A/N: The line "Laugh like the stars" i actually got from crystal-chan's kurofai fanfic over at FF titled "Play the Fool" which is the most amazing angst AU kurofai fic i've ever read. And i practically fell head over heels in love with that line, and the context it was used in was so sad it made me cry.

Laugh Like the Stars

Have you ever looked out at night?

Peered out your window,

At the stars and their light?

Do you wonder how they can twinkle so?

Bright and white,

And always aglow?

Look at how numerous they are.

Each one beautiful,

Each one a star.

Every single one is pretty alone.

But together, even in the dark they show.

Have you ever wanted to reach right out?

And grab one of those stars,

To learn what it's about?

After all, isn't it only natural,

That each of those stars is just as personal?

Have you ever wanted to be that carefree?

Never a care in the world,

As free as can be?

Focus on any one of those twinkling lights,

And you'll find a light so bright, none can spite.

But with your perspective, look at all of them together,

As cooperative in appearance as birds of a feather.

They shine alone, they dazzle when combined.

There's nothing in this world that you can find,

That could amount or measure up to something such as this.

The stars in the sky,

In their nightly bliss.

So have you also wondered this,

What wouldn't you give to roam the night sky,

Never needing to have a reason why?

And what wouldn't you give—what wouldn't I give—

To be who I am, to be who you are,

Throw back your head, and laugh like the stars?