haired ladies splash around attempting to do water aerobics.

I looked over to the guy teaching this disaster of a class, I smiled to myself. His short blond hair seemed to swish and glow as if he'd just finished shooting a hair commercial, instead of showing senior citizens how to bend and stretch in 3 feet of water. His chocolate brown eyes were the kind girl could get lost in for hours even though they were covered up by his mirror aviators.

I scanned the area of the pool again; none of the blue-hair ladies were drowning. I looked at Bob again he was jumping up and down while pumping his fists in front of him, the ladies mimicked him like a bunch of awkward geese trying to take off.

A flash of blue caught my eye.My favorite running offender was speeding towards the snack bar. I tooted my whistle twice, and shouted across the pool, "Christopher! No running!"

Christopher walked the rest of the way to the snack bar. Cleaning a scrapped knee wasn't on my to-do list today. I looked at the clock it was four thirty adult swim would end in a couple minutes. Only two and a half hours left. Joy.

I scanned the pool area again. My eyes landed on Bob, he was looking straight at me. That's when I noticed the water aerobics music stopped. I glanced at the clock and saw that I was three minutes late to blow the whistle. I looked at the other lifeguard, who was looking at me too, as she waited for me to blow the whistle.

I fumbled for the whistle around my neck giving a long toot, telling all the kids it was okay to go back into the pool.

It was so hot out today. I could feel the sweat cover my body. At least it's almost closing time and the pool is already empty. Not a bad end to a long work day.

Bob brought a chair up next to mine, and sat down. I placed my feet on his lap, while turning my body sideways in my chair. He smiled his crooked smile at me, "Hey beautiful."

He started to message my feet. I swear he has magical hands. "You know Mrs. Andrew's complained to me today that the kids were getting her hair wet."

I looked at him to see him shaking his head, "Do I even want to know what you said to her?"

Everyone that worked at the pool knew I hated when people in the pool complained about getting splashed and or getting their hair wet. I gave him my best good girl look, "Probably not." I looked from Bob to the empty pool, "You want to pack up?"

He shook his head, "Not yet, I want to relax a little bit." He stopped messaging my feet and stretched his legs out so his feet were touching the edge of the pool.

"While you relax my dear, I will be swimming." With that I took off my shorts, sunglasses and my whistle. I placed them onto my chair then dove into the pool. As I emerged from the water a high pitched noise caught my attention.

Bob was blowing my whistle, "No diving!"

I laughed at him and kicked away, splashing him in the process. He gave me a death glare but dove into the pool after me.

I loved the water it was like a part of me in a strange way.. I feel like I don't have to think about how to swim. It felt so natural to be in the water for me.

Bob quickly caught up to me after he dove in. He tugged on my left leg; it caused my body to be pulled beneath the surface as Bob pulled me closer to him. Water got up my nose from the pull of going through the water. I pushed my body upward when he stopped pulling me. I gasped for air. Bob was laughing at me as I was coughing up my left lung.

I hated when he did that to me. I dug my fingers into his shoulders and glared at him, "What the hell was that for?"

He had this smug 'I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about' look on his face as he leaned into me. "What was what for?"I asked again.

I leaned in closer to him and puffed my cheeks out in anger. Bob stared me down. That's when I realized how close we were. I felt the muscles in his torso underneath my legs, and how tense he was under my hands. He had a strange look in his eye as he leaned in closer to my face. The air deflated out of my cheeks and blew into his face. Once that happened it felt like he literally attacked my face.

Bob's hand flew to the back of my neck and held me in place. His lips quickly parted mine and his tongue darted inside of my mouth, my mind went blank. Was he really kissing me or was I day dreaming. I couldn't tell I felt like I was on cloud nine. I wanted him to kiss me foever.

He suddenly. froze. He then slowly withdrew himself from my grasp. All at once I slid off his body and sank deep into the water before I started to tread water.

Bob ran a hand through his hair as he stared at me like he couldn't believe that he just kissed me. He looked disgusted. "I can't do this." He yelled as he was backing away from me.

He can't do what? What was he doing? He said he didn't have a girlfriend. Why was he so angry, at me no less? I wasn't the one that decided to attack my own face!

I stood up in the water to stomp over to him the best I could in the water. He took a step back. "I can't do this." He said as he pointed between us.

I got angry at that. What was wrong with me? I didn't do anything to him. "And why not?" I placed my hands on my hips as I stared up at him.

"I'm twenty-one." He shouted angrily at me like I didn't know how old he was. I'm legal what's the big deal?

"And? I'm legal"

He looked at me then smacked his hand against the water splashing us both, "Just barely! I'm too old for you!"

I frowned at him as I counted the years between us in my head. "You're only three years older then me. What's the problem?"

He stormed over in front of me, and grabbed both of my arms tightly in his hands, I winced but he didn't care. Bob leaned in close to my face, "What's the problem? What's the problem?! I'm. Too. Old!"

His hands tighter around my arms even more, my frown deepened at that. I tried to pull away but he griped tighter and pulled me into him. I don't even understand this boy. He kissed me then he's too old and now he's hurting my arms. I know he's going to leave a bruise. "I don't think you're too old." I stared up at him and tried to smile at him, "You're also hurting my arms Bob."

His face softened and he dropped my arms like hot potatoes. "Sorry." He looked at me and smiled, "I'm over reacting aren't I?"

The anger I felt towards him drained from my body into the pool water around me. "Just a bit." I don't understand how I could never stay mad at him.

He smiled at me and leaned his forehead against mine. "I'm sorry. I guess I should ask you out before I scare you away."

I smiled up at him as my stomach did a flip, "I guess you should. Starting off screaming doesn't improve your chances."

This was such a weird conversation, he was yelling he's too old then going on about asking me out, never in my life did I see someone's mood change so quickly. Sure this isn't the first time Bob threw a spaz attack but it usually took a lot more to calm him down. He leaned his face closer to mine, "So do you want to go out with me Lor?"

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. "It depends."

He frowned at me in confusion, "Depends on what?"

"If you buy me Ice cream." I smiled at him when he laughed at my response and he placed his hands on my hips. I have such a sweet tooth I'm surprised I only have a couple extra pounds on my body rather than a lot.

It was always so easy to make me happy; well that's what my parents always tell me. If you upset me just buy me sweets. Bob smiled and leaned down to kiss me again.

This time it was a lot gentler his lips softy probed mine. His arms looped together around my waist as he left no space between us. My stomach was doing front and back flips the whole time.

I pulled my face away from Bobs after a couple of minutes to catch my breath he looked down at me, "So let's close up so we can get you some ice cream."

I detangled myself from Bob and swam to the edge of the pool to climb out. Bob followed behind me. As I walked back to my chair to retrieve my things bob smacked my ass. "Owww!" I turned back to look at him as he walked to the back building to grab our stuff from our locker room.

Never in my dating life all of five years did a boyfriend ever slap my ass. I'll tell him next time not to do it; I don't want to be a nagging girlfriend right off the bat.

I quickly put my shorts on and grabbed my sunglasses and whistle off of my chair. I walked to the snack bar and closed the shutter doors then locked it.

I walked up to the gates of the pool to wait while Bob closed the rest of the pool up. It took him about ten minutes to finish up and meet me at the gates. He grabbed my elbow with his free hand "Let's go Lor, time to get you some ice cream." I guess it's a good thing my car was in the shop or we would have to take both cars.

I can't believe Bob asked me out. Wait till I tell my best friend Emma. I had a crush on Bob since I started at working at this pool when I was fifteen. I had a feeling that day that this relationship was going to be good for the both of us. Boy was I ever wrong.

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