The Lucky No. 13 Featurette: Behind the 13

Part 1: The Story Behind Lucky and Trivia

Hello again. –sighs- Another year (or two), another story. Lucky was especially great though. Going into it, I didn't think it would work out as well as it did. Lucky is my second project and continues to be overlooked while Unexpected Love, my first project, continues to shine. I believe that Lucky is superior to UL though. It was the story I truly wanted to write. UL was me getting back in the writing waters since my little slump in middle school and it was heavily influenced by my friends. They didn't want a boring romance. They wanted conflict, action… and in Candice or Kairi's eyes… death. -laughs- So, they're the force behind how UL ended. Lucky on the other hand was all me. One hundred percent my ideas, my characters and my plot. It was absolutely great writing it and its amazing re-reading it while I'm sending out signed chapters to a good friend of mine. Lucky is my favorite story, from beginning to end.

But how did Lucky come to be? It was once again, the fuel of a tireless night and the idea of a sweet chica. –laughs- You think I was kidding when I say that girls come like ninjas to me when I'm asleep. Although, Miss Thirteen was influences by something more than my sweet fantasy. The song you all know so well, No. 13 Baby by the Pixies was the driving influence to Miss Thirteen's character and whole story in general. Although, at first, the girl in the song sounded a lot like Kat from UL except one lyric said she had brown eyes. –laughs- I could really care less what color a girl's eyes are unless they're like red. But that makes a vampire, which is pretty awesome. –laughs- Anyway, Kat kind of fit the model to the point where she dawned a lined 13 on her chest on her digital avatar in Rock Band. Yes, I do make avatars of all my fine characters. I can't draw, so that's one way to get a picture of them out of my head. But then… she hit me like she did seven years ago.

Taken from the Red Binder (date unknown)


Jonathan "Stingray" Ray

Nicole "Miss Thirteen" Key

John and Nicole. Well, actually John and Miss Key. The first couple I came up with. It was back in fifth grade or so. The story was something a kid like me would come up with. It was my first real story aside from constant doodling and cartoon stories and English assignments. It was my personal story and it really sucked. –laughs- I mean, you could not follow any of it without me telling you where they were, who they were, what they looked like. It was horrible. But it was my first story and I liked the characters… least… their normal sides. Which is why I ditched the first plot and moved to pool. They do still have their different identities, but not to the point where they were in the first story. So, to give you a little back ground on where the first John and Miss Key first show up, I am giving you the honor of reading a rewritten version of the first chapter of my first story.

Chapter 1


As the bell rings, I watch every student rush out the door to get lunch. Pushing and shoving like a herd of cattle trying to get to the feeding troth as if there was going to be none left for them. It was boring to watch, every single day. I had to too; otherwise I would be caught in that mess. And being poked and prodding by anxious classmates trying to get lunch is not something I want. So, watching the daily routine, I sit back in my chair and look outside.

I see the beautiful city of San Juan Seison, overlooking our small school in the suburbs. Its high rises, piercing the clouds with their majestic peaks. It must be quite a sight from the top of one. Sighing, I close my eyes and imagine myself on top of one of the massive towers, looking at the city from the sight of a bird, the sunlight reflecting off every window and wall. It was a fantastic sight. I only wish I could be up there, in the clouds, instead at this boring old school.

Of course, boring is good for monotony, which is what I need. It's my prescription for life. I have what people call trouble managing my stress. I get frustrated really easily or stress out where my heart is racing and I black out. When I come to… well, bad things had happened. People always point the finger at me. Why shouldn't they? I know I can't control myself in those situations. That's why I try to avoid them all together.

The last five times, I've been in five different cities, five different families. I never get attached because they're always the same. A mother and father that say they love me and want to take care of me. I know deep down though… they are scared of me. They're scared of what I might do. I'm a reckless teenager with problems controlling his emotions. Who wouldn't be afraid? The people they set me up with.

Although the couple in San Juan Seison is the same, they have a cool last name. Andres. Mr. and Mrs. Andres. I don't even know their names. I don't get attached because I know as soon as the spark comes I'll be right on the next plane to my next prison. I'm a prisoner of society living in your home. Yeah, that's a great title to have.

Still, thinking of being on the top of the highest building, Padre Enterprises. It calms me down and makes me forget I'm sitting in this boring old classroom.


Until the teacher interrupts that is. I open my eyes and see the classroom is empty except for him.

"Aren't you going to go to lunch like all the other kids?"

Since when am I like other kids? Still, I follow what he says and pick up my backpack and head out the door into the sun.

I hate the sun. I really do. It's always mega-bright when I step outside. They've done tests and I literally have sensitivity to light that makes sunny days like the ones here in San Juan Seison really hard to deal with. Not only do I have that but my eyes… reacted to the sun as well. While doing the light test to see if my eyes were as bad as I said they were, they noticed something weird. When my eyes took in light, my pupils would shrink like normal, but my iris would begin to have a faint green tint to it. Like… it was trying to change color!

So unless I wanted to walk around with green eyes everywhere, I wear these sunglasses. Nothing special, just regular sunglasses you could get anywhere. Just to keep the blasted light from my eyes. I put them on and walk towards the lunch area. I'm technically not supposed to wear these glasses because the teachers on yard duty think I'm rolling my eyes at them. So they make me take them off. Like you care if I roll my eyes at you or not.

Getting in line, I pick up a tray and a slice of pizza, if that's what you can call it. The pizza here is terrible. It taste like plastic and the grease is almost unbearable. Still, it's the only thing better than everything else. It's still a chore to get through to though. I like pizza and everything, but I really wish they put a little more quality into the food they serve us.

Paying for my piece of food and a drink, I scan the area that is full of people. Of course, I soon spot a boy waving his arm for me to coming over.

"John! Hey John!"

Walking over, I see it's my good friend Christopher. He's quite a firecracker and a bit of a joker as well. Although, I see he managed to get a spot in the shade of the big tree. He's actually thinking of my eyes for once so those teachers don't start yelling at me for having my sunglasses on. Getting closer, I see he's wearing all black again. That might also be his reason for picking the shade. Still, I walk over and take a seat next to him.

"You're gonna get heat stroke in all that, y'know." I say, taking off my sunglasses.

"Heh… why do you think I picked the tree?" he asked sarcastically, as he unwrapped his hamburger.

"Oh, silly me, I thought you were actually concerned with my condition." I starting picking up my pizza, trying to keep the cheese on it.

"Your condition is you're crazy!" he shot back, "There is nothing wrong with your eyes, it's all in your head."

"Whatever Chris," I said, taking a bite of the rubbery pizza.

While we're eating, Chris decided to nudge me in the side, making me choke on the bite.

"Hey John!" he said as I'm trying to get the piece of food out of my throat.

Quickly grabbing my drink, I take a few sips and manage to breathe again.

"What is it Chris?" I asked, putting the pizza aside.

He nudges me again and points discreetly towards the tables. "See that girl right there?"

I look over and see a lone brown-haired girl eating to what appears to be a salad.

"Yes, what about her?" I asked back.

"Have you seen her before?"

I look again and she's just picking at the salad. I can't tell who she is from here. Just because there's something wrong with my eyes does not make them binoculars.

"I don't think so…" I said, unsure of my answer.

"Is she new then?"

"Probably," I replied taking a sip of my drink.

"Huh… a new girl…" he repeated.

"Why does it matter if she's new or not?" I ask, looking at her again.

"Well, then she hasn't heard of your little incident in the chemistry lab."

I looked away from the boy. "It was an accident."

"Uh-huh… Everything's going just fine and then BOOM!" he exclaimed, waving his arms in the air.

I continued to look away. "It was a very stressful assignment."

"Sure… we all know how it happened. You were rushing to finish before the next bell rang, spilled the substance, lit the burner and BOOM!" he exaggerated again, "Green fire everywhere!"

Breathe John. Keep your cool… its just Chris. "It was an accident."

"You know… the teachers said they don't recall having out the substance that makes fire green. What did you mix that caused the whole lab to go-? BOOM!"

"WILL YOU CUT THAT OUT?!" I yelled, grabbing his arms. He immediately pulled them back.

"Whoa dude. Your hands feel like they're on fire. Chill out man." he said, rubbing his arms.

I grab my drink and try to cool down. The drink did feel colder for some reason. Maybe it was the condensation from the heat of the sun or something.

He finishes his drink and puts all his trash on my tray. "What are you doing?" I ask politely.

"Since you're getting up, I thought you wouldn't mind taking my trash for me."

"Who says I'm getting up?"

"You're going to throw away your trash, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yeah…" I replied. "Where are you going with this?"

He points that the trashcan is directly behind the girl he was pointing out earlier. I gulp.

"Oh no… No no. I'm not-" I begin.

"Yes you are." He pushes me off the grass. "Just go talk to her!"

I hesitate with the tray full of trash in my hand. "I can't… what if…"

"What if nothing! Go talk to her! Find out who she is!" he shouts at me.

I sighed. "Okay… here goes nothing."

I walk over to the trashcan and see that she's still picking at the remains of her salad. She doesn't look like any girl around here.

Throwing away the trash and putting the tray up on the trashcan, I make my way over and sit next to her. She looks familiar in a way, but I don't think she's been here before.

"Hey." I manage to get out, causing her to look over at me.

"Hello." She replies, still picking at her meal with the fork.

"Are you going to finish that?" I ask stupidly.

She turns and looks at me. "Do you want it?"

"No… no, it's just…" I stop and start over. "Hello. My name's John."

I reach my hand out for a friendly handshake and she slowly replies.


"Kelly." I repeat, "Are you new, Kelly?"

She sighs and goes back to her plate. "Yeah… just… thinking about my old school, my old friends, stuff like that."

"Ah yeah… I know what you mean. I've been to quite a few schools myself. This one isn't half-bad though. You'll like it here." I said somewhat cheerfully.

She turns back to me with a smile on her face. "I think I will, John."

Getting up, she throws away the rest of her salad and starts walking to her next class. I'm getting incredibly obvious gestures from Chris to pursue her. I quickly run up and catch up to her.

"So… watch the news lately?" I blurted out. News? First thing that comes to mind is news. Jeez.

"Um… yeah, there was an interesting story on last night actually." She said, trying to remember.

"Really now?"

"Yeah… reports of a flying… person… saving a bus-load of kids from a 40-foot fall. Seems like a hoax, doesn't it?" she asked cheerfully.

"I've never heard of such an event… what city was this?"

"Yours, silly."

Silly. She calls me silly for not believing people can fly.

"Okay." I said, trying to make sense of this. "Does anyone know who this person is?"

"Hmmm… the story said she identified herself as Kell Key. Quite amazing, don't you think?"

Because you share the name of a girl that can fly, that's really amazing.

"So… you're saying… a girl, by the name of Kell Key, save a bus of kids from falling off a cliff."


"What is she? A 'powder puff girl?'" I asked wildly. "There's no such thing as superheroes!"

"Hmph! Just because you've never seen one doesn't mean they don't exist." She said sternly.

"Okay… so… say your 'powder puff' is real." I begin; starting to see this girl is crazier than I thought. "What does she do beside save kids from once in a lifetime accidents?"

"Protect cities from villains like that John Dre character." She said with a gleam in her eye.

"Excuse me? Who else are you putting in this crazy little fantasy of yours?" I ask wildly.

"John Dre. The symbol of what a hero shouldn't be. He's the one causing destruction across our state!"

"Uh… why haven't I heard about this? Do I not get the whacked out conspiracy theories channel?"

"Hmph! He hasn't hit San Juan Seison… yet. Although, Internet sources tells us he's here."

"What sources? Who are they?"

"Us. The public. The one's that need to root for Kell Key to bring a stop to his reign of terror."

I closed my eyes and started to think for just one second. What is wrong with her?

"Okay, okay. While you're stuck in your Saturday morning fantasyland, the rest of us will be just fine without you."

She pouts and then starts staring at me. I roll my eyes but she doesn't tell because of my sunglasses.

"You… kind of look like him…" she said, examine every inch of my person.

"I look like whom, Kelly?" I ask, not believing anything she says pretty much.

"Take off your glasses." She orders.


"Take them off."

"Why should I?"

"If you don't, I will." She threatens, getting in striking stance.

"Like you-"

Her hand comes up and swats the glasses on the floor, breaking the lens.

"You're gonna have to pay for that, you crazy-"

She holds my face in her hands, preventing me from talking. If I didn't know better, she was about to kiss me! My heart slowly begins to speed up. I quickly put my hands in my jacket pockets.

She keeps staring at me, in like… every direction. It was really starting to freak me out. Not having anything better to do, I look at her and behind the pupil of her brown eyes… it looks like there was a tint of pink… What? I must be seeing things.

She finally lets me go. "Okay, you're not him."

"Kelly. Give me one good reason why you had me in your hands for two minutes."

"Just checking what color eyes you have, John. Although JD has green eyes."

"JD?" I asked wildly. "You mean that John Dre guy?

"Mmhmm. If you were him, I'd bring you straight to Kell Key myself. I'm her number one fan."

"I couldn't have guessed." I said, picking up my broken sunglasses.

"Oops. Sorry." She admitted. I look at her in the corner of my eye.

"You really are something, you know that?" I said, going back up to her.

"Hehe… sorry John. Hey! I'll make it up to you! Why don't we go to dinner tonight? My treat."

"Uhh…" I said, speechless.

"Good? Good. See you later, John!" she said as she walked off to class.

I just stood there utterly confused at what just happened. Of course, my source for everything happened to pop up from behind the wall.

"Dude… either you just got in a fight with a girl or you just got a date with that new girl." Chris said, slapping his hand on my shoulder. I gave way and stumbled away from my guest.

"You… saw all that?" I asked breathlessly.

"Mmhmm. Way to go John!"

"Chris… you have no idea what this girl is like. I mean, you saw what she did, right?" I said, holding up the broken sunglasses.

"Yeah, but you should be happy! She's pretty hot up close."

"In more ways than one." I admit.


"You saw when she had her hands on my face? They were burning… Seriously…"

"Heh… you two are perfect for each other then. Both hot blooded." He pointed out. I reached out of my left jacket pocket to discover the candy bar melted. The sun strikes again.

"Chris… would you mind coming along? I think I need some help on this."

"Sorry John. I can't. Got work to do with my Dad… some special assignment something rather."

"Darn. Guess I'm at the mercy of Kell Key's number one fan." I said defeated.

"Heh… guess I'll leave you two alone from now on." He added with his hand on my shoulder again.

"You little jokester." I replied, hearing the bell for the next class.

Wow… that was more fun than I thought. –laughs- John Dre, the title of this fine piece of writing, now that it's actually coherent, was my first story and it had the characters Jonathan Andres (originally Andre, but that doesn't make sense) and Kelly Key. They stemmed from my friends names, Key coming from Nicky. So, I made Nicole Key from that and Jonathan Ray because it sounded like Dre. Re-writing that, it makes me see why I wanted to re-write it straight from the story but at its core: it's a superhero story I made when I was ten. Superhero stories just don't work this late in a writer's career. There are counterexamples but would you read a story about superheroes or about pool? The odds are pretty much even, but I still went with the mature choice. I will admit that first chapter is good re-written though. I may… after a lull… re-write the whole thing for nostalgia sake. Who knows? Okay, time for Trivia.

That's right, I'm a Shark. Name is Jonathan Ray, number one, nicknamed "Stingray." The king of the Tide! Haha! Of course, I've lost a share of games, but never against him on the Tide. Something about that table brings out a stinger that can poison the greatest of opponents, like "Tiger" there.

Jonathan Ray, the 'hero' of our story. He was influenced as you can see by the John Dre character, with his brown hair and brown eyes. But, he did mean something more. He was the one Shark that changed when Nicky came. He was a gentleman. He was courteous. He knew what to do and why he had to do it. And for that, Jonathan is sort of the representation of the 'good' part of me.

But what makes him different from Dave?

Pretty much nothing. –laughs- John started out as a gritty, lower class child of a single father. He was meant to have that positive attitude. He could make something of himself to get out of his home and on to the roads as a champion like his old man. He was a spirited individual and the wall I wrote this greaser out from the start, he was nothing like Dave.

Twenty chapters in, he starts to change. He seems a lot more like the carefree Dave with Kat that plays a lot of pool. I really hated that I kind of drifted into that, but it still stuck with the story. He was more than Dave, even if the similarities outweigh the differences.

I turn around and behind me I see a familiar polished face behind me. Good 'ol Tommy Chris. Been my best friend since like, first grade! Despite him taking the bus from the east side of the city, he's always been able to relate to me, and that's probably why I trust him as much as I do.

Tommy. Tommy. Tommy. Another favorite character of mine. Obviously coming from Christopher Ricky from John Dre, he's sort of the Anti-John. Which, ladies, is why he has such a role in this story. He makes you like John more. His… over-the-top pervert-ness makes you see that John isn't like that. But, boy is if fun to write for. He's the average teenage boy raging with hormones and all that. His appearance is a lot cleaner due to his family's wealth, but all the stuff he has makes him kind of spoiled. Last thing to note is that you won't see the real Tom unless you really want him. And unless you can handle Tommy Chris, don't go asking for him.

"I…don't…know! I heard something similar to that, but it could just be a fluke. Why? Did you have a dream about Mary doing…?"

"Tom! No one, except for you, is having dreams about Mary Rocsers!" I shouted loudly.

"Dude, will you keep it down. I think all of M Street heard you." Tom whispered, "You didn't answer though."

Mary Rocsers. –laughs- I love that name, because of the similarity to roxors. It just sounds like the kind of girl that could rock your world and Tommy loves her for it. Although, if you looked enough into it, the name Mary isn't out of the blue, or the dark-blue hair should I say. Put two and two together people.

Although she is one of Tommy's many love interests, I made it a point to never show her in the story. She is the epitome of a background character. No dialogue, no appearance, just description. It kind of makes it that she doesn't exist. –laughs- Except, I made Donald her brother to fix the whole John situation. Although she is mentioned throughout the story, you never know anything about her except that Tom and her have had nights together.

What happened between Mary and Tom?

"Yeah…" I said, unsure of what that actually meant. "Where's Mary?"

"Mary? She's sick today. Was puking when she woke this morning she said, must be a stomach virus or something."

Hehe… She's sick… doesn't go to school anymore… Oh Tom, you have bit the big one. –laughs- It's inferred heavily that Tom and Mary's night together resulted in a very unexpected visitor. Although, it is up to your interpretation, I never outright said anything. If say I made a sequel, we might be seeing a whole new side to Tom, we might not. It's meant to be ambiguous. What can I say, I like having my fun with my readers.

"Oh, perdon! I can't help to mix Spanish and English together." Nicole replied, "Hello, I'm Nicky and I moved here from New Mexico, where you see I picked up Spanish as my first language. That's pretty much all you have to know."

She seemed very cheerful and presented herself without a hint of hesitation. Plus, she seemed very professional with her hair up in a ponytail. Not to mention those brown eyes! Wow, even from my seat in the back, you can clearly see them and their interesting shade of hue.

Nicole Key. A.K.A…

"They call me, La Señorita Trece," she said seductively.

Miss Thirteen. Oh… it wasn't meant to be hard at all. But, boy was it fun. Nicky and Miss Thirteen, two totally different personalities in one head, one body. It's bordering unrealistic, but I like her all the same. I already mentioned where she came from and what she was inspired from. She's sort of the Latina kickass Kat on the pool table. Nothing wrong with that really. Although, she does have a few holes, like every character.

What is with Nicky's…personality switches?

"Nicky! Okay, I made this-" I began, almost kneeling in front of her.

"Save it," she said sharply, "I just want my breakfast and to get the hell out of here with you two perverts watching my every move."

13 minutes later…

"Alright!" Nicky exclaimed, flying down the stairs and then diving into the leather couch in her crimson-red silk shirt. "Let's play, buddy boy!"

Morning after… or just girls in general. Even back in John Dre, the girl hated the guy and then went after him for no reason. Same with UL. And it's the same here. It's something bigger than PnJ. It's like Acute Loathing Initial Character Emotion Syndrome. For the sake of the plot, they hate their guts before they get to know them. It's crazy and it happens all the time!

Did I mention the Sharks? Well, more or less, explain them? The Sharks are the ranked players at the Tide, the top ten. Scott's a lasting Shark, ranked second. His nickname is coincidentally, "Tiger." A fierce competitor, and he always wants that number one spot, so he can prove he's the top Shark at the Tide, which is taken by Yours Truly.

Scott Garcias. The Tiger. Or Tigercito… -laughs- He's definitely an interesting character, simple because of whom he is. He's John's rival on the table but his friend at school. Keep your enemies closer, I guess. Scott is a lot like Tommy and all the other guys, with his pervert level. But, he takes things to the extreme like his punishment of Miss Thirteen on sign-ups. He's overall the extreme bad guy her if you can't choose either John or Nicky's side. You can hate Scott for wanting to just control the Hall at all costs if it means getting rid of Miss Thirteen or the 'pansy Stingray.'

Although, not many people paid attention to the balls, but to her body. Wearing a low-cut t-shirt again; you could easily see the "thirteen" tattooed to her chest. Although, she was wearing a leather jacket when she entered this time. A token stolen by her victory with Tiger? No matter, once the racking began, every eye in the hall watched as her perfect body bent across the table with the rack in her hands. This hardly fazed Donald though.

Miss Thirteen taking Scott's jacket is something that is mentioned once. Yet, I never did write that she took it from him. Yet, in the final chapter, she's wearing the Tiger jacket, plain and simple. The goal of Miss Thirteen was to take something from each competitor. Scott's jacket, Donald's chalk… leading up to what kind of hit spur of the moment, John's heart. It never really worked out, but Miss Thirteen somehow magically acquired his jacket in which he got a new silver one with tiger stripes that make him look like the frilly cousin of Tony the Tiger… -laughs- Oh how I wish I could draw that.

The monster pulled off his mask, revealing the greased brown hair and face of a familiar Shark.

Scott having brown hair… uh… As you can see from my visual representations soon to come from Rock Band, Scott has black hair… jet-black even…. I think it even says so in the first chapter… still… It would make John too similar to Scott to make them both have brown hair. He still looks creepy as an avatar. So, chalk it up to another typo mistake. There's more, believe me. (In the final draft of Lucky, I did change it to black hair, to match his avatar and the other mentions of his appearance. This will be reflected in the case that Lucky does ever get published.)

Donald Rocsers? Well, besides the fact I don't know his last name... he's currently ranked 3rd in the Sharks. His nickname is 'dragon' because of the design on his custom Japanese cue-stick. He's all about the Japanese culture, even more so than Tommy. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew bits of Japanese just from his compulsive watching of those shows. A pretty fun guy, but he tends to stay off the tables unless a tourney is coming up.

Donald Rocsers. The Dragon. The Otaku. The anime fanboy from the midst of Soul Society. Whatever you want to call him, he's definitely the fanboy of this story. Like a male 'Michelle' –shudders- He's meant to be a small representation of my anime side in a way, more so that ecchi-loving Tommy over there. Donald is a collected character. He's supposed to be older, not sure if I ever mentioned that, which makes him a more seasoned competitor, by a year or two. He is the advocate of the No Girls policy, which makes his approval in the end so unpredictable to the crowd. He kind of serves as John's brother, making sure he doesn't get into too many scruffs with Scott, his rival.

As for his avatar, I put him having blond hair. He needed to stick out from John and the others. He has been described having glasses, for traditional otaku moves, no less. Although, I did add the glasses on his avatar for RB, it does really fit him in both the story and the game. I wish that there were better frames on RB though, the one I picked seem too… geekish.

What was with the songs?

Songs… -laughs- Songs drove this story, my Readers. If you couldn't tell, googling half of these chapter titles will yield an actual song. Not to mention after chapter 13, I started adding the relevant lyrics to the bottom of the references. This whole story was based on my library of songs, most notably Miss Thirteen and John and Nicole's history at the end. It was fun and it really brought out less work on Chapter titles. Don't be surprised to see some of these titles pop up in the Lucky Montage, which can be found on my profile...

Okay. It's called Lucky No. 13, but you really pushed the 13 references. How many are there?!

-laughs- The 13 references around every corner. Oh my God, I can't tell you how many I hid in there. I will outline and total them all up right now though. Just to see how many there really are:

It's in between both a Ciento Valley and a Sammy's on a block on M Street. (M is the 13th letter of the alphabet)

"You'll see there's more to life than being a black alley cat on 13th Street."

"Well, isn't this my lucky day?" I said, lining up a straight shot for the thirteen in the side, and drawing back for easy access on the eight.

Chapter 2: No. 13 Baby

Got a tattoo- say number thirteen

More intriguing was the two-piece cue she had inside, with a title of 'La Rica – El Numero Trece.'

"They call me, La Señorita Trece," she said seductively.

"Let me guess, the thirteen?" I asked hypothetically. (In response to her tattoo)

A bank off the foot rail, into the side, and trying for the thirteen in the corner.

So, sit back and listen to the hits on 91.3, Harmonicks.

Edging to the side of my bed, I saw the time illuminated on the clock: November 7th, 2008. 3:13 AM.

"Thirteen. Twelve days, seventeen hours…

and thirteen minutes." I corrected.

"Well then, Mr. 'King of All Sharks'," could you politely sit down and turn to page 113 in your textbook?" The figure at the front of the class ordered.

Chapter 12: New Way Home (13th track off of The Colour and the Shape)

"So," Nicky said, raising her face from my arm, "I guess you don't mind that my birthday is November 13th, then?"

Chapter 13: Xo (13th track off of From Under the Cork Tree)

I looked over to the clock to see that the time was 11:13 PM.

The thirteenth chapter of a story called Lucky No. 13 where you find out for sure that Nicky is Miss Thirteen comes out on Friday, February 13th.

My name is Samantha Walker and as of Friday night, October 13th I am the unluckiest girl on the face of the earth.

"Dammit!" he exclaimed, fist pounding on the table. "Samantha Walker, one day your luck will run to its thirteenth hour!"

Taking care of her partner, she moves to the door of the table room, closing and locking with the combination 2-6-5-1-3.

(2-6-5. 2+6+5=13.)

T-R-E-C-E. (as the Crest Lock Password)

"Tsk…tsk… Thirteen ball…corner pocket." He said, winding up another hit with the half of the cue that remained.

"My lucky thirteen. Let it brand you well."

"It's true!" I said aloud, "I was thrown out because I was a girl. I was his 'number thirteen' to his game. I was considered bad luck for him."

By the time of the 13th Annual Tourney, the Arcade is flooded with competitors and reporters wanting a piece of the story on me.

The site comes up with the full title "Rosario + Vampire Full Season English Subtitled Episodes 1-13" along with other important torrent info.

November 15th, 00:13

November 15th, 06:47. (13 minutes until 7 AM)

November 15th, 09:13.

Closet 2, Bedroom 6, Kitchen 5, Bedroom 1, Living Room 3.

(2,6,5 again)

"Triskaidekaphobia!" (Fear of the number 13)

"Sure Mr. Thatcher. Thirteen can either be a symbol of good luck or bad luck. It depends on your perspective."

"A baker's dozen includes one extra pastry or roll, making it thirteen."

"The thirteen original English colonies that discovered this nation."

"In some buildings, they have no 'thirteenth floor.'"

"Organization XIII. A criminal group in a popular video game."

"The iconic Friday the 13th."

"In the Spanish culture, Tuesday is considered the unluckiest day of the week. Although, the thirteenth still stands." She said, fading out on the last part.

"It is known to stand for the resurrection or rebirth of someone. Not holding himself or herself to the status of deity or anything, but to begin again. Lose the marks of old days past." (Tattoo of 13)

"The thirteen letter of the alphabet is M. Gangs and bikers would often tattoo themselves with thirteen to stand for marijuana and other drugs."

"It's also known as a symbol of misfortune. If someone was marked with the number thirteen, it means they've already been cursed. Some people get a thirteen tattoo to ward off evil spirits because they think that they are already cursed."

"For one, La Eme. The Mexican mafia. I've always been told to run as far as I can from someone that has a thirteen tattoo. Otherwise…"

Hailbel Mila Sunbear is variation of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song "Apache Rose Peacock" (One of my favorites off of BSSM, in fact). Not only that, but it is the thirteenth track on the album. Although, with no relation other than that, I decided to do a little fixing in the title (a lot like Wave of Realization-Wave of Mutilation)

137-427-2427 says: (This originally meant something more… but I don't remember what it was…)

"All's fair in love and war." He said, tossing a burnt DVD named 'N-13 Evidence' onto his desk.

"You will have a Standard 13 test on Wednesday."

Looking at the clock from the couch, she saw the time was 6:13 PM.

Message received today at 6:47 PM. (13 minutes to 7PM)

Wow… 52 references in total, which happens to be divisible by 13… They just keep coming! Plus, there are 52 cards in a deck. Maybe Jay's becomes something more than just a pool hall… I don't know.

Anyways, that's the end of the Featurette for Lucky No. 13. If I happen to get any reviews this next week, I may consider making a final Appreciation for all of my faithful readers and reviewers. Otherwise, this might be the last chapter. Thanks for reading what has to be my longest story yet and I hope you stick around for any other stories I might write.