This is a short story I wrote for English class. It requires a lot of interpretive thinking and analyzing in order to properly appreciate it. Please leave comments/questions/feedback – it'll be appreciated! Okay, Enjoy!

Inside and Out

Justin was a guy that went to my high school who I was kind of crushing on. Okay, that's a major understatement. We were in the same grade 11 chemistry class, and coincidentally, that was the only class I was practically failing in. He usually sat two seats behind me, but today, a couple of students were absent celebrating a religious holiday that I had never heard of. The absentees included the nerd who usually sat between me and the hottest guy ever. So today, Justin was sitting directly behind me.

The two of us were teasing each other about something insignificant and completely ignoring the teacher's monotone lesson on enzymes. Our conversation was interrupted when my best friend, Tina, who sits in front of me, slapped a small, crumbled sheet of paper on my desk. It stated, "Kim! That freak's staring at you, again! Like ew..." As soon as I finished reading the short note, my eyes shot up 45 degrees to my right. The second my eyes met Alexander's, they raced back to the left wall of the room.

I hadn't looked away fast enough to not notice Alexander's hideous shirt, his giant earlobes or the oily tuft of black hair that always partially covered his big head. The one thing that stuck in my head the most was his dark beady eyes staring at me from behind his thick glasses.

I turned back to Justin, who had evidently noticed what had happened, and mouthed "ew". This made him start laughing and I raised an eyebrow at him.

"You attract losers," he stated. I was about to protest when I saw him gesturing to himself with his eyes. I grinned at him.

I heard a clicking sound as the announcements came on, "There has been an emergency and we are going into a full-scale lock down immediately," there was another click when the principal's message ended.

Everyone in the class shuffled into a crouching position next to their desks, not bothering to do so silently. We watched the teacher close the lights and cover the small windows on the door with sheets of paper.

I continued my conversation with Justin in whispers, occasionally leaning closer to him when he claimed that he couldn't hear me.

More than half an hour had passed since the start of the lockdown, and I was starting to become impatient. Justin was better looking in the light, it was hard to see the bright blue colour of his eyes in the dark.

Finally, we heard a third click as the announcements came on once again, "Thank you for your co-operation, staff and students. The situation has been dealt with-" That's all I needed to hear. I pushed myself off the floor and wiped my hands on my jeans. Without waiting for the announcements to finish, I walked to the door.

I turned the handle of the door and pushed it open, just enough to let me slide out into the hallway. Suddenly, I heard a loud gun shot only a few metres away. I stared at the maroon lockers directly across the hall from the chemistry room's door. I was frozen from fright, and not willing to look at the source of the sound.

I felt Justin push past me. He walked to the two guys who were standing a few metres away from me.

"She's scared stiff!" Justin laughed as he gave one of the two guys a heavy pat on the back. He glanced at me, with no trace of a smile in his features and I felt something tighten inside of me.

"What an idiot... man, my hands sting from clapping so damn hard!" the guy laughed as he flailed his arms, "But it was worth it! Hell! Did you see the look on her face??" Justin's face molded into something that looked similar to the 'Scream' mask for half a second. The three of them laughed louder. Justin looked more beautiful that I'd ever seen him.

I walked backwards into my chemistry class. I was scared stiff, covered in goose bumps and worst of all, humiliated. As I headed back to my seat, I heard Alexander call out to me. My ears perked up a little.

"Kim," his voice was filled with concern, "You okay?"

"I'm fine," I stated coldly, without bothering to look at him. I gave Tina a look that spoke for itself:

'What made that loser think he had the right to talk to me?'