Thank You

Thank You

Thank you for shining in the time of need,

Letting us glimpse the light through darkness,

Thank you for giving us a sign,

and comforting us through sadness.

Thank you for showing us you care,

That you are always watching.

Thank you for being the match

That struck our candle glowing.

Thank you for the love you've shown

on me and my family.

Thank you for answering our prayers,

Jesus, Lord—you are the light in me.

It's beautiful when you think all hope is lost, but then Jesus comes into your life and shows you that he cares. My grandfather recently had a bad stroke and we all thought it would take at least a year for him to recover a little (not completely), but now, just two months afterwards he can walk and talk, and although he can't write properly yet it shows that God has listened to our prayers and helped us. Thank you, God.