I can't believe it's over.

(I also can't believe that, with the epilogue, JFAT will be more than 100,000 words. Approx ten thousand less than Twilight. Oh man, I just compared myself to Twilight. Please, no angry fans. Although I like Rhys better than Edward Cullen... Just a personal preference. :D)

Honestly, all of you readers and reviewers out there are amazing, especially the ones who have stuck with me through My International Slip Up, stuck with me through those long bouts of nothingness, and long bouts of I'm-just-way-too-lazy-for-my-own-good. I owe you guys so much.

Writing and reading has always been a place I could escape to when things in my own life weren't going too hot. And though at first, I wrote for myself, I ended up writing for all of you as well, hoping that somehow, my story could bring a little bit of laughter, angst and drama into your lives, to let you escape for a bit too.

I can only hope that it's helped in some way.

As most of you know, there will be a third and final installment of the Slip Up series. I had people vote, and luckily, it leaned towards the choice that I liked most; Claret and Axel.

Here's the gameplan, boys and girls. (Mostly girls though, I'm assuming?)

The third part of the series (the name is still yet to be unveiled, ;D) will be started this week, probably around Wednesday or Thursday, so keep a heads up for that. When I'm done this third part, I'll choose a few of my stories to complete (ex. Death's Messenger, Project Pygmalion, etc.). After that, we'll see where I go from there.

To sum things up, I'm very grateful to everyone for reading and reviewing and sticking with me.

I hope to see you guys at the next installment!

- julie tseng.

p.s. a sneak peek as to what's going to happen next...

-a nervous breakdown

-an exacting of revenge

-an awkward saviour

-a chance meeting

-a party

-an awkward second encounter.