Of Soda Pop and Cheap Candy

Of Soda Pop and Cheap Candy

Hiii everyone.

So the point of writing this was kind of finding people who—quite possibly—have the same views that I do, and I'm glad to see that there are.

Jes-sicker (With the hyphen. Take that, BISH (which just so happens to stand for; B: You know what this stands for. I: Insert. S: Synonymn. H: Here.):- Trix shalt murderst thou quicker than a heart attack.

StarrburstNoodles:- First of all, I'm calling you Speck cause when I think of your name I think Spectrum which reminds me of how much I like the plural of Spectrum which is Spectra and I decided that sounded too Elektra cum Sci-fi movie, so I shortened it to just Speck. Second of all, you rock, and thanks for the reviews. I hope you'll relate to yet another thing in this entry.

Risser: You know I love you, yada yada, tell Zeina I said hi, and I really can't think of anything more interesting to say because I'm boring.


I hate it when teachers get all smartass-ey and assume they're always right when you're just pointing out a typo in your worksheet because the transfer student a few seats away might not know it's a spelling mistake. He is from a foreign country after all.

Or you could just be like me and can't stand spelling mistakes.

In either case, you're sent to the B.D.'s (Big Douche's) office, a.k.a. Le Principal, and are sitting there facing a guy who may have really rolled with the Dinos and he gives you his prehistoric frown and says, "Do you know why you are here?"

Now that was a stupid question. Why would you not know I was here? It's like having Sodapop under the impression that it was ketchup, completely and utterly stupid.

So you reply with the vague, favoured answer, "Yes."

"And why are you here?" he pressed. And you realise, it's not the point of treating you like a half-wit, he honestly does not know why a teenager was sent to his office in the middle of his "alone time".

If you're looking for lots of alone time, I advice you not to go for being the principal of a high school, it's a dumb move.

"I'm here because the teacher sent me here."

Le duh?

"Look, I'm done beating around the bush. I'm calling your parents! This type of behaviour is not tolerated. This…this…insolence!"

Aww, big word B.D.-Kins.


"What's your mother's phone number?"

And then I would simply go, "Oh, she's dead."

And I hate it when their faces instantly soften, their eyes sort of bulge out with deep sadness and sympathy, the way the swallow a lump in their throats, as if they could never fathom something like that, and how their voice sort of crack with unmistakeable gentleness as they say, "Oh I'm so sorry…I didn't know…"

And kind of struggle to muster up any comfort but end up letting you leave out of frustration.

It's sickening to the bone.


My friend, Jared, has the resolve of a Labrador.

I wish he'd earn some spine.

"Hey, fag!—just kidding."

I mean who says that to someone? And Jared sorta winces just a bit and then laughs along.

What a wimp.

Whereas I have to be the one to get offended and defensive and I'm not even gay!

Another friend of mine, Candance—Candy for short—is just as bad.

She's sort of bookish, and quiet, and has her own interesting not so "it" looks. But she's got her certain charm. Something negative about her though, is that she goes for all the wrong guys. And when I tell her to have some standards she goes, "Oh but, Lee, what if he's the only guy who ever likes me for well, me and isn't just lying about it. Besides, you always say everyone deserves a chance."

Yea sure, but not when they want to lead you on, screw you, dump you and publicly embarrass you then leave you to rot.

I don't think so highly of my own sex, unfortunately.

So the girls in the school aren't too nice about it, I don't mean to sound highly sexist, I usually love women, but the girls at my school—minus a select few—are simply—this area is censored because as we previously mentioned, we must sugarcoat any possible "bad themes".

So they call her, "Cheap Candy."

My Nacho-throwing friend is not a cheap prostitute.

But since it would appear quite lame for a boy to bark at a girl, I let my girlfriend do all the work there.

As I defend the Labrador.





"Hi, my name is September, don't worry—Might bite though,"-evil, serial killer worthy grin-.

"Haha….nice…so…that girl's fine,"

"Dude, she's totally gay,"

"I bet she's not that stupid."

"Silly, I'm not American, when I say she's gay, I mean she likes women."


How my best friend would introduce himself:-

"Hello."—Random person.


"What's up?"

"What's up? What's up? What is up? Sept, what's upppppp??—Al-x, panicked.

"I think we need to get you high."—Me.


How my other best friend/Girlfriend would introduce herself.

"Hi."—Random person.

"Hiii, my name's Alice! Did you know I'm a boy and he's the girl?"—She says while pointing to me.

Random person pales.


Last comments:-

One, I miss Panic At the Disco WITH the Exclamation Point. T.T

Two, O.K. stands for Oll Korrect, I swear, it's so weird.

Three, Good Bye:-


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