My Wish

Through our tears and fears

We made it through the years

Sometimes with nothing more

Then the love we bore

As I look back on life

Through eyes of the old

And a heart forever young

I carry the knowledge of deeds done

While I hear the clock of time

Slowly chime

And the things I find

Won't leave my mind

Things done

Battles lost and won

Memories to hold

While I grew old

Making me wish

For the things

I can't have

Except in what a memory brings

I wish for you

The things I never got to have or do

That you'll fulfill your dreams

Whenever your dreams may lead

Make something better of life

Then what I tried

Hold your head high

Don't let life be ruled by pride

Set it aside

And listen to common sense

For in the end

Its more your friend

And always remeber

No matter where you go

Or what you do

I will always love you