By Megan McMahon


Summer Love Blinds All

About two months later

"I can't keep covering for you Lori," came the annoyed complaint of my best-friend, Emma. She sighed into the phone.

"Your parents called the other day asking to talk to you and I didn't know you told them you'd be here. I almost blew you're cover." She stayed silent on the other side; I knew never interrupt her well she's on a roll. "God damn it Lori! I never see you anymore."

Emma was right. I never see her anymore. I rarely saw any of my friends; Bob doesn't like my friends too much. "Are you listing to me Lori?" Emma asked angrily.

"Yeah I'm listening. I'm sorry but Bob and I have been busy, sorry."

"Lori you spent a whole week sleeping over at his apartment I only seems able to talk to you when Bob's not home what's going on?" She asked me with worry laced in her voice.

I gave her a breezy reply, "Nothing, don't worry about it." I turned around in my seat at the kitchen table to look at the clock. I had about fifteen minutes before Bob came home from work. Thank God. He works almost everyday at the pool.

"Are you sure your fine Lori? He's not hurting you?"

No he wasn't hurting me but sometimes I had to tell him a couple times to stop before he would listen, "God no he's not hurting me."

"Okay Lori just tell me if he does." She didn't sound convinced.

"I will, so anything new on the Tommy front?"

Emma sighed on the other side, she seemed in a very sighy mood today, "Unfortunately no."

The front door opened and closed, "Lor?"

I put my hand over the mouth piece on my phone and called, "In the kitchen."

"Oh he's home now" Emma said moodily "I guess you have to go now?" Came her angry question.

"Yes, Emma I'll talk to you later." I hung up on her not wanting to hear a snide comment about Bob; I sat the phone down in front of me. I turned in my seat to smile up at my boyfriend of two and a half months.

I love him. I know it seemed too soon but I've liked him for years. Yes, he does have a few faults but that just makes him real to me. He bent down to give me a chaste kiss on my lips, "Who were you talking to?" he asked.

My smiled widened as I got up from my chair to put the phone into it's charger in the living room. "Just Emma." I said.

He followed me into the room, "About what?" He demanded almost casually. My smile faded from my face.

The other bad thing about Bob he always wanted to know about everything I did. "Just boy troubles and about doing something later."

He grabbed my left arm and pulled me into his arms, "I hope the boy troubles weren't about me." He snaked his arm around my waist.

I smiled up at him reassuringly, "Don't worry, it was all about Tommy."

His arms tightened around me pulling me closer into him, "Who's Tommy?" he asked suspiciously.

Another bad thing about him he gets jealous quickly and easily. I rolled my eyes at him, then gave him a quick peck on the lips, "The guy Emma likes."

He moved one of his hands from my waist to the nook behind my neck. "I Love you Lor," he breathed.

I stared at him with my mouth open like a fish out of water. Did he just say what I thought he did. My legs went to jelly and my stomach wouldn't stop doing flips. He loves me. He. Loves. Me.

A Cheshire-cat-smile covered my face. I would have thrown myself at him if he wasn't holding me in place. I looked him in the eyes as I told him, "I love you too Bob."

After I uttered those words Bob's lips crashed down onto of my lips. I felt like I was in heaven- like he was my soul mate.. I'd waited forever for him to say those words to me.

I felt him push me backwards until my back hit something. I would have open my eyes to look, but that would have ruined the moment. The hand on my waist left and reached behind me. I guess my back was against the bedroom door because the wall behind me gave in. Bob. started to push me backwards again until the bed it the back of my legs.

I should have known that's what he wanted from me. I tore my mouth away from his, "Bob not to night."

He pushed me down on the bed anyway. I should have known that he wasn't going to back down so easily. This isn't the first time we'd done it. It's just I can't it would be a little…messy if we did.

Bob feathered trial kisses down my neck to my collarbone. I sighed loudly to get his attention. He stopped kissing me for a moment. "Yes, dear?"

"Not tonight." I repeated again.

He looked up at me then moved so he was laying between my legs. "Why?"

I didn't want to tell him why. "Because." I placed my hands against his shoulders and tried to push him off. It did as much good as trying to move a house with a feather.

Instead of moving off of me like I'd hope he would (and should have done.) He started to suck on my pulse points, my weakness. Cheater. He knew that was my weak spot. I sighed again but this time out of pleasure rather than annoyance.

It just felt so good when he did that. His hands went under the hem of my shirt to lay flat on my stomach. Every time he touched my skin he lit it on fire. My mind went blank. I closed my eyes and let his mouth trail kisses down my neck. All I could focus on was every time he moved his hands he set a new patch of skin on fire.

All the warm and fuzzy feelings left when Bob pulled my shirt over my head, that's when I remembered why I said no.

I pushed him off of me. I think the suddenness that caught him off guard; He fell onto the floor. "Damn it Lor! What was that for?" He asked angrily.

I smiled meekly down at him "Sorry, but I said not tonight."

He frowned at me, his eyes glittering like a pissed off crocodile's,. He got up off the ground and pulled me off the bed right into his chest. It felt like being pushed into stone.

His one hand went to the back of my neck and he kissed me, while the other grabbed my ass. God damn it! I hated when Bob got this way. He sometimes doesn't understand what no means.

I put my hands against his chest and tried to push against him but I didn't have any luck. You think he would stop trying to kiss me when I wouldn't kiss back.

I remembered what my sophomore teacher told me in his southern grandpa-y twang, 'when you want to break up two people always pull the hair and the head will follow.' So I grabbed a good chunk of his hair and pulled down and away from me.

He let out a scream of agony as his hands flew to his scalp. I grabbed my shirt off the floor and on put it back on as I ran out of the room. I grabbed my purse off the floor by the door. I ran out of his apartment leaving the door wide open. I ran down the three flights of stairs to the ground floor to my car in the lot.

Once I got into my car I drove three blocks down before I had to park the car because I couldn't see threw my tears.

I could hear the blood pumping in my ears and my heart thumping against my ribcage. I couldn't understand why he wouldn't stop. I told him a few times but he didn't listen.

I hope I didn't hurt him when I yanked his hair. I grabbed onto the steering-wheel and took a couple deep breaths to calm myself down. Where will I go now? I can't go back to Bob's yet he needs to calm his horny ass down before I came back. I can't go to Emma's she'll know something's up.

I guess I could go home. That's where I'll go.

As I pulled in front of my house I cut the engine and sat in my seat. My cell kept going off, it sound like a screaming baby even though it was playing the new, New Kids on the Block song Summertime. It was Bob's ringer. I wasn't ready to talk to him yet. I reached into my bag and turned my cell off.

I pulled the visor down to look at my neck. Angry red marks hissed at me in my reflection. I pulled cover up out and covered it as best as one can cover up angry red marks.

I sighed and got out of the car. I walked up the walk way and unlocked the front door. I walked in yelling, "Mom?" I put my purse on the ground by the door. I waited but I got no answer she was probably outside smoking. I decided while I'm here I'll get some new clothes and some pads to bring back to Bob's.

I threw it all in a bag and put it by my bedroom door. I was walking down the stairs to join my mom outside when the phone rang. I picked it up, "Mrs. Webber?" Came the frantic voice of Emma.

I should have know Bob would call her looking for me. "What's up Emma?"

I heard her sigh in relief at the sound of my voice, "Oh thank God! Bob called me looking for you. He said you guys had a fight and you ran away."

I guess he wouldn't tell her what really happen. "It's nothing to worry about Emma everything is fine. I just need time to cool down. That's all."

It's good to know Emma worries about me but sometimes she goes over board. "Are you sure? Do you want me to come over?"

I shook my head even though I knew she couldn't see me. "No. I'm fine. I'm gonna eat dinner with the folks before I go back to Bob's. I'm going to tell them I'm going to your house. "

"Fine Lori but This has gotta stop soon." Came Emma's pissed off reply before she hung up on me with out saying goodbye. I hope she doesn't mind doing it for the rest of August. I placed the phone on a table as I walked out to keep my mom company outside.

I didn't think that dinner with my parents would last so long. They wouldn't shut up. I felt like I was sitting at that stupid table for days and not just hours.

All mom talked about was my Aunt Krista's kids and how badly behaved they are. ( in my opinion they're just plain-out brats) Dad, on the other hand, was a lot easier to deal with; Then again I always got along better with my dad then my mom.

Well at least Bob will eat well tonight with all the left-overs my mom sent with me to 'Emma's' house.

I took a deep breath to prepare myself for whatever I would faced inside Bob's apartment. I put my key into the lock and turned it. The click it made sounded like it could be heard from a block away. I opened the door to face a dark and empty apartment. I closed and locked the door behind me, and then walked into the kitchen to put the leftovers in the fridge. A note in Bob's sloppy scrawl waited on the counter.

It read:


Went out with a few buddies be home soon. I love you.


My stomach did a flip when I read the 'I love you.' I left the note on the counter, and walked into the living room where I slumped onto the couch to wait for Bob. I knew he wouldn't stay out late since he has work tomorrow like I do.

I pulled my cell out of my pocket and turned it on with a groan,waiting as it took forever to boot up. I swear my grandma moves faster then my phone does. I dialed my voice mail to find out I had twenty voice mails. Jesus, people loved me today.

I sat there listening to all of them. Two were from Emma while the rest were from Bob. All of them said about the same thing about how sorry he was and how he loves me and he's worried about me. Every time he said 'I love you' my stomach did a flip. It was like music to my ears.

So what if I had to say no a couple times. Not a biggie right? Yeah, so sometimes he gets a bit too touchy feely, but what guy doesn't? So what if he doesn't like my friends-I can't force them on him. He's a grown man he can make his own friends.

I looked down at my cell and saw that it was midnight. I need to get to sleep, so I abandoned my wait for Bob and got up from the couch to walk into his room where changed into an over sized shirt and a pair of old short shorts.

I climbed into bed and settled in on Bob's side- I wanted to fall asleep with his scent on my mind. I stared at the ceiling as my thoughts drowned me. I know I named some bad traits but he's not all that bad. He's not some evil bad guy out to make my like horrible.

He cares, he has the little things he does that still make me melt. Like when we lay in bed and he thinks I'm asleep, he'll rub my back. Or when we're at work and I start to get pink he'll put sun screen and aloe on me when we get home. I think he's good traits outweigh his bad ones.

I had rolled over on my stomach, preparing to shut my brain off when I heard loud obnoxious laughter from the hallway I guess that it was a Bob and a friend coming home. I crossed my fingers in hope they don't crash here tonight, and rolled out of bed to go to the door.

After I checked through the peephole to see it was indeed Bob and his friends I opened the door. There stood Bob in-between his two friends with his arms draped over their shoulders. I should have known he went out drinking.

I smiled at his friends Ray and Allen. It's good he had them to bring his drunken ass home. Allen passed Bob over to me, and I held onto him while he draped one arm over my shoulders. God damn he was heavy he felt like he was as big as a whale. "Thanks for bringing him home." I said.

Allen saluted me, "No problem Lori." He was always the nicer out of the two.

With drunken clumsiness Bob leaned over and pinched my buttI yelped in surprise and pain. Bob laughed, and said- like the drunken ass he was-, "Seee I tolds ya Lor gots a great ass! Look at it!" He squished me against his chest and lifted the back of my shirt to show them my ass.

"BOB!" I screamed, mortified as the blood rushed up my neck to cover my face and ears. What the hell was he doing? I'm not a piece of meat! I hid my face in his shirt as he and both his friends laughed. Allen laughed the loudest of all, him nice my ass.

I could feel the tells well up behind my eyes. I tried to push my self from Bob so I could ran away from the laughing, but he held me in place. I need to work out more often. How could he treat me this way? If he loved me.

I know they were drunk but how could they be this cruel to me. "Well boysss, me and my girlfriend need too get to bed." He closed the door then led me to his bedroom. He leaned on me for support once I got him there he let go of me, and plopped down on his bed.

I placed my hands on my hips and started down at him, "Why did you do that to me?"

Bob looked up at me from his spot on the bed, "Do what?" He looked at me like he didn't hurt me just a few moments ago.

"For embarrassing me and hurting me in front of your friends!" I yelled at him angrily. If he loved me would he treat me this way?

Once I called him on what he did it was like a light bulb went off in his head. "That was nothing Baby. I was just showing you and your amazing body off to my friends." A lazy grin spread across his face. Why was he smiling? I don't think what happened was something to smile about. "Baby let's go to bed."

With that said Bob rolled over to his side of the bed and looked up at me, then he patted the empty space. I was tempted to go sleep on the couch, but I had an all day shift tomorrow and needed a good nights sleep.

I sighed unhappily and crawled into bed while making sure there was enough space between the both of us. He turned off the lamp and then pulled me against his body. I wish he would stop. I turned so I wouldn't have to face in or smell the stench beer since he decided to sleep with his clothes on like an idiot.

Is this want? Do I want someone to treat me like this. No I don't want this. I don't want to be treated like this at all. Were my thoughts as I drifted to sleep.

A/N: I would like to thank the very lovely Nicola Guills for editing my story and making it so much better then before .I was a little upset that my second chapter only got two reviews and rarely any views. Well I hope whoever is reading this story loves it's jaded ways.