My spoon just spins inside the coffee cup.
My brain can take the caffeine.
My life needs balance.
The tune up is for a broken machine.

Words can't make you get here.
Now my hands are shaking.
The air conditioner cools everything down.
I think my heart is breaking.

My cell phone just falls out of my pocket.
Contact lists of people I'll never want to call.
I need cover from the rain.
I want to know why I'm really alive at all.

If the mind is dangerous, then am I endangered?
I could drink myself to know.
Of all the criticisms I collect.
Which one should I nurture and grow?

The sun warms my skin.
There's plenty of air to breathe.
But where is a duplicate?
Is there anyone out there like me?

Pills make my lungs work again.
My nose runs and clogs.
Your body fights to survive.
I keep thinking mine is going to stop.

When I stand up, the blood rushes toward my feet.
It's the only feeling I've had in days.
You're dead on the inside.
What am I really trying to say?

The ideal is motion.
Life, a solitary path.
Destiny has already been chosen.
And I can't make due with this wrath.

Make a wish.
Say a secret prayer.
Awake to hear the barriers dissolve.
One day you'll make it there.