Jen, Ally, and Cindy are playing truth or dare in Jen's bedroom

Jen, Ally, and Cindy are playing truth or dare in Jen's bedroom

Ally- Cindy, truth or dare?

Cindy- Dare!

Ally- (thinks for a minute) I dare you to go explore the old house at the end of the street.

Cindy- But nobody's supposed to go there! And it's, like (looks at her watch), one in the morning!

Jen- Too bad, Cindy. It's a dare, you have to do it!

Cindy- (nervously) Ok… I'll go if you guys come with me!

Ally- Ok, fine.

Jen, Ally, and Cindy leave the house and walk down the street to an old house

Jen- I'm glad my mom's out tonight. She'd never let us do something like this!

Ally- Yeah. (jokingly) Your dad might, though!

Cindy- Jen, where has your dad been lately? I haven't seen him in a while.

Jen- He said he went away on a business trip, but he didn't tell us where, or when he'll be back, or how to get in touch with him, or anything.

Ally- How long has he been gone?

Jen- (thinks for a moment) About a month.

The girls arrive at the house, and it looks like nobody's been there in years. There is a rusted gate around the house and yard. The windows are boarded up, the roof is missing some shingles, the yard is covered with tall grass and weeds, and the door is really dusty and has spider webs on it.

Cindy- (stopping right outside the gate) Are you sure about this, Ally?

Ally- Come on, it's not like there's a kidnapper hiding in there or something!

Ally opens the gate, it creaks, and the girls walk up the path to the door

Ally- (opening the door) See? It's not that bad.

Cindy tries to find a light switch

Cindy- Where's the light switch?

Jen- (feeling the wall) I found it!

Jen flips the switch, but the lights don't turn on

Jen- It's not working. The lights must be burned out.

Cindy- Let's go home. I don't want to explore an old, abandoned house, in the middle of the night, with no lights!

Ally- (walking into a room to the right of the hallway) Don't be such a baby! So what if the lights won't turn on? Our eyes will adjust.

Ally trips and falls into a table

Jen and Cindy- (scream) What was that!?

Ally- Relax! I fell, that's all.

Ally gets up, accidentally turning a radio on in the process; all three girls scream

Ally- (calming down) It's just a radio.

Radio announcer- A murderer is on the loose in the city of Bulkura. He was spotted on 8th Street one hour ago, heading toward Maple Lane. I suggest that everyone stay inside with all doors and windows locked until further notice.

Cindy- (scared) A… murderer?

Jen- (walking toward the door) That's it. I'm going home, and you guys should, too! I'm not risking my life just to finish a dare.

Ally- (grabbing Jen's arm and leading her and Cindy to a room toward the middle of the house) You can't go out there! The murderer was seen on 8th street, heading toward Maple Lane just one hour ago. He's probably here or just a couple of streets away by now!

Cindy- She's right. We'll probably be safer if we stay here.

There's a crash and the sound of glass breaking coming from another room not too far away; the girls jump; Jen starts to scream but Ally covers her mouth

Ally- (barely whispering) We have to stay quiet, or else whoever- or whatever- is in here will find us!

They see someone's shadow in the doorway of the room they're in (his face is hidden); they duck behind a couch; the person hears them and walks over to the couch; when he gets there, he peeks over the back and grabs Cindy's arm; Cindy screams and tries to twist out of the man's grip; Jen bites his arm while Ally punches him in the face and he falls onto the broken glass; the three girls start running toward the front door, but the man comes out from another room and jumps between them and the door; by now it is raining outside and there's thunder and lightning; the man is holding a gun; there is blood all over him; everyone is breathing heavily

Person- (obviously disguising his voice) You thought you could get away, huh?

Jen- What do you want?

Ally- What did we do?

Person- (snickering and still disguising his voice) I don't want anything… (thinks for a moment) or maybe…

Cindy- Money?

Person- (stops thinking, still disguising his voice) Nah, I don't want anything! Now hold still and say goodbye!

The man pulls the trigger; the girls fall to the ground to avoid the bullet; Ally gets hit slightly in the shoulder with it but is overall ok; girls get up and run upstairs; the man chases them, firing his gun; girls lock themselves in the nearest bedroom; they rest for a second, looking around the room for a way to escape; the man breaks down the door, aims the gun at Jen, and shoots; Jen dodges the bullet but gets hit lightly in the leg; Ally opens a window and breaks the boards that are covering it; the man fires his gun again but misses all three girls; the girls climb out of the window onto a wobbly, old tree branch and climb down

Cindy- (trying to catch her breath) We need to get you two to a hospital, fast!

The man follows the girls out the window but is too heavy for the branch to hold; the branch breaks; the man falls and… goes to sleep for a long time (wink wink); girls cautiously approach the body; Ally turns the man over and girls gasp

Jen- (shocked) Dad!