When I saw you for the first time
You had such a mischievous smile
But I could see the pain
Hidden deep in your blue eyes
And I knew that I had to talk to you

We were best friends
I followed you everywhere
You always teased me
And I would never admit it
But I wanted to be so much more to you

We grew older
We never talked about our feelings
But we were always there for each other
With silent comfort and understanding
And I wished I could be everything to you

When you kissed me
I forgot how to breathe
All of my dreams seemed to some true
And my life was perfect
You said I was the one for you

We were together
I was the only one you seemed to trust
I knew you better than anyone else
This was the way I always wanted it to be
I loved who I was, because I was yours

When you left
I seemed to fall from Heaven
All the way to the ground
And hit it so hard, I could never get up
I was no one, without you

After all this time
I still miss you
I have not run out of tears
And I can't forget your smile
I think a part of me will always be yours

I haven't seen you in such a long time
I wonder how you're living your life
I hope you're happy
And I hope someone has finally healed the pain behind your eyes
Since I wasn't the person who could