Battle of Rastrala: The Traitors

Chapter One: Rastrala

The sun shone brightly over the village of Falkville. This village was one of the few villages on the island of Rastrala. Rastrala was ruled by a tyrant king named King Burke. When the last king had lost his support because his bloodline had been ruling for generations King Burke had gathered an army of Orks and overthrown the previous king.

King Burke was a cruel king. He ruled the land terribly, he had no interest in the wellbeing of the island. But no one dared to oppose him. He himself was a great warrior and his army steadily grew. No one had dared to oppose him until a few years back a small bunch of people started resisting his rule. His kingdom was known as the Empire. They were successful for a while and soon they grew into a big organization called the Alliance to fight King Burke's rule. They'd been at war for years now, but still their war still hadn't come to an end.

Falkville was a small town near the coast, to the south was fields and to the west was forest and to the east was the sea. People wandered around going to their shops and talking. Falkville was pretty lucky they hadn't been affected much by the Empire's rule because they considered it a small village and they only had to pay two taxes a year instead of three like most of the other villages.

Along the street walked a tall fifteen year old boy with blond hair and blue eyes. The clothes he wore were pretty ragged and a hand and a half sword in a scabbard was on his back. The boy's name was Timaneus, his parents had died when he was young and he presumed his older brother had also died. The only things left to him were a few family possessions, the family fortune and the family mansion.

Timaneus walked towards the grocery shop, which was a small house with many boxes of fruit and vegetables piled at the front. The shopkeeper was a beefy old man named Frank. He sat next to his lank-haired wife Belinda, who was trying to make the boxes look neat. Frank and his wife hated Timaneus in fact, everyone in the village hated him since that day.

When he was four he was normal kid playing around with his friends and looking forward to learning how to become a soldier just like his father when he was older. However one night he'd come home to see his parents dead and his older brother gone. Also in the village over fifty people had also been found dead. Since that day everyone in the village had hated him, his friends were forbidden to play with him by their parents and everybody seemed to hate him.

Timaneus wasn't even five yet he'd lost everything that mattered to him that night that night his friends and his family. His parent's friend Brian had helped him, he'd brought over food and taught Timaneus slowly how to cook and live. Timaneus kept trying to make friends but people kept running away from him. This had lasted for a year until Timaneus gave up. He had no idea why they all started hating him all of the sudden. However when he was seven Brian got sick and died leaving Timaneus to fend for himself. Eventually he got into the Falkville Battleschool when he was thirteen a place where people were trained to become knights and soldiers. The owner and leader of the Battleschool had reluctantly let him enter because there had been a shortage of recruits. However he wasn't treated really well so he left recently after going there for nearly two years.

Timaneus walked towards Frank, Belinda gasped as she saw him and whispered something frantically in Frank's ear. Frank whispered something in her ear. Timaneus's keen hearing caught a few words "Yeah…him…keep….away…dear." Belinda picked up a box and hurried inside the hut. "What do you want?" snapped Frank. "I just came to buy some vegetables," said Timaneus. "Hurry I don't have all day!" said Frank "Just buy some and get lost!" Timaneus sighed he was used to being treated like this he decided just to take a box he picked some vegetables and fruit and put them in a box. Timaneus reached into his pocket and placed a few gold coins on Frank's table then he picked up the box and started to walk away.

Frank hated the boy and decided to make him feel even worse. Everyone knew he had no friends because all boys his age were forbidden by their parents to play with him. "Why don't you go play with your friends?" sneered Frank. Timaneus turned back "Go mind your own business," he replied coldly.

Timaneus carried the box back to his house and dumped it on the floor. The mansion had fifteen rooms. It was so lonely without anyone here, he walked outside and down towards the Falkville River. It was to the east of the village and led into the sea. Timaneus sat down on the bank and stared at the water. This was his favourite place to come when he was smaller his family used to often come here.

Timaneus had just turn four he and his family were at the river. His mum and dad had just gone back home to get something and Timaneus was left was his brother Atachi. Atachi was staring at the river. He was fifteen years old and he had blond hair with long sideburns Atachi had dark brown eyes like their father. He was staring at the river deep in thought.

"Hey Atachi can you play with me?" asked Timaneus eagerly. Atachi stood up "Sorry Timaneus I got work to do right now don't go near the river until mother and father get here," said Atachi ruffling his hair and starting to walk away back towards their mansion.

Timaneus ignored him and ran back towards the river, he slipped on some mud and toppled into the river. "Help!" he screamed as his head went under the water. Atachi turned back and sprinted and dived in the river. He grabbed Timaneus and swam towards the bank. "What did I tell you?" asked Atachi furiously. Timaneus hung his head. Atachi sighed and bent down. "Here," said Atachi "I'll give you a piggy-back home."

A tear slid down Timaneus's face he missed his parents and big brother.