I was alone in my sorrow,

My overwhelming burdens were crushing me.

I had no one to turn to,

I was utterly alone.


Though I did not seek Him,

God heard the cry of my heart.

Though I was rejecting Him,

God saw the tear that fell.


I had despaired of life,

I thought my end had come.

I didn't think anyone could save me;

I thought my pain had grown too great.


But God had not abandoned me;

He refused to leave me to my fate.

He dried the tears that threatened to fall

And grasped that hand that tried to let go.


Now my tears are tears of joy

As I contemplate God's great love.

I wonder why He saved me

But I marvel at His grace.

A/N: God is truly amazing, isn't He! I don't understand why He still pursues me, even when I keep turning away from Him. His mercy and love truly know no bounds whatsoever. I hope you enjoyed this poem and that it might have touched you in some small way. I know my poetry skills leave much to be desired (as always, I usually write in free verse; any rhyming or meter is accidental). Please review!