It all started with a party at Davis' house. Remy was 18 at the time, a high school graduate (an achievement her three older siblings still couldn't believe after a full year) and a part-time employee of "The Bayou" Record Store. Her band "Hell Catz" had been off of the stage for the better part of an hour and they were all hanging out with everyone at the house, drinking, smoking and generally having a good time. They even took the occasional and always exciting "fan picture" with random people they'd probably only ever see again in a comment on Myspace. She'd just left the kitchen, beer in hand, when her host/drummer called her over.

"Remy! I want you to meet someone!" She turned to the voice, opening the beer before tentatively sipping the foam off the top and walking over. She walked straight towards two figures; a young man with short blond hair and the grubby beginnings of a beard and a brown haired young woman who had caught the musicians eye earlier in the night. Of course, she didn't show how interested she was, she simply walked over sipping at her beer can. The young man cleared his throat. "Remy this is Mia Hamburg. Mia this is Remy Sirius." he said, introducing the two as best he could. Mia held her free hand out, Remy took it (after shifting the beer to her other hand).

"Nice to meet you." Remy said.

"Likewise. You were really good up there, I never expected to see a band where the bass player sings too." Mia replied, smirking lightly at the young musician. "So, Remy Sirius... is that your real name?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow. Remy nodded.

"Every syllable."

"Interesting. You're K.C. Sirius' daughter, right? The drummer of 'Dead Wait'?" The bassist nodded.

"Yeah, unfortunately. We're not very close."

"Oh. I'm sorry to hear about that. I always thought he was close with all his kids."

"No big deal. We were close, but not anymore.." she replied with a light shrug before taking another sip of beer and peering at the woman across from her with her gray eyes. Hmmm... "So, Mia, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm an artist but I'm also a college student."

"Artist, eh? Interesting." Very... "You wouldn't happen to have any of your work with you...?" Remy asked, smirking lightly. Mia responded with a laugh.

"No, but I'll be sure to bring some to the next party." Mia replied.

"Sweet. Can't wait to see them. Want a beer or something?" she asked, pointing in the direction of the kitchen. Mia nodded.

"Yeah, thanks." Remy nodded and turned back to the kitchen. She was halfway through the crowd when her host came jogging up to her.

"So, Mia's pretty hot right?" he asked.

"Yeah. Why? You trying to set me up?" she asked, not looking at her friend.

"Hell yeah I am. Since that freaky dominatrix chick me and the 'Hell Catz' decided we have to get you a stable girlfriend. And Mia's the most stable chick I've ever met in my whole freakin' life." he said matter-of-factly.

"How do you know her anyway? She doesn't seem like the type of person who'd hang out with you."

"We've known each other since elementary school. We were in the same 4th grade class." He said, smirking. She smirked back.

"You still keep in touch with people from the 4th grade?"

"Nah, only her. She was the only one who didn't think I was gonna be a bum when I grew up." he replied. She chuckled slightly before opening the fridge and grabbing another beer.

"You know, she was only half right. You grew up to be a bum who happens to play drums for a pretty popular band."

"Heh, I know right?" Remy laughed slightly.

"She gay?"

"Well, she's had two boyfriends in the past, but she's expressed... interest in you when I told her about ya." she cocked an eyebrow.

"Really?" he nodded.

"Yup." he looked forward before chuckling. "Looks like she's met Finn." he said. Remy looked up to see her young red headed 'sister' talking to Mia. Both looked like they were enjoying themselves. She smirked.

"Insta-friends, right?" she asked him, looking over her shoulder at him. Davis nodded.

"Looks like it." he replied. He looked off to the side and locked eyes with a young woman. He clasped Remy's shoulder before patting it twice. "See ya buddy. I got a chick to entertain." With that he walked off in her direction. Remy laughed lightly and, a minute later, handed Mia the beer.

"Thanks." she said, taking it. "You two are sisters?" she asked Remy, pointing from Finn to the musician. Remy opened her mouth to speak before her much shorter counterpart used her arm to pull her down to her own eye level.

"Yup!" she said with a huge grin on her face. "We're soul mates!" she said. Remy blinked and looked over at the red head.

"We are? That's news to me." she said. Finn grinned.

"Shut up meanie." she said, letting her go. "Well, you two have fun. I'm gonna go visit the Porcelain Gods." she said, waving slightly to them before walking towards the back of the house. Remy smirked lightly before turning back to Mia.

"We're not related by blood, but we've known each other since we were little, so we're practically sisters." she said. Mia smiled.

"I see. I think it's cute." Remy laughed.

"Thanks?" she said jokingly. She cleared her throat and took a step forward, toward Mia. "So, about those pictures you've drawn. How about I pick you up, say, tomorrow around 2 and you can show them to me over some coffee?" Mia, now blushing, opened her mouth to answer when a slight shriek mixed with a yelp pierced the noise. The two turned to see a short red head run through the crowd and out the door. Remy and Davis locked eyes before he stood and went where Finn had run from as she and Mia ran after her. Luckily Finn's height hindered her from running faster then her tall friend and the bassist caught up to her half way through the lawn. She grabbed her friends arm and jerked her into a hug. The 16-year-old didn't pull away but didn't attempt to hug her back, opting instead to simply sob into her clothing.

"Hey Finn... what's wrong?" Remy asked, petting her younger 'sister's head in as soothing a manner as she could. The reply she got came in a series of sobs and hiccups. "What?" she asked, smirking lightly as she tried to lighten her friends mood.

"T-T-Thomas..." At the sound of the name Mia noticed Remy's face darken.

"...What about him...?"

"H-He was i-i-in... a r-room d-d-doing... really gross t-things..." More sobs and hiccups followed. Remy sighed and hugged her tighter.

"I told you he was no good... he's always been a jerk and he always will be. The best thing to do is forget him. If he's doing 'gross' things with someone else then he obviously doesn't care about you, and that means that you shouldn't care either." she said, looking down at her. "Alright?" Finn nodded slightly, hugging her. Remy smiled slightly and ruffled her hair. "Wanna go home?" She nodded slightly harder at her question. "Okay, get into the car and I'll be there in a second, alright?" Finn nodded once more. Before leaving she hugged her friend a little tighter.

"Sometimes I wish you were a boy... then I could date you..." she muttered. Remy chuckled slightly, ruffling her hair again.

"And sometimes I wish you were a lesbian. You're totally my type." Finn produced a slight laugh before she walked, shoulders still slumped, to Remy's car. The bassist sighed and scratched the back of her head before turning to Mia. "I'm really sorry about this... Finn has a knack for picking man-whores for boyfriends."

"I know how that is... will she be alright?" Mia asked, peering over at the defeated looking figure sitting in a red car.

"Yeah. She just needs a good nights sleep and a big breakfast. She'll be fine by noon tomorrow." she replied, smoothing down the hair at the back of her head. "I know it's sort of useless now, but about what I said earlier..."

"The drawings and coffee? Mind if we just meet up? Say... the JavaHut on 2nd Street?" Remy smirked lightly.

"2nd Street, got it." she said, as she walked backwards toward her car. "At 2 right?" Mia nodded. "Alright! I'll see ya then!"