Beautiful she descends
Into a history of hurting
That hatred grows in every heartbeat
Closer to the age of coming
Around to a tainted way of thinking

Wouldn't it just be perfect if her eyes never opened
In their bright jeweled blueness of waiting
Watching through her cradle the war of my generation
Teetering from extremism towards apathy
Individualized into ideologies of hope and greed
As I feed her my milky tears just wishing
Praying that they're laced in poison

I can feel her hands pressing softly against my skin
Thin and reaching for piano keys
Each unique print upon my body is burning
Her weakness my most fatal blow
Knowing how much I adore her
And that all the love can only save her sometimes
And yet never

She'll never know that way the air blows through the trees
Slightly wet and fresh as Autumn scatters across the pavement
Or the absolute brightness that shines
Despite the darkness of the midnight sky
When there is no moon to guide my feet
Yet I find them falling into the right places while my lungs are newborn
Like hers but clean
Unpainted walls smooth and filled with freshness
Not stained or devoured by polluted breaths
Sucked in and out through her natural machinery

All the world has been floating on a single line
Cradled in the wrinkled arms of those so much older than me
Withheld from the eyes of my sisters and brothers
Who were made cynics before vocabulary wrote the word on their tongues
And the elders sigh even as their voices cried
For us to criticize such Utopian dreams
And break them down into social realities
So someday we could be the challengers

Yet all we've become are wallflowers
Some are bloated and ugly while others hide themselves in the patterns
But we're all only shadows of everything are ancestors ever dreamed
Stuck inside our hands extended to grab
A wanting cry to our mother for another drink
Just a single sip against her breast of giving
Until her glowing limbs and cheeks are drowned in empty color
Her body nothing more than a translucent skin held up by broken bone
A painful smile frozen across her teeth
So shocked she can't see straight into our greed crazed eyes
And still she lets us straddle her even as she breaks

Amidst my thoughts a shattering sound screams
Giggling musical melody ringing
From the loveliness of a soul held so close to me
My hopeless hope in such an empty nation
My only fire I wish to extinguish
My only love I'd love to hate
My only child who will never belong
To the world I want her to hold

Beautiful he descends
And he smiles
Knowing this world isn't as it should be
Crying and clutching me close
Tightening all the fear into the good things
That he says she'll someday see