I am her

Hopeless is suicide

To surrender is to die

The moment you give up

Is the moment your life ends

Isn't it sad?

Isn't weird?

When life gets too bad

Don't give up

Fight on!

Always on

Forever on

For what else is there?

Yes, there is heaven

Yes, there is hell

But here

Here on Earth

There is so much to fight for

For love

For freedom

For right

And even for peace

The world is beautiful

Don't weep now

Don't hang your head

Look up at the stars

At the shining moon

And remember the days of your innocence

When all seemed good

When all was right

When there was no pain

No evil

Can you remember?

Do you believe innocence existed at all?

Remember those days

Hold them close

Try to hold on

Don't give up on life

There is still good

Still beauty

Still love

Still peace

Live on

Remember the best of times

But don't forget the worst

Live life

With no regrets

What you have done

Is who you have become

You are your own creature

Thank the heavens that you are

What you are

No one is the same

Remember your innocence

Those beautiful




Remember when times get bad

When the sun is hidden

When evil fills the land

When the day turns to night



And fight