Author's Note- This is purely a made up story. It isn't really based on anything. I would love it if i was left reviews to help me write this story better. Thanks you.

Can You Love a Vampire?

Chapter 1- Unknown Secrets

I rolled my eyes as all the girls around me giggled and pointed at him. He was the most beautiful guy in our school, his sister the most beautiful girl. All the girls fawned over him. Well all except me. Even my best friend Mia thought he was hot but she didn't ever want to get near him. When he walked near her she would pretend he wasn't near her.

I shoved my way past a large group of giggleing girls, nearly tripping over some. I sighed loudly and look behind to see how Mia was dealing with the girls.

"He isn't all that." I muttered to her, when she caught up to me. She looked up at me with a smirk and shrugged.

"Try telling all these girls that. To them he is everything. I mean really Araya. James Peirce, the hottest guy in our school? To them its worth drooling over." Mia muttered back. She flicked a girl in the back of the head that had just stepped on her. The girl turned with a glare then stopped with wide eyes.

"Oh! Mia! I'm so sorry." She said quickly then walked off. Mia smiled slightly at me then looked back at the hall. We were standing in the doorway of our class watching the rampaging halls. I glanced down at my books then groaned.

"I forgot my history book!" I told her then looked back towards the hall. "It's gonna be hell getting through there." I mumbled the last part. Mia looked at me and frowned.

"Here i'll go with you. The most Mr. Andrews will say is 'Mia i understand your the principals daughter and Araya your her best friend but that does not mean you can come to class tardy everyday.'" She mimicked the history teacher's voice horribly making me laugh. I nodded and checked the crowd.

"Comon." I told her then started to push my way into the crowd. I heard her say something behind me, making me turn my head right as i ran into someone. I fell down, dropping all my books.

"Ouch." I muttered and started picking up my books. I mean really people should watch were they are going!, I thought then looked up to apologize. I stop before i could even start to speak, my mouth hanging open like an idiot. "I'm...I'm sorry!" I said quickly after Mia came to kneel next to me. She started grabbing my books while James looked down at us. He stared for a second then walked into the class. I stared after him, apalled and pissed.

"Comon Araya. Stop staring, you're starting to look weird." Mia handed my books to me the stood up. I stood up with her and looked down at my books. I picked up the book on top and held it up to her.

"How did my History book get here?" I asked her confused. It wasn't in my books earlier. Mia shrugged and turned to go back in our class.

"Seeing as you have it let's go. Now we don't have to hear a long lecture about how students should act." She said making a face at the last part.

"Yes if you two don't want a lecture I would recomend going in the class now." A light voice said behind us. We both turned and smiled sheepishly at our teacher. Nodding we hurried into class and sat at our desks. "Ok i would like you all to sit down and open your history books to page 165." Mr. Andrews called, writing the page number on the board. Quickly i opened my book and glanced at the name by habit. James Peirce stared up at me from the names. I gasp slightly drawing attention from Mia. I glanced up at her a gave reassuring smile, then looked over at James. He was raising his hand with a small smile.

"Mr. Andrews, i seemed to have forgotten my book today. May i share with Miss trachstron?" he asked the teacher before Mr. Andrews even called on him. I frowned and looked at him. He didn't say I had his book. No he said he forgot it. I glanced over at Mia who gave me a small shrug. She had a peice of paper in her hand but she shoved it in her pocket.

"Mr. Peirce i had expected more of you. Yes you may share with Araya." He waved his hand and turned back to the board. james stood up from his desk and scooted a chair next to mine. All the girls in the class turned in their chairs just to give me looks. Most consisted of 'You aren't good enough to share a book with him.' I smiled sweetly at them and moved the book so that we both could read from it.

"Why didn't you say i had your book so you could get it back?" I whispered a bit harshly. I turned the page to the one that we were currently on and glanced up at James. He shrugged giving me that slightly crooked smile that made all the girls glare at me even more. He was truly as handsome as all the girls said. He had golden eyes and hair that looked more bronze than brown. His complexion was perfect, a nice olive complexion. I looked away from him and glanced over at Mia, giving her a 'Save me' look She shrugged again and looked back at the board, writing down the notes from Mr. Andrew.

"I thought you would need your book more than me. Seems you aren't on Andrew's best side." james spoke softly, almost too softly for me to hear. I looked back at him confused. This was the guy who had walked off without even helping me with my things right? It's like he is a whole different person than he was a few minutes ago. I shrugged and started writing the notes for the day.

"I don't need help. But thank you anyways." I mumbled the last part. It was weird. Usually if anyone i didnt know got paired with me, i would start to feel claustraphobic. I looked back at him for a seond then looked back at my work. No wonder i don't feel claustraphobic. He is keeping his distance, like he can't be too close to me. I rested my head in my hand as i wrote, feeling the girls in class trying to stare a hole through me. I sighed and tapped my pen on the paper watching the board.

"You know, if you dont want me here you could have said no." James told me as he finished writing. "I coul have gone somewhere else." He looked at me and shrugged. I turned my head in my hand and stared at him. He was unbelievable! Because of him i would have to deal with the muttering of other girls about how i tried to take him away from them or something stupid.

"No no its fine." I told him, slightly shocked at my own words. I want to yell 'YES! Please! i pretty sure one of the girls throwing looks at me would love if you were with them!' but i didnt for some reason. "I would get the looks from these girls anyways if they found out i had your book." I told him with a small smile. he looked at me for a second then smiled back.

"Alright. Well we only have about 5 minutes left." he told me then picked up his books.

"Ok everyone pack up and keep it down." Mr. Andrews look at me and Mia at his last words. I nodded at him with a, yeah yeah look. I stood up and packed all my books into my bag then glanced over at James. He had walked off already even though i still had his book. Quickly i walked over to his desk and handed him his book.

"Thanks again." I mumbled then turned to walk away.

"No problem." James said as i walked away. I looked back and smiled, noticing the girls behind him glaring at me. I smirked in their direction then walked over to Mia. She shouldered her bag and gave me a questioning look.

"That history book was his and instead of being a tattle tale he shared the book with me." I told Mia to clear up her questioning gaze. I shrugged and smiled.

"Hmm. James Peirce? The guy that ignores everyone around him? Wow. He must be interested in you in some way." she concluded, looking at the door as the bell rang. "hey do you want a ride home? I'm sure my dad wouldn't mind driving you." She turned back to me as she asked. I shook my head and picked up my bag.

"I'll be ok. Plus didn't your dad say that he needed to talk to you alone?" I asked remembering what her father had said during lunch. He had walked up behind us and told Mia that she needed to come to his office afterschool for a talk. Mia groaned as i brought this up and nodded.

"Yeah yeah. But i could take you..." She stopped talking and stared behind me. I looked back and noticed James watching us. "Why don't you wait?" She took her eyes off him and looked back to me.

"Mia it's not that far to my house. I'll be ok." I told her and pulled her out the door, glancing back at peirce for moment. "Why is he watching us?" I wondered out loud to Mia. She shrugged and walked towards her father, the principal's, office and also the front of the school.

"Like i said, he is probably interested in some way." She mumbled as we reached the office. Mr. matthews walked out just as we stopped infront of the office. He smiled politely at me and turned his hard gaze on his daughter.

"Mia i was expecting you minutes ago." He scolded her quietly. She smiled sheepishly ayt him and shrugged.

"You know how the halls get dad." She mumbled, trying not to attract attention from other students. Her father nodded and looked back at me with another smile.

"Would you like a ride home after our conversation?" He asked the same question Mia did. i shook my head and smiled.

"It's fine Mr. Matthews. It's just a short walk home. Plus i should be getting my car today." I smiled thinking of what car my father might have bought me today for my 16 birthday. Mia's dad nodded then glanced behind me. The look on his face changed from happy to serious.

"Mr. Peirce. Shouldn't you be on your way home?" He called making both Mia and me turn. I glanced over at her and she gave me a worried look. "There isn't anything here for you. Unless you need Araya or Mia for a moment?"

James smiled at the principal. "Yes actually, i would like to speak with Araya." He called back to Mr. Matthews, walking up to us. "If that is ok with you and your daughter?" I looked over a Mia again more confused. She wasn't looking at me but staring hard at James. her father glanced down at me then nodded.

"Alright. Well Araya, we'll see you tommorrow?" Mia said lightly. She didn't even look up at her father, who was giving her a hard stare. I nodded and hugged her.

"See ya tommorrow." I told her and walked towards the front, knowing James was following. "What did you want to talk about?" I asked glancing over to him. He shrugged and opened the door for me.

"Did you want to walk home? Or be pressured into waiting?" He asked as if that was the answer. I stared at him for a moment then sighed.

"Were you listening to what me and Mia were talking about?" I asked slightly annoyed. I walked towards a small path leading away from the main road.

"If i said yes would you walk on another road?" He asked looking uncomfortable. I glared at him for a second then shook my head.

"Whatever you said i wouldn't walk on another road. This is the quickest way to my house." I told him, pushing a sharp branch out of my way. I felt a small stinging on my hand and glanced down at the same time as James. A little bit of blood started to spill from a small cut on my hand. James took out a small klenex and took my hand. I glanced up at him, noticing that he was holding his breath. Quickly he wiped the blood away then managed to fish a bandage from his pocket. Which he put on me. "Um thanks?" I mumbled as i took my hand out of his grasp. I started walking again without looking back at him.

"You should be more careful." He said quietly as he followed me. I turned around so that i was walking backwards and satered at him.

"Why? It was just a small cut. Just a little blood." I told him, still slightly annoyed. He watched me for a second then shrugged.

"You never know what might be waiting in the woods." He waved his hands around him, as if to justify that something was waiting to jump out. "Don't you believe in myths? That there's a blood sucking monster out here. It's been killing cows arounf here." He pointed out as if to frighten me. I laughed at him closing my eyes for a moment. That was a bad idea. When i laughed i managed to trip on a rock that was poking out of the ground. I fell backwards but never mangaed to hit the ground.

"You ok?" James asked. I felt his breath on my face making me open my eyes. I stared at him for a second, more than confused.

"How..You... You were over there! How did you manage to get here?" I exclaimed pointing over to a spot more than a few feet from me. There was no way someone could walk or run to where i had fallen. No one normal. James smiled at me. It looked like he was trying not to show his teeth to me.

"Im fast?" He said still smiling, then stopped when he saw the look on my face. His teeth were weird. It looked like he had two canine teeth. And his eyes had changed colors. They were unnatural! Like a reddish color. I moved away from him staring shocked.

"Whats wrong with your teeth and your eyes?" I asked confused. A sound in the bushes next to me scared me a little. I moved away from the bush and stared at it. Slowly the figure of Adison Peirce moved out of the woods and onto the small path. Her eyes looked the same as James just darker, much darker.

"So you chose someone from our school? That's not nice to poor Mia or her father. You know how they adore this girl." Adison's voice was cold and hard. there was none of the silky sweetness that you would hear from across the hall. i backed away from both of them as adison started to move closer to me.

"Choose? For what?" I asked looking back at James. He wasn't looking at me but staring at Adison. I looked back at Adison, but the look in her eyes started to scare me, making me move without thinking. Also something in my mind kept saying 'Run! Run and get away from these two! Its dangerous!.' "James? Whats going on?" i started to feel stupid. As if they were pulling a prank on me.

"Nothing Araya. Nothing." He looked at me, his eyes slowly changing back to the warm golden color. I started to relax when i saw his eyes change. "Adison i didn't choose her, now go home." He seemed to growl this words. I kept watching him not bothering to look at Adison. When i heard a hiss from where she stood it forced me to tear my gaze from James. My eyes widened in fear when I saw Adison stare at me like i was something good to eat.

"You know. She smells really good. I think I'll take her if you don't want her." She said in that cold voice to her brother then charged at me. I turned and tried to run into the woods but managed to trip again, but this time on a root. I waited for the Adison to hit me or something. Oddly it never came. I sat up and looked behind for Adison or James. Neither were to be seen. I heard a crash towards my right that scared me half to death.

"James?" I called shakily. I moved towards the soound of movement trying to see either the pale blonde hair of Adison orbronze color of James' hair. "James are you there?"

"Araya stay where you are. I dont know where she went." I heard his voice from behind me. This caused me to tense up and stare at the spot where i heard the noise of movement.

"I-I think i know." I called back to him. After a few seconds i heard James' breathing next to me and the sound in the bushes kept going. James put his arms around me and guided me out of the woods and back on the road.

"I am sorry you had to see that. Please go home right now." He looked me directly in the eyes as if he could force his will unto me. "Please." he added.

"But but what just happened?! What did she mean she'll take me if you wont?" I asked shakily and staring at him confused. I had just met this guy today but it seemed like he had a huge secret he wasn't gonna tell anyone. I brought my hand up to his mouth trying to see if he still had the 'fangs'. Lightly i pushed my finger against his lips and felt the tip of a sharp tooth.

"Remember what i told you earlier about a bloodsucker?" He said softly around my finger. I nodded then quickly moved my hand away from his mouth. Of course! How could i have been so stupid! The fangs, the red eyes that looked like a monster's, and the way Adison jumped at me.

"I'll be going now." I said quickly and grabbed my bag of the ground. I hurried to my house trying to put as much distance between me and James and his sister.